MOVIE – Coming Soon: THE BOY NEXT DOOR [Film] 2015

The Primary Poster for the film ‘THE BOY NEXT DOOR’:

The Boy Next Door 13


 The Boy Next Door is directed by Rob Cohen(The Skulls, The Fast and The Furious, Alex Cross) and is written by Barbara Curry. Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman will star in this suspenseful film that explores a relationship that becomes intense and quickly goes bad. 



The upcoming psychological thriller film stars Jennifer Lopez as a recently divorced, single mom who has a new attractive neighbor that befriends her teenaged son. The new handsome neighbor who moved in across the street, played by Ryan Guzman, is much younger than Lopez’s character. Ignited by their mutual attraction, a forbidden fling between the two occurs that quickly escalates into something less desirable and becomes dangerously obsessive.


SET PHOTO AND STILLS FROM THE BOY NEXT DOOR FILM:The Boy Next Door 1The Boy Next Door 9 The Boy Next Door 8 The Boy Next Door 7 The Boy Next Door 3 The Boy Next Door 5 The Boy Next Door 4 - CopyThe Boy Next Door 10 The Boy Next Door 12 The Boy Next Door 2 The Boy Next Door 6

Release Date for THE BOY NEXT DOOR: January 23rd, 2014


Starring Cast:

Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Guzman, Christin Chenoweth, John Corbett, Ian Nelson, Bailey Chase, Adam Hicks, Travis Schuldt, Hill Harper, Raquel Gardner, Lexi Atkins.


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