A Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review: RIOT by Tillie Cole.

ARC-Book Review! A Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘RIOT’ (Scarred Souls Series – book #4) by Tillie Cole.


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Title: RIOT
Author: Tillie Cole
Series: Scarred Souls Series #4
Publishing date: March 7th, 2017
(Review based on an ARC-early copy)


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The Synopsis:

Stolen by the Arziani Georgian crime mob as a child, 152 was raised and conditioned to be a Mona—the most subservient of the Arziani Blood Pit slaves.

Gorgeous and kind, she has been and under the imprisoning influence of the Type B drug and under the command of the Blood Pit Master’s sister, Mistress Arziani, for most of her life, until the Master calls her back home to Georgia.

He wants her under his total control, and Master always gets what he wants.

But when 152 is gifted to the Blood Pit’s fearsome champion death match fighter as a prize, 152 suddenly finds out that the men who appear most brutal, may just own the kindest hearts. And love may be found, even when living in hell.

Freedom, family, love, 152 will have to fight for what she wants and ultimately make an impossible choice.

My ‘Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review’ after reading ‘RIOT’:

***WARNING: Possible SPOILERS if you haven’t read the previous Novels of the Scarred Souls Series.***

“Riot” is the forth novel in the Scarred Souls Series by the amazing Author Tillie Cole. This novel delivers emotional depth, a riveting story-line, enthralling characters, and everything we love most about this series. Riot is told from three main character’s P.O.V’s (Point of views) which belong to 152, 901, and Luka.

She is only known as 152. Most of her past is a mystery, her present is questionable, and her future is uncertain especially now that she’s become the “Mona” to a ruthless and dangerous man they call Master. Small flashes of memories surface in 152’s mind but still she can’t piece together where she’s from or who she really is. All she can do as try to survive the dark life that she is forced to live. Will her life always be controlled by the hands of the sadistic Master? Will she be able to survive this empty and painful life or is there more to her story?

901 is Master’s winning fighter. He brings violence, pain, and death to everyone who enters The Blood Pit to face off with him. 901 knows he holds a little control as the Master’s prized fighter but he never gives Master what he wants, which is to draw out the fights so they last long enough to be entertaining. Master must give his possession that is obsessed with to his prized money-maker to make sure his evil Kingdom stays strong. The evil Master never expected what comes next. Will 901 be able to resist the threat Master sends his way? Can 901 survive the ultimate fight of his life?

Luka Tolstoi was known as “818” and fought till the death, once upon a time. Now, his life consists of family and the love of his life, his pregnant wife Kisa. He has become a leader and close friend, practically brothers, with Zaal and Valentin who also knew the life in the gulag and the dark underground world they escaped. Between the three, they must come up with the greatest plan to rescue Valentin’s sister from that underground world and destroy that world once and for all. It won’t be easy. It will actually be very dangerous and difficult, but they are family and this family will do anything they can for each other. When faced with the mission ahead, Luka as well as Zaal and Valentin might just have to revive their inner beasts in order to bring down the Master, once and for all. Will Luka be able to turn on the beast inside without losing himself to it completely? Will their plan work or are they destined to fall?

In the final installment of the Scarred Souls Series, we get to know two more beautiful, broken, and scarred souls simply known by the numbers that were given to dehumanize them.  We still get to hear from Luka, Kisa, Talia, Zaal, Zoya, and Valentin from the previous novels of the series. Valentin is determined to rescue his sister from the evil imprisonment that he and the other two former fighters escaped from. In order to rescue his sister they must come up with a plan. On top of that they all want to put an end to that twisted underground world and bring down Master once and for all. I highly recommend this novel and this series! It’s so dark and twisted, but the raw emotional journey these characters take make you crave to see them rise above the life they were forced to live for so long and defeat that darkness. You should definitely read this one asap! It’s so worth it!

**Content Warning**: Dark Contemporary Romance. Contains explicit sexual situations, excessive violence, offensive language and mature topics. Recommended for age 18 years and up.


★★‘RIOT’ is the 4th novel of the ‘Scarred Souls Series’. What else is in the series:★★

RAZE– Book #1 of the ‘Scarred Souls Series’ –  The first novel of the series follows the story of Luka “818” Tolstoi and Kisa Volkova (Available Now – Click title to read my ARC-Review)

REAP– Book #2 of the ‘Scarred Souls Series’ – The second novel of the series follows the story of Zaal “221” Kostava and Talia Tolstaia (Available Now – Click title to read my ARC-Review)

RAVAGE– Book #3 of the ‘Scarred Souls Series’ – The third novel of the series follows the story of Valentin “194” Belrov and Zoya Kostava (Available Now – Click title to read my ARC-Review)

RIOT– Book #4 of the ‘Scarred Souls Series’ – The forth novel of the series follows the story of “152” and “901” and their life and fight for survival in the dark world of fighting, sex, and power. (Release date: March 7th, 2017 –  ARC-Review posted above.)

MY BLOGGING READER’S STAR RATING: ‘RIOT’ 4 1/2 out of 5 stars:

1 star rating 4.5


How I imagined the characters while reading ‘RIOT’:

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