A Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review for: A Boy Like You by Ginger Scott.

ARC-Book Review! A Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘A Boy Like You’ by Ginger Scott.


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Author: Ginger Scott
Series: Like Us Series – Book #1
Publishing date: March 3rd, 2017
(Review based on an advanced readers copy)


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The Synopsis:

They say everyone’s a superhero to someone. I’m not sure who I’m supposed to save, but I know who saved me.

We were kids. His name was Christopher. And up until the day he pulled me from death’s grip, he was nothing more than a boy I felt sorry for. In a blink of an eye, he became the only person who made me feel safe.

And then he disappeared.

Now I’m seventeen. I’m not a kid anymore. I haven’t been for years. While death didn’t take me that day, the things that happened left me with scars—the kind that robbed me of everything I once loved and drove me into darkness. But more than anything else, that day—and every day since—has taken away my desire to dream.

I wasn’t going to have hope. I wouldn’t let myself wish. Those things—they weren’t for girls like me. That’s what I believed…until the new boy.

He’s nothing like the old boy. He’s taller and older. His hair is longer, and his body is lean—strong and ready for anything. I don’t feel sorry for him. And sometimes, I hate him. He challenges me. From the moment I first saw him standing there on the baseball field, he pushed me—his eyes constantly questioning, doubting…daring. Still, something about him—it feels…familiar.

He says his name is Wes. But I can’t help but feel like he’s someone else. Someone from my past. Someone who’s come back to save me.

This time, though, he’s too late. Josselyn Winters, the girl he once knew, is gone. I am the threat; I am my worst enemy. And he can’t save me from myself.



My ‘Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review’ after reading ‘A BOY LIKE YOU’ by Ginger Scott:

A Boy Like You is the latest novel by the amazing author Ginger Scott. Ginger said that this novel was a little different than her previous work and I have to say she has struck gold with this one. Once I completed reading this, one thought came to mind: Mind blown! This novel is a part of the Young Adult genre and is a Contemporary Romance but honestly, this story goes beyond those general genres with its amazing delivery. A Boy Like You is written from the main character’s P.O.V.(Point of view), Josselyn “Joss” Winters.

Josselyn Winters lived a normal childhood full of fun memories with her best friend Taryn. It started off as a normal day hosting fun races with her friends Taryn and Kyle, their fellow classmates, and even the weird-quiet kid Christopher. Her world of normal was all shattered one day when she hears her parents arguing in their room. It rips Josselyn’s world apart. When a terrible ordeal puts Josselyn in danger, an unexpected hero rescues her from what could have become a tragedy. But as quickly as he becomes her safety he just as quickly disappears.

Josselyn, now 17, isn’t the same girl she was 8 years ago. She’s a great shortstop softball player and tends to make risky choices from time to time. She has a broken and terrible relationship with her father. She meets some guys at the nearby baseball field with her best friend Taryn and it ends up being a fun meet up. Joss and Taryn’s interests are piqued when they find out that the three guys will be attending their school this year. One boy in particular draws Josselyn’s interest the most. He’s quiet, confident, and Josselyn can’t help her attraction to this new enigma named Wes Stokes.

For Joss, there’s something very intriguing about the new guy Wes. And there is something strangely familiar about him as she gets to know him better. He reminds her of someone she used to know a long time ago. While Joss tends to make dangerous and risky choices, Wes quickly tries to get her to stop making so many risky choices but Joss is stubborn. Even so, Wes has a way of getting Joss to think twice. As Joss and Wes grow closer, she can’t help but notice and begin to question strange occurrences when it comes to Wes. After something happens flipping all of their lives upside down and shattering their normal existences, where will this lead their lives? Will Josselyn be able handle all of these overwhelming changes?

As a reviewer who’s always adored Ginger Scott’s great stories, I have to say that this one really sent me on an extremely intense and emotional journey. I was overwhelmed, consumed, and completely captured by this riveting novel and the fierce and love-able characters. Just when the reader thinks they’ve reached their HEA, you realize there is so much more that remains in Joss and Wes’s story. I absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, highly recommend this novel wholeheartedly. Please note, this is not the end of Joss and Wes’s story, so be ready for more in the Summer of 2017!! You will definitely not be disappointed. Yes, there is a cliffhanger but trust me, it’s worth it! Please check this one out today! LOVED the heck out of this! One of my new favorites, by far! ❤


5 star rating


How I imagined the characters while reading ‘A BOY LIKE YOU’:



Close up shot of loving couple traveling by car and holding hands. Focus on hands of man and woman in a road trip.




Josselyn’s thoughts:  When I was younger, I would fall asleep imagining him holding me, tugging my blanket tightly around my body to feel safe -the way I felt in his arms, in the only real hug I’d ever had. I haven’t done that in years…until last night.

Josselyn’s thoughts on Wes:  His eyes stay on me for a few more seconds, and I dive into them, finding the familiar. I don’t even care if it’s make believe at this point. I’m overcome with his strength and the feel of his embrace, and I do something that I regret the moment it starts.
I cry.

Wes and Joss:  “I love the way you see me. I do,” he says, his breath held until the last second when he painfully exhales, and his shoulders fall along with his hand from my face. “You make me want to live up to your expectations. I’m afraid I’ll disappoint them, thought.”
“I don’t have any expectations. Wes. I learned about disappointment a long time ago. I just wanted you to know I appreciate what you did. that’s all,” I say.


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