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*NEW* Coming Soon: ‘INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE’ Movie. Film Updates + More Here! (6/24/2016)

*NEW* Coming Soon: ‘ASSASSIN’S CREED’ Movie. Film Updates + More Here! (12/21/2016)

*NEW* Coming Soon: ‘KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE: KING ARTHUR’ Movie. Film Updates + More Here!  (7/23/2015)

 ‘FIFTY SHADES DARKER’ Movie Sequel News! LATEST UPDATES HERE! (4/23/2015)

 Coming Soon: ‘SOUTHPAW’ Movie. Film Trailer + More Here!  (3/29/2015)

 Ghostbusters Film Series: 2 Companion Films in the works! (3/10/2015)

15 Book To Movie Adaptations Coming In 2015! (1/31/2015)

 Horror Movie News: “The Strangers” Film to get a Sequel!  (1/26/2015)


Coming Soon: ‘JURASSIC WORLD(Jurassic Park 5)’ Movie. Film Trailer + More Here!  (10/29/2014)

 Coming Soon: ‘TERMINATOR: GENISYS’ Movie. Film Trailer + More Here!  (10/29/2014)

Coming Soon: ’80’s or 90’s Remakes/Reboots and Sequels: Which is Most Anticipated? VOTE’! Movie Info. + Poll Here!  (10/28/2014)

Coming Soon: ‘THE BOY NEXT DOOR’ Movie. Film Trailer + More Here!  (10/20/2014)

Coming Soon: ‘EXODUS: GODS AND KINGS’ Movie. Film Trailer + More Here!  (10/8/2014)

Coming Soon: ‘LEFT BEHIND’ Movie. Film Trailer + More Here!  (9/30/2014)

UPDATED! ‘GONE GIRL’ Movie. Film Trailer + More Here!  (9/30/2014)

UPDATED! The Avengers 2 – Sequel Title & New Photos! (7/15/2014)

 ‘FIFTY SHADES OF GREY’ Movie Trailer! UPDATES HERE!  (7/9/2014)

 Coming Soon: ‘JERSEY BOYS’ Movie. Musical to Film Adaptation. More Here!  (5/25/2014)

 Coming Soon: ‘Stephen Kings: IT’ Film. Adaptation Remake. News + Updates here!  (5/20/2014)

Coming Soon: ‘THE GIVER’ Movie. Watch the Trailer + Get Interactive. More here!  (5/7/2014)

 Coming Soon: ‘IF I STAY’ Movie. Watch the New Trailer & More here!  (4/17/2014)

DIVERGENT L.A. Movie Premiere and More! Hits theaters this week. (3/19/2014)

Coming Soon: THE MAZE RUNNER Movie. 2014-Watch Trailer Now! (3/18/2014)

What Happened With The Vampire Academy Movie? What’s Next? (2/24/2014)

New Divergent TV SPOT! Behind-The-Scenes footage & more. (10/17/2013 Updated: 2/19/2014)

Go See Vampire Academy Today! Check out The GREAT NEW Music Video / Trailer Promo Here! (2/8/2014)

NEWS: Vampire Academy Movie -Soundtrack News, New U.S. release date, New TV Spots & More! (1/17/2014)

Coming Soon: CESAR CHAVEZ: AN AMERICAN HERO Movie.  Watch Trailer here! (1/8/2014)

End of 2013 Vampire Academy Movie News! [Order Movie Companion]  (12/28/2013)

*UPDATED* Batman vs Superman “Man Of Steel” Sequel. Cast News & Updates! (12/8/2013)

Fifty Shades Of Grey Begins Filming! Behind-The-Scenes photos here. (12/2/2013)

Coming Soon: VAMPIRE ACADEMY Movie. 1st Full-Length Trailer & STILLS HERE! (11/21/2013)

Coming Soon: NOAH Movie. 2014-Watch Trailer Now! (11/18/2013)

Fifty Shades Of Grey – first look at Anastasia & Christian! New Release Date News. (11/13/2013)

Coming Soon: Endless Love Movie. 2014-Watch Trailer Now! (11/12/2013)

Coming Soon: OLDBOY Movie.  2013-Watch Trailer Now! (11/8/2013)

NEW! Hunger Games: Catching Fire Trailer. [Final Movie Trailer] (10/28/2013)

Coming Soon: I, Frankenstein Movie. Watch the Trailer Now! (10/28/2013)

Coming Soon: HOURS Movie. (stars: Paul Walker) Watching Trailer Now! (10/27/2013)

Updated List of Fifty Shades Of Grey cast – Casting News! (10/25/2013)

Meet the NEW Christian Grey for the Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie! (10/24/2013)

The Mortal Instruments: City Of Ashes – The Sequel is Back On! (10/23/2013)

New Hercules: The Legend Begins movie Trailer & Poster Here! (10/13/2013)

Movie Alert: Out Of The Furnace movie – Watch The Trailers now! (10/11/2013)

Fifty Shades actor Charlie Hunnam Speaks Out! (10/10/2013)

Book to Film Adaptation: The Fault In Our Stars – receives release date. (10/10/2013)

Fifty Shades of Grey – Casting Update News! (10/7/2013)

Machete Kills – directed by Robert Rodriguez L.A. Premiere & Movie Stills! (10/4/2013)

Machete Kills – movie coming soon by Director Robert Rodriguez (9/29/2013)

New Movie Alert: How I Live Now. Check out the Trailer Here! (9/28/2013)

Walking With Dinosaurs Movie! New Poster and Official Trailer. (9/27/2013)

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack. Who’s on it? (9/26/2013)

New Stills! Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie! (9/25/2013)

Thor: The Dark World- New TV Spot. Watch Now! (9/23/2013)

New Divergent Movie Stills (9/22/2013)

New! Divergent Movie Posters! Leaked! (9/20/2013)

MOVIE POLL: Which do you prefer? Originals, Adaptations or Remakes? (9/19/2013)

The Fault In Our Stars: Book to Movie Adaptation. New Trailer. (9/18/2013)

Author Jennifer L. Armentrout Novels optioned to be a Motion Picture & A TV Show! (9/18/2013)

UPDATED: Book To Movie Adaptation: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Films this Fall. Movie Trailer added April 2014 (9/17/2013)

Movie Trailer Alert: Robocop movie! (9/15/2013)

New Movie Trailer Alert: Homefront movie! (9/14/2013)

Author J.K. Rowlings & Warner Bros. on New Harry Potter Spin-Off Movie Series! (9/13/2013)

The Mortal Instruments: City Of Ashes Delayed (9/11/2013)

Casting Update News: Ana & Christian have been cast for Fifty Shades Of Grey Film (9/2/2013)

Stars of Vampire Academy Movie: Zoey Deutch & Sarah Hyland at the MTV VMA’s (8/26/2013)

Divergent Movie-1st look at the Trailer! Debut at the MTV VMA’s (8/26/2013)

The Spectacular Now is not your typical angst-filled Movie. (8/24/2013)

Divergent Movie Sneak-Peek. Ready for the first full-length trailer? (8/23/2013)

Ben Affleck to join Henry Cavill in “Man Of Steel” Sequel (8/23/2013)

Dark Places book by Gillian Flynn becoming a Motion Picture! (8/22/2013)

Vampire Academy Movie Teaser Trailer (8/22/2013)

The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones Theatrical Trailer (8/22/2013)

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