A Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review: ‘Piper Dreams’ by Amélie Duncan.

One Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review after reading ‘Piper Dreams: Dream it, Seize it, Live it. (Dreams Series Book #1) by Amélie S. Duncan.


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Author: Amélie S. Duncan
Series: Dreams Series – Book #1
(Review based on ARC copy – review)
Publishing date: January 3rd, 2016


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Piper Dreams by Amelie Duncan


The Synopsis for ‘Piper Dreams’:

Piper Dreams: Dream it, Seize it, Live it. (Dreams Series Book 1 of 3)

A New Adult/Contemporary Romance Series.

College Student Piper Rowe lives, eats and dreams of being a global journalist.

When her favorite professor tells her she’s not cut from the strong, vibrant fabric needed to be one, she’s floored—her grades are the best, her work is stellar and Prof. Gilmore wants to see passion rather than excellent performance!

Against all odds, Piper convinces him to give her another chance to prove she has what it takes…but how can she ever know the journey to passion and excellence will lead to the greatest passion and hardest sacrifice she’ll ever make in her life?

This series is not a standalone. All books to be read in order.


My ‘Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review’ for ‘PIPER DREAMS’ by Author Amélie S. Duncan:

Piper Dreams is the first novel of the new trilogy novel series by author Amélie S. Duncan. I am a fan of her work so I was very excited to be invited to read and review her latest spellbinding contemporary romance. Readers will be able to grasp the feel of this story through the two main characters P.O.V.’s(point of views): Piper Rowe and Broderick “Brody” Whitehurst.

Young college student Piper Rowe has always been so focused on doing well in school and being the person that she is expected to be. She’s a young, beautiful, blonde woman who is looking to become a global journalist but it seems that she comes across as too groomed and not adventurous enough to be one. That is, according to her professor, who is the one who can kick-start her dream career path. Her life seems great, with a best friend named Jorge who is her only tie back to her late-father’s old life. The life her mother has tried hard to break ties with. By doing so, her mother is with a rich man named Royce who tends to make Piper feel uncomfortable when he’s around her. With so much going on, what can life throw her way now when everything seems to slowly be spinning out of control?

Brody is a part of an edgy lifestyle that gives him the chance to enjoy the “open road”. Having the freedom of living his life without any ties holding him down or anyone to shatter his world again and the ability to just do whatever he wants keeps him more or less satisfied. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a tall, sexy and attractive biker, who never has a problem with finding companionship except he makes sure that it’s always flings and nothing more. He’s had to learn some hard lessons along the way. One important lesson was to stay in his own league when it came to women. Also, staying on the go across the open road helped to keep him from stopping and having time to get lost in his thoughts or the past. The two people he considers his family now are Seren and Cole, who love bikes as much as he does and who he’s made an unusual arrangement with.

Cole is away and he’s left Brody to bond and take care of his woman Seren, just in case she gets sick again or he doesn’t return from his dangerous job. Brody hopes that with Seren and her “Biker Babes” group experiencing things from their bucket list, they can live it up as Cancer survivors. But Brody didn’t plan on meeting the beautiful college student Piper and he definitely didn’t plan on her joining them on their cross-country adventure. Will Piper ever tell her mother about the secret that she’s keeping? Will Brody’s unusual arrangement with Cole and Seren guarantee that Piper will stay far away from him? This is the first novel of a trilogy series and so far I’m intrigued and entertained by the plot and characters. It’s an intriguing story about finding yourself, healing from your past pains, and trying to become who you want to be while you still have time. Life is after all, one slippery unpredictable thing. I do recommend this novel for readers looking for an enjoyable read! Give this one a go. It really looks like their will be some twist-and-turns to come. Note: It doesn’t end on a complete cliff-hanger but there are a few questions that await answers. Can’t wait to see what’s to come! 🙂



1 star rating 4


How I imagined the characters of the “Piper Dreams”:

1-collage 2 Piper Dreams by Amelie Duncan



Piper’s thoughts:  My eyes moved away from the boots and up to the dark, denim-encased legs of the man I’d almost maimed with the car door. Once my gaze leveled on the leather jacket, my heart sped up. This had to be the biker.

Brody’s thoughts:  If I’d learned anything in my twenty-five years; it was to stay in my league. My excuse the last time was that I’d been blindsided. I might have even tried to pump up my past to be good enough to come through the front door. But that was before. When I was stupid enough to let myself get caught up with someone out of my league.

Piper’s thoughts: I wasn’t one for spontaneity. Everything I did was planned, until tonight. Until Brody.

Piper and Brody: All I wanted was to have him willing to give himself to me. “Give me you.”
His eyes searched mine. “Are you sure?” he whispered.
“Yes,” I rasped.
Brody cupped my face and wiped his thumbs under my eyes.
“Then that’s what you will get. That is what we will get.”

Brody’s thoughts:  She was all dreamy. Stars in her eyes as she spoke about her goals in journalism and traveling around the world. Listening and watching her, all I wanted to do was give her the world. I swallowed. But that wasn’t me. I couldn’t give her much. I was just a simple man.


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