A Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review: COLE by TIJAN.

Book Review! A Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘COLE’ by TIJAN.


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Title: COLE
Author: TIJAN
Series:  None
Release Date: February 27th, 2017 – (Review based on ARC early copy)


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Synopsis for COLE’:

I shouldn’t have remembered him.
He was just a guy who walked through a restaurant. I didn’t know his name. We never made eye contact. There was no connection between us at all.
But I could feel him.
The tingle down my spine. The command in his presence. The snap of tension in the air around him. That was the first time I saw him, and I was captivated.
The second time was different.
He was in the mysterious back elevator of my apartment building. Our eyes met for a fleeting second before the doors closed, and I was staggered. My breath was robbed. My senses on high alert. My body hummed.
That was just the beginning.
He was the leader of the mafia. I was about to fall in love with him, and his name…
Cole Mauricio

My ‘Blogging Readers ARC-Review’ after reading ‘COLE’:

“Cole” is the latest novel from author TIJAN. If you’re familiar with the amazing Carter Reed Series, you’ll absolutely want to read this. This novel falls into the genres of new adult and dark contemporary romance. It definitely offers a satisfying amount of suspense as well. Cole is written in the main character P.O.V’s(Point of views) of Addison Bowman and Cole Mauricio.

Addison moved to Chicago two years earlier with her husband Liam and their dog Frankie. When her world was hit by a heartbreaking incident, she had to do her best not to fall apart. Her best friend Sia finds a place for Addison, she considers the move. The place Sia found is an exclusive, beautiful building simply called “The Mauricio.” To escape the ghosts and the loneliness, Addison decides to make the move. She has no idea how much her life would change from this point on. Will Addison be able to regain her life? How will this move change her world?

Cole Mauricio is the leader of a very powerful and dangerous Mafia Family. He lived and survived during a war between the Mauricio family and the Bertal family, barely. He tries to keep some small portion of normalcy in his life with the well-protected and private apartment building that he owns. When he meets his newest tenant, his attraction to her is alluring but also dangerous in a completely different way. Will the peace between the families continue or will something break that rocky peace apart?

“Cole” is a compelling novel that definitely can be read as a stand-alone but is more pleasurable if you read The Carter Reed novels prior. It’s fascinating to see familiar characters from Tijan’s “Carter Reed” story intertwine in this latest novel. This story-line truly delivers on a blossoming romance, with seductive characters, and the fast-paced action and suspense. I recommend this alluring read for those who can enjoy a lot of sexy romance tied into the Mafia world. And for fans of The Carter Reed and Cole novels, you’ll be excited to hear that a Carter Reed 3 novel is coming soon! So be ready. As for “Cole,” you should for sure not pass this one up! 🙂


1 star rating 4.5


How I imagined the characters while reading ‘COLE’:




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