Horror Movie News: ‘The Strangers’ Film To Get A Sequel!

Horror Film: STRANGERS 2!

(Check Updates below for ‘THE STRANGERS 2’ film)

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It all began with “The Strangers” movie by Bryan Bertino in 2008 becoming an instant horror movie fan favorite. Who can forget that creepy brief conversation between victim and the masked killer. They had us from…

“Why are you doing this to us?”
“Because you were home.”

Many fans of the first film have been waiting and anticipating a sequel to this film because it was such a horrifying and creepy movie made within the last decade. It wasn’t filled with monsters, vampires or any of those kind of scary things. No, what made it memorably eerie was how the situation and the gripping fear in the film actually seemed real. The first film was directed by Bertino who has said that it was inspired in part by the true crime book “Helter Skelter”, which recounts the stories of the gruesome killings by Charles Manson and his murderous followers.

The Strangers 2 is here! It is officially coming out in March 2018! Watch the latest teaser trailer for the sequel below. Are you ready for the strangers, again?

NEW! “THE STRANGERS 2” 1st TEASER TRAILER (added: Nov. 2017):



Relativity Studios is moving ahead with the film and has a new screenwriter and director. Ben Katai has written the script for the sequel and Marcel Langenegger has signed-on to the project as director. There is no word on how the film’s sequel will begin or if it will pick up where the first film left off. There is also question of whether or not Liv Tyler’s character from the first film survived or if she will reprise her role.

After you read The Plot for “THE STRANGERS 2” below, some may wonder if the tragic and horrific real life story of “The Keddie Murders” had any influence on these films. You decide for yourself.

I will continue to bring any updates about “THE STRANGERS 2” film and hope that this project continues to move forward with no more delays.

Horror Film: STRANGERS 2– Moving Forward with a New Director and Screenwriter for the Sequel.


Director for the Sequel: Marcel Langenegger

Screenplay writer: Ben Katai


The Plot for ‘THE STRANGERS 2’:

The story will follow a family taking a trip to a trailer park that another relative owns. There teenage daughter who has been troublesome will soon be sent to boarding school after the family trip. When the family arrives to the park, they discover that the aunt and uncle who run the place have been murdered by Pin-Up Girl, Dollface and Man in the Mask. The family must survive the night while the three masked maniac killers try to make them their next victims.

Watch the first film “The Strangers” Trailer Here:



Check back for Updates on this post about ‘The Strangers 2’ [film]

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