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 Vampire Academy: FROSTBITE! News Updates. Calling on FANS!  (6/27/2014)

 Movie Coming Soon: JERSEY BOYS.  Photos + More!  (5/25/2014)

Movie Coming Soon: THE GIVER. Photos + More! (5/7/2014)

DIVERGENT L.A. Movie Premiere and More! Hits theaters this week. (3/19/2014)

What Happened With The Vampire Academy Movie? What’s Next? (2/24/2014)

Watch The VAmovie’s Great Music Video – “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” Here! (2/8/2014)

Vampire Academy Promo Week Before U.S. Release Date: Feb.7th! (1/31/2014)

Vampire Academy Cast: NYE in NYC 2014! New Clip & More! (1/1/2014)

Batman vs Superman “Man Of Steel” Sequel. Cast News & Updates! (12/8/2013)

Fifty Shades Of Grey Begins Filming. Behind-The-Scenes Photos here! (12/2/2013)

Updates On Fifty Shades Of Grey Casting! (10/25/2013)

The Mortal Instruments: City Of Ashes. The Sequel Is back on! (10/23/2013)

Author Chats: Richelle Mead, Veronica Roth, Jennifer L. Armentrout! (10/23/2013)

It’s True: Charlie Hunnam Quit Fifty Shades film! Take Our Poll! (10/13/2013)

Updates: Vampire Academy! New Poster, Trailer Leaked, NY Comic Con Interviews! (10/10/2013)

Fifty Shades Of Grey Casting Updated News! (10/7/2013)

The Avengers 2! The Announcement of the title for the sequel! (9/28/2013)

New Stills – Hunger Games: Catching Fire Movie! (9/25/2013)

Vampire Academy Movie – Dream Soundtrack by the Fans! (9/24/2013)

New Divergent Movie Stills! (9/22/2013)

Could she be Ana’s BFF? Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie. (9/20/2013 – Updated: 1/27/2014)

The Fault In Our Stars: Book to Movie Adaptation. New Trailer! (9/18/2013)

J.K. Rowlings & Warner Bros. to make New Harry Potter Spin-Off Movie Series! (9/13/2013)

MTV Video Music Awards Turns 30! The Line-Up and Rumors. (8/25/2013)

Who’s ready for the Hunger Games: Catching Fire? It’s more intense than the first! (8/24/2013)

Be Ready for the MTV Video Music Awards! (8/23/2013)

Fandoms Page for Vampire Academy fans. (8/22/2013)

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Watch The VAmovie’s Music Video – Bela Lugosi’s Dead Here.


YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS! Music Video for Vampire Academy’s song- Bela Lugosi’s Dead! It’s. The. Best!

fans, get your own Vampire Academy ID by clicking the image below:

1 va movie pic 106vvv29


1 va movie pic 106vvv69

THE FILM OPENED FEB. 7TH, 2014 IN THE U.S.A.!  It’s had tons of support from many familiar faces.  Here are a few via Twitter:

1 a mix of Tweets for the VAmovie 1

And going by the fans & non-fans before the #VAMovie who’ve seen the film, it’s getting great reviews! Here are a few of the many fan Tweets about the film:

1 a mix of FAN Tweets for the VAmovie 2

1 va movie pic 106vvvv6

Click the “SUPPORTING YOUNG ADULT BOOKS AND MOVIES” image below. You Should Read That:

1 support for YA books 1

Make sure to visit our sister-#VAmovie fanpage on Twitter:


Vampire Academy Is in Theaters NOW as of: Feb. 7th, 2014 (U.S.)

(Dates vary worldwide based on distributors)

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Vampire Academy: Promo Week Before Release Date: Feb. 7th! (U.S.)



More UPDATES Coming Soon! So Check back for that.

Below we have gathered so many great New Stills, Trailers, TV Spots, Interview footage, Meet & Greet info… and much more! This is a huge supply of goodies to promote the film just one week before the movie hit’s theaters in the U.S. on Feb. 7th!

First thing, is the NEW U.S. Official Movie Poster for Vampire Academy, displaying it’s new U.S. release date: Feb. 7th, 2014!

1 va movie pic 106q

The Individual character French Vampire Academy Posters of Dimitri, Rose & Lissa:

1 va movie pic 106j

The Vampire Academy Poster from Greece:

1 va movie pic 106sssssss3

The Vampire Academy Poster from Turkey:

1 va movie pic 106jjjjjjjj

The Vampire Academy Poster from China:

1 va movie pic 106sssssss

The Vampire Academy Poster from Russia:

1 va movie pic 106sssssss2

The Vampire Academy Poster from Romania:

1 va movie pic 106sssssss4

Vampire Academy Movie TV Spots (Videos):

Vampire Academy – “Class Disturbance:  Moroi Christian Ozera puts the heat on Ray”

Vampire Academy – “Secrets: Moroi Lissa and Christian talk in the attic”

Vampire Academy – “Naked:  They find out Mia’s secret & Natalie talks of her in-experiences”

Vampire Academy – “Blood Message: Threatening writing on Lissa’s wall by unknown person”

Vampire Academy – “Lissa Shows Off:  Lissa shows off her power with the elemental magics”

Vampire Academy – “Nose Job In Montana: Lissa, Rose and Natalie and ‘Is that a Psi-Hound?’ “

NEW! Vampire Academy -“Humanity” Rose & ‘creepy-bloodsucker’ Christian” lol.

NEW! Vampire Academy -“Extraordinary” The protectors, the guardians of humanity-Rose.

Vampire Academy Cast Videos: Promotional Tour / Meet & Greets:

Videos from the Vampire Academy Cast Promotional Tour / Meet & Greets:

(Lucy Fry, Zoey Deutch & Dominic Sherwood – Houston, TX. Galleria Mall 1/29/2014)

(Lucy Fry, Zoey Deutch & Dominic Sherwood – Houston, TX. Galleria Mall 1/29/2014)

(Lucy Fry, Zoey Deutch & Dominic Sherwood – Houston, TX. Barnes & Nobles 1/29/2014)

!NEW! (Lucy Fry, Zoey Deutch & Dominic Sherwood – Houston, TX. Great Day Houston Show 1/29/2014)

!NEW! (Lucy Fry, Zoey Deutch & Dominic Sherwood – San Francisco, CA Mall 1/31/2014)

!NEW! (Lucy Fry, Zoey Deutch & Dominic Sherwood – San Francisco, CA Mall 1/31/2014)

(thanks for Zoey Deutch Fans and a few others on Youtube for the video uploads)

You Can Never Have Enough Stills (Vampire Academy Movie):

1 va movie pic 106gggggg 1 va movie pic 106gggggggggg 1 va movie pic 106iiiiiii IMG_0111.CR2 1 va movie pic 106nnnnnn 1 va movie pic 106p 1 va movie pic 106pp 1 va movie pic 106pp4 1 va movie pic 106pp5 1 va movie pic 106pp8 1 va movie pic 106pp9 1 va movie pic 106pp12 1 va movie pic 106pp13 1 va movie pic 106pp16 1 va movie pic 106pp21 1 va movie pic 106pp24 1 va movie pic 106v 1 va movie pic 106v2 1 va movie pic 106v1 1 va movie pic 106uu 1 va movie pic 106pp26 1 va movie pic 106pp321 va movie pic 106v10b 1 va movie pic 106v111 va movie pic 106pppppp

Photos from the Vampire Academy Cast doing Promotional Tour/ Meet & Greets:

'Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters' Photocall 1 va movie pic 106qqqq 1 va movie pic 106qqqqq

Vampire Academy Cast in Houston, TX at Galleria Mall followed by Barnes & Nobles:1 va movie pic 106r 1 va movie pic 106rrrr 1 va movie pic 106s 1 va movie pic 106sss 1 va movie pic 106ss 1 va movie pic 106ssss 1 va movie pic 106sssss 1 va movie pic 106ssssssss2 1 va movie pic 106sssssssssss 1 va movie pic 106tt 1 va movie pic 106tttt 1 va movie pic 106ttttt 1 va movie pic 106tttttttttt 1 va movie pic 106u2 1 va movie pic 106u3 1 va movie pic 106u4 1 va movie pic 106u5 1 va movie pic 106u6 1 va movie pic 106u7 1 va movie pic 106u8 1 va movie pic 106ttttttttt5 1 va movie pic 106tttttttt 1 va movie pic 106ttttttttt4 1 va movie pic 106tttttttttt7 1 va movie pic 106ttttttttt6 1 va movie pic 106ttttttt(Sources: @JustJared, @RedCarpetEndings, @BookLoversReview, @heartshapedgun)

Vampire Academy Cast in California-Week of Promoting the Movie:

1 va movie pic 106v4 1 va movie pic 106v5 1 va movie pic 106v6 1 va movie pic 106v7

Vampire Academy Cast -in California at 2 signings in & around San Francisco(mall & Barnes & Nobles):

1 va movie pic 106v17 1 va movie pic 106v18 1 va movie pic 106v19 1 va movie pic 106v20 1 va movie pic 106v21(A few of the photos in SF are from @RoyalGuardian and a couple are Unknown)

NEW! Vampire Academy Cast -in L.A. Calif. for the Press Junket (Feb. 1st, 2014):

1 va movie pic 106v24 1 va movie pic 106v24a 1 va movie pic 106v24b 1 va movie pic 106v25 1 va movie pic 106v26

TV Interviews and Media Interviews with the Vampire Academy Cast:

Zoey Deutch on @Teen-

Sarah Hyland on Good Morning America-

Sarah Hyland on PopSugar at The Grammys-

Sami Gayle on PIX 11 TV Show-

Vampire Academy Hits Theaters: Feb. 7th, 2014 (U.S.)

(Dates vary worldwide based on distributors)

You can see many more Vampire Academy Still in the Photos section of:!

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January News for the Vampire Academy Movie! [2014]

The Latest Fandom News for The Vampire Academy Movie.


The Weinstein Co. (The U.S. distributor for the Vampire Academy Movie) has released 2 NEW short promo trailers that have the #VAFamily (VAmovie Fandom) fangirling big-time! Many are saying that these two newest trailers show what the Vampire Academy Book Series really is like and captures the beloved story’s essence. You can see them both here NOW:

1st –  Titled ‘TRUST’ – Vampire Academy Movie Promo

2nd – Titled ‘LAST STAND’ – Vampire Academy Movie Promo


BREAKING NEWS!!!(Jan.17th, 2014)

The U.S. distributor for the Vampire Academy Movie, The Weinstein Company, has announced that the movie will No Longer be out on Valentine’s Day… it will be out earlier! 1 WEEK EARLIER to be exact:

★FEBRUARY 7th, 2014★

Congratulations to the U.S. #VAfamily/Vampire Academy fanbase! 🙂 It was announced via Twitter/Facebook with this:

1 va movie pic 106eeeee


News for the Vampire Academy Movie Soundtrack has finally been announced.  On February 11th, 2014 you will be able to purchase your copy of the soundtrack which includes artist such as: Iggy Azalea, Katy Perry, Sky Ferreira, Goldfrapp, Naughty Boy, Natalia Kills, Max Frost and more including a special remake of ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’ by CHVRCHES that was remade for the film and will play during the end-credits. You may also pre-order the soundtrack at or a number of music sources. View the song list as well as the soundtracks cover image below:

1 va movie pic 106bbbbbbb



1 va movie pic 105zzzzzz edit good



1 va movie pic 105y 1 va movie pic 105yy IMG_0189.CR2 1 va movie pic 106bbbb 1 va movie pic 106bbbbbbbb 1 va movie pic 106cc 1 va movie pic 106ccc1 va movie pic 106a 1 va movie pic 106aa 1 va movie pic 106aaa 1 va movie pic 106aaaa 1 va movie pic 105wwww 1 va movie pic 106aaaaa 1 va movie pic 106aaaaaaa 1 va movie pic 106aaaaaaaaaa 1 va movie pic 106aaaaaaaaaaa 1 va movie pic 106aaaaaaaaaaaa IMG_0288.CR2 IMG_0194.CR2


A few extra Stills with wording (@VAfandomUSA on Twitter):

1 va movie pic 106e 1 va movie pic 105wwwwwww2b 1 va movie pic 105xx - edit 2


The first 2 videos are short Promo videos of the Exclusive Vampire Academy Trailer that started airing today at all Regal Cinema theaters.

NEWLY ADDED 1/18/2014 ‘TRUST’ Trailer:

This 3rd video is the Exclusive Sneak-Peek for Vampire Academy (via: DhampirLife) may not work if removed:


Check out the UK Vampire Academy Movie Posters that were recently released:

1 va movie pic 106cccccc 1 va movie pic 106cccccccc



(Note: Dates may differ from country to country based on distributors.)

You can see many more Vampire Academy Still in the Photos section of:!

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Vampire Academy Cast: MTV NYE 2014 – New Clip and more!

Vampire Academy Cast members Zoey Deutch, Cameron Monaghan and Dominic Sherwood attended the MTV New Years Eve Event and brought a New #VAmovie Clip with them!

Here’s the journey via Twitter “Tweets” from the actress and actors Zoey Deutch, Dominic Sherwood and Cameron Monaghan, of the Vampire Academy film, leading up to their special guest appearance on MTV’s “Girl Code Presents: New Year’s Code” for 2014 in Time Square.  Also, there are a few tweets from @MTVNews about the @VAOfficialMovie cast and the #VampireAcademy exclusive clip.  The cast and the Girl Code/Guy Code MTV guest hosts rang the New Year Live on MTV!

1 rt 6 sm

If you click the image below form Instagram, you can watch a short video uploaded on Zoey Deutch’s Official Instagram account of her having a giggle fun-fest with Dominic Sherwood and a short shot of Cameron Monaghan, pre-MTV New Year’s Eve event.

1 va movie pic 105o(Click image above to see the Instagram video)

Here are a few Instagram photos loaded by Zoey Deutch, Cameron Monaghan, Dominic Sherwood:

1 va movie pic 105mmm 1 va movie pic 105mmmm 1 va movie pic 105mmmmm 1 va movie pic 105mmmmmm

The Exclusive Clip that was shared at the MTV New Year’s Eve 2014 Event with some of the Vampire Academy Cast!

Here is a fan-recorded UN-Official recording of the Vampire Academy cast on MTV New Year’s Eve LIVE on Time Square for 2014!

Sources Youtube users: DhampirLife VA & AquariusPrincess94
Recommended by:

Watch the Official Theatrical Trailer for the Vampire Academy Movie Here:


There are many Vampire Academy Movie Stills in circulation right now making the fandom (#VAfamily) very excited for the film’s release. Here are a few of our favorites’ from behind-the-scenes and some New movie stills! Shared thanks to one of our favorite Vampire Academy sources:!

1 va movie pic 105rrrrrrr

1 va movie pic 105kkkkkkkkk 1 va movie pic 105kkkkkkkkkkk 1 va movie pic 105kkkkkkkkkkkk 1 va movie pic 105lllll 1 va movie pic 105llllll 1 va movie pic 105lllllll 1 va movie pic 105llllllll 1 va movie pic 105llllllllllll 1 va movie pic 105lllllllllllll 1 va movie pic 105k 1 va movie pic 105kkkkkkkkkkkkk 1 va movie pic 105l 1 va movie pic 105ll 1 va movie pic 105lll 1 va movie pic 105llll 1 va movie pic 105kk 1 va movie pic 105kkk 1 va movie pic 105kkkk 1 va movie pic 105kkkkk 1 va movie pic 105kkkkkk 1 va movie pic 105kkkkkkk 1 va movie pic 105kkkkkkkk 1 va movie pic 105kkkkkkkkkk 1 va movie pic 105llllllllll 1 va movie pic 105lllllllllll2 1 va movie pic 105lllllllll 1 va movie pic 105llllllllllllll1 va movie pic 105oo 1 va movie pic 105m

You can see many more Vampire Academy Still in the Photos section of:!

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End of 2013 Vampire Academy Fandom News!

There has been so much going on in the fandom world of The Vampire Academy novel to film adaptation.  We are here to share as much as we can with you all.  So sit back, hold on tight and let’s get this ride going! 🙂 #VAfamily

First up… (UPDATED: 3/23/2014)


We Need the Sequel to This:



(CLICK THIS IMAGE FOR THE PETITION: #WeNeedVAFrostbite)1 tag 5c(Shared via Twitter: @VAFandomUSA)


Next UP…

Vampire Academy: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion

1 va movie pic 75(Click the Cover above to order a copy now)

#BMF’s(Books, Movies, Fandoms) very own #MG Blogger is featured in this New Vampire Academy Movie Companion book because of her co-administrator/co-creater position at the Twitter fanpage @VAfandomUSA:

1 va movie pic 103kk(Click image above to visit @VAfandomUSA on Twitter now)

Here is a snapshot of #MG’s post featured in the #VAmovie: Companion book with a photo of actress & star of The Vampire Academy Movie, Zoey Deutch, who portrays Rose Hathaway in the film:

1 a copy of our name publishes vafandomUSA movie comapnion book 2⭐★⭐★⭐

For those that are barely hearing about The Vampire Academy novels or that Vampire Academy’s 1st book has been adapted into a film and will be out (in the U.S.) February 14th, 2014,  here is a quick break down of the kind of vampires in this film.  Oh and heads up, there are no sparkly vamp’s in #VA. Thanks to @VAfandomUSA on Twitter for making these! 🙂 Click each image below to see it in larger view via Twitter:

1 va movie pic 103j final 1 va movie pic 103ii final 1 va movie pic 103k final


Watch the Official Full-length Theatrical Trailer for the Vampire Academy Movie Here:


Here are a few Promo Stills for The Vampire Academy Movie from different worldwide sites and sources! Most were located via Twitter: @VAfandomUSA. Enjoy them all #VAfamily:

1 va movie pic 104w 1 va movie pic 104ww 1 va movie pic 104wwww 1 va movie pic 104wwwwww 1 va movie pic 104xxxxxx2 1 va movie pic 104xxxxxxx 1 va movie pic 104xx kinopoisk.ru1 va movie pic 104zzzzz1 1 va movie pic 104zzzzz2 1 va movie pic 104zzzzz4 1 va movie pic 104zzzzz5 1 va movie pic 104zzzzz6 1 va movie pic 104zzz 1 va movie pic 105b3 1 va movie pic 105bb 1 va movie pic 105bbb

Who can get enough of Rose & Dimitri? #Romitri Or even the actors training: Zoey Deutch & Danila Kozlovsky.

1 va movie pic 104vvvv 1 va movie pic 104zzzzz7 1 va movie pic 104zz 1 va movie pic 105ccc 1 va movie pic 104h

⭐★⭐★⭐SPOILER ALERT!⭐★⭐★⭐

The next photo is for those that have already read the first Vampire Academy book, which the film will be based on.  If you haven’t read it yet and don’t want to see a huge spoiler, beware of the pic below!


Here it comes…

Creeping up behind you like a Strigoi!!!


It’s a photo of Sarah Hyland who will portray Moroi Natalie Dashkov who turns into something completely different towards the end of Book one and here is a Still from that first moment from the #VAmovie:

1 va movie pic 105ee


Vampire Academy is due to release Feb. 14th, 2014 in most countries.

Some of the Main Cast: Zoey Deutch, Cameron Monaghan, Lucy Fry, Danila Kozlovsky, Sarah Hyland, Sami Gayle, Dominic Sherwood, Olga Kurylenko, Gabriel Byrne.

View the teaser trailer for the Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters Movie here:


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NEW: Vampire Academy Full Length Trailer Info. and STILLS! (

Vampire Academy Movie – Dream Soundtrack by The Fans! (

Book Review! One Blogging Reader’s Review after Reading Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.

Why the Vampire Academy Fandom is Growing… (

Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters Movie -Dream Soundtrack by The Fans!

Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice – Sequel. Cast News and Updates!



Batman vs Superman 3

UPDATES AS OF: July 2nd, 2015

The latest photos, stills, and new Comic-Con Trailer from the “Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice” Movie are here! Here are the first images straight from the film and they are exciting! These are the images from Entertainment Weekly featuring the characters: Batman/Bruce Wayne(Ben Affleck), Superman/Clark Kent(Henry Cavill), Wonder Woman/Diana Prince(Gia Gadot), and Villian Lex Luthor(Jesse Eisenberg). Lex Luthor’s image is of him pre-bald hair cut. What do you think of these new images?

Batman v Superman 7 Batman v Superman 8 Batman v Superman 9 Batman v Superman 10 Batman v Superman 11 Batman v Superman 12 Batman v Superman 13 Batman v Superman 14

UPDATES AS OF: April 17th, 2015

Official Teaser Trailer – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice:

May 21st, 2014:

As of today, production of the film “Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice” has begun.   As for the added ‘Dawn Of Justice’ to the title, I can understand it.  Meaning it is the dawn of the ‘Justice League’, especially since it will have Justice League characters: Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in the film. Who is excited for the film?

UPDATES AS OF: August 6th, 2014

Warner Bros. has decided to push the release date for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s  from its original release date to avoid competing in the Box Office with Marvel’s Captain America 3.

Scroll to the bottom of this post to see the NEW RELEASE DATE.

UPDATES AS OF: July 28th, 2014

SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON 2014: The Sneak Peek Trailer was removed but I was able to see it before that! It was Awesome! 🙂  Here is a video from ‘Comic Empire’ with a few Stills of the trailer:

 ***SPOILER NOTE:  READ THIS IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT SHOWED! SKIP THIS If you’d prefer not to know! It was shared at the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice Panel visit at San Diego Comic-Con 2014.  The trailer began with Batman, shining his Bat-Signal.  When the camera turns to the Bat-Signal in the sky, Superman comes floating down through it.  Interestingly, they BOTH have glowing eyes. That’s basically what it showed. It was an Epic Teaser.  🙂


UPDATES AS OF: July 27th, 2014

The first look at Wonder Woman, a broody-Batman and Superman! What do you think about Wonder Woman’s new style of costume versus the old style? Hit or miss.

Batman v Superman 1 Batman v Superman 2Batman v Superman 4Batman v Superman 3

UPDATES AS OF: MAY 12th, 2014

The Batsuit from the film ‘BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN’ revealed!

Batman vs Superman 1

Here is a Sneak-Peek at the Batmobile from ‘BATMAN VS SUPERMAN’ film!

Batmobile new Snyder Batman v Superman(via: Director Zack Snyder)

As if the DC Comic fan world was not jumping with excitement already with the news of two of their biggest known characters, Batman and Superman teaming up in the Man Of Steel sequel film “Batman vs Superman”.  And now that we wait anxiously and happily for this sequel film, it’s great news to hear that another DC superhero will be joining the two male characters.  For the females who love to have a lady to admire and men who can appreciate a strong female heroine, Wonder Woman will be the third character to join in the Man Of Steel sequel “Batman vs Superman” due out in 2016.

DC 2bDC 1b

Warner Bros. and Zack Snyder have cast Israeli-born actress Gal Gadot in the iconic role and the Wonder Woman character will be a part of the film that will see Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck square off as Superman and Batman. Gadot has been in three Fast & Furious films, as well as Knight And Day and Date Night.


1 Gal Gadot 2 wonder woman👊

We truly hope that this is all gearing-up toward a long-awaited Justice League film which would be based on the DC Comics characters.

Words from Zack Snyder himself:  “Wonder Woman is arguably one of the most powerful female characters of all time and a fan favorite in the DC Universe. Not only is Gal an amazing actress, but she also has that magical quality that makes her perfect for the role. We look forward to audiences discovering Gal in the first feature film incarnation of this beloved character.”

DC 3

Who else is looking forward to seeing the “Batman v. Superman” film with an appearance from Wonder Woman in 2016? 🙂


Batman v Superman 5

“Batman vs Superman” expected release date changed:  July 17th, 2015

“Batman vs Superman” expected release date changed:  May 6th, 2015

“Batman vs Superman” UPDATED Release Date: MARCH 25th, 2016


Some source info from: Moviehole / Deadline

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