A Blogging Reader’s Review: Necessary Evil by Jamie K. Schmidt.

Book Review! A Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘Necessary Evil’ by Jamie K. Schmidt.


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Author: Jamie K. Schmidt
Series: Sentinels Of Babylon (Book #1)
Publishing date: November 1st, 2016
(Review based on reading a copy of this novel)


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The Synopsis for ‘Necessary Evil’ :

In this steamy series opener from bestselling author Jamie K. Schmidt—whose writing has been called “hot and sexy, with just the right amount of emotional punch,” by Lauren Layne—a vigilante biker takes the power of love into his own hands.

Lucy Simmons comes from a rough family, but she’s a damn good public defender. Even though she hates to see criminals walk due to sloppy police work, the law’s there to make sure everyone gets a fair trial, and Lucy certainly doesn’t believe in the kind of justice meted out by the leather-clad ex-cop they call “Evil.” He’s stubborn, cynical, and out of control—but he plays her body like no man ever has. For once, both Lucy’s boss and her brother agree: The biker is trouble.

Evan Villiers took a sacred vow to let no killer, rapist, or pedophile go unpunished. When scumbags fall through the system, his motorcycle club cleans up the garbage. Although the Sons of Babylon and their methods may not be to Lucy’s liking, the beautiful lawyer has become Evan’s light in the dark. But his next hit is Lucy’s own brother—a murderer who got off on a technicality. Now, with his loyalties split, Evan must turn his back on his brothers . . . or lose the woman who has claimed his reckless heart.

My ‘Blogging Reader’s Review’ after reading ‘Necessary Evil’:

This is the first time I’ve had the chance to read from this author. “Necessary Evil” by Jamie K. Schmidt is a story that follows Lucy as she learns about who she can trust, will she survive the dangers that surround her,  and what will she learn about herself. This novel is a part of the Contemporary Romance genre and delivers a good amount of action in the process. This story is told from the two main character’s P.O.V.’s(point of views), Lucy Simmons and Evan “Evil” Villiers.

Lucy Simmons is a tough lawyer who is great at her job. She usually finds herself working closely with law enforcement and has strong ties within their world. As a public defense attorney, she comes across many types of people that she must defend. When her career and her family cross paths, she finds herself with the one defendant she worries the most about. This is her brother Bobby Bradford. And to top it off, former cop Evan “Evil” Villiers, who now belongs to a group call Sentinels of Babylon, is pulling her into his new sometimes dangerous life.

Evan “Evil” Villiers is a former cop that now runs a club he co-owns but he also handles certain kinds of jobs with his closest friends in the Sentinels of Babylon. Most of these missions involve hunting down criminals who slide through the cracks of the justice system. No one knows that exactly who is behind these vigilante, yet precise, actions of vengeance but how long can they get away with what they do? The local law enforcement are getting closer to figuring out who exactly is involved in the vigilante group out there seeking justice on their own.

When Lucy’s younger brother, Bobby Bradford, comes to town from California, Lucy is happy to have him back around. She always worries for Bobby because he’s always been toeing the line of becoming a full-fledged lawbreaker because that’s what’s expected of him due to their father’s history. When suspicions arise that Bobby is responsible for a double homicide in California, Lucy must fight her hardest to defend the only person she has left in her life that she calls family.

Did Bobby really kill those people or is he being wrongfully accused or framed? What is Evan “Evil” hiding from her? And who else will die before the case can be solved? “Necessary Evil” takes you on an inciting ride through danger, seduction, and a good dose of thriller. The story did feel a little rushed in some areas, such as the speedy-blossoming romance between Lucy and Evan but it was a sexy and pleasing relationship as the story continued. This is a nice read if you’re looking for something seductive, entertaining, with a nice amount of thrills as far as action goes. Check this out if it sounds like your kind of story.


1 star rating 3.5


How I imagined Lucy and Evan “Evil” while reading ‘Necessary Evil’:


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