A Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review for: 1st TIME LOVE by Sapphire Knight.

ARC-Book Review! A Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘1st TIME LOVE’ by Sapphire Knight.


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Title: 1st TIME LOVE
Author: Sapphire Knight
Series: Dirty Down South Series (Book #1)
Publishing date: March 13th, 2017
(Review based on an advanced readers copy)


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The Synopsis:

Tyler (TY)

Football is life.
Growing up, my family loved to cheer me on, and after my parents accident, I vowed to be the best I could be to honor their memory. After a while, life starts to pile up though, college, football, and helping out my brothers. I just need a small reprieve, especially if she’s five foot five, brunette and has legs that go on for miles.
Fun is fun… Not like anyone’s going to fall in love.


Star football player….. Check.
Spoiled brat….. Check.
Just when I think I have Tyler Owen’s all figured out; he knocks me on my ass, literally.
I wasn’t expecting him to help me up, or the little shock that I felt when we touched, but then I didn’t think I’d fall in love either.



My ‘Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review’ after reading ‘1st TIME LOVE’ by Sapphire Knight:

This is the first novel in the new Dirty Down South Series by Author Sapphire Knight. It’s titled “1st Time Love” and falls into the genres of Contemporary Sports Romance and is a New Adult novel. This novel is written from the two main characters’ P.O.V.’s(point of views) which are Kadence and Tyler.

Kadence Winters is a naturally beautiful college girl who chooses to focus on getting to class more than getting to the weekend’s big party spot. Her best friend Brianne is her polar opposite but that has never put a dent in their friendship. Kadence, being the somewhat clumsy girl that she is, runs into another student in the hall. When she realizes that it’s Tyler Owens, the very attractive, flirty classmate who probably never knew she existed, who also happens to be a very valuable player on the football team, she can’t help but be shocked to find out he’s actually a gentleman and not everything that she assumed he was.

Tyler “Freight Train” Owens is lucky #12 on the team at Alabama, and his southern charm has never failed him when it comes to the ladies. On the field he’s earned his name “Freight Train” because of his amazing football defensive skills. His family consists of just him and his two older brothers who look out for each other, even more so ever since their parents passed away. His future looks bright and promising. He had no idea that his life would change after a simple run-in down the hall with a girl named Kadence Winters. He, literally and figuratively, never saw her coming his way.

“1st Time Love” is a delightful and entertaining story about finding your first love in a person that is different than what you would’ve expected. They are more than what you could’ve never imagined. The main characters, Kadence and Tyler, are well written and draw you into their story in an enjoyable and beautiful way. There are characters in here that you know are meant to cause issues but the author does well with not making this become a typical drama. That was a great thing! Since this is a series, I’m hoping to see what happens with the other Owens brothers and even the one character that was the definite villain in this story-line. I recommend this if you’re searching for a fantastic romance novel to read. Give this one a read! ❤



How I imagined the characters while reading ‘1st TIME LOVE’:

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