A Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review: Misfit by Kathryn Kelly.

Book Review! A Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘MISFIT’ (A Death Dwellers MC Series – #6) by Kathryn Kelly.


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Author: Kathryn Kelly
Series:  Death Dwellers MC Series -#6
Release Date: August 23rd, 2016 – (Review based on ARC early copy)


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Misfit 1

Synopsis for MISFIT’:

The final book in the series tells the story of Cash “Ghost” McCall, Louis “Stretch” King, and the woman they allow in their relationship, Ophelia Donovan, who just happens to be Outlaw’s little sister.

Ophelia Donovan wants to move past the loves of her life, two badass bikers in her brother’s MC. When she gave Cash “Ghost” McCall and Louis “Stretch” King, an ultimatum of bringing their relationship out in the open or she’d walk, they chose separation. It crushed Ophelia’s dreams of having a happily-ever-after and family with Ghost and Stretch.

Stretch lives with guilt and pain from the death of his former lover and the injuries he received the same night. For a while, Cash and Stretch worked fine. They’d agreed to choose a woman together to bring into their relationship. Instead, Cash brought Outlaw’s sister in, intending to use her as a shield for Cash’s growing feelings for both Stretch and Fee. The dissolution of their relationship because of Fee’s goading leaves Stretch angry with both of his lovers.

Ghost doesn’t do relationships. He doesn’t have the confidence in himself that he’s equipped for something meaningful. He only knows he loves both Stretch and Ophelia. She wants kids, a house with him and Stretch, and, most of all, an open relationship with them. So open she expects Ghost to go to her brothers—his club’s president—and confess all. Even if he did do commitment, he wouldn’t be alive to see it through. Outlaw would kill Ghost, especially after already warning him away.

Christopher “Outlaw” Caldwell knows Ghost is about fun and fucking. He’s in charge of the Bobs, those women trotted out for pleasure at special club occasions. Outlaw’s little sister wants a family and he refuses to allow her to waste her years on a man who’ll walk away in the end. Outlaw’s life has been quiet recently, with every known club threat removed, giving him plenty of time to focus on family.

Thanks to Cash’s outrageous plan to throw Outlaw off, he raises the man’s suspicions instead. A biker from a rival club uses Ophelia to get on Outlaw’s good side, leaving her gravely injured, Outlaw in jail, Stretch admitting how important both she and Cash are to him, and Cash determined to never deny his love again.

Warning: Not suitable for anyone under 18. Contains excessive swearing, graphic sex between MMF, taboo subjects, and…Kendall at her finest.

My ‘Blogging Readers Review’ after reading ‘Misfit’ (A Death Dwellers MC Series – #6):

***WARNING: Possible SPOILERS if you haven’t read the previous Novels/Novellas of the Death Dwellers MC Series.***

My heart feels heavy at the bittersweet knowledge of knowing that this is the final novel in the phenomenal Death Dwellers MC Series by Kathryn Kelly. For fans of this amazing MC novel series, these roughneck bikers, and the women who stand solidly at their sides, you’ll love where this takes you. The story-lines have twists and turns that promise to keep readers entertained. “Misfit” is written from multiple P.O.V.’s(point of views) from Ophelia “Fee” Donovan, Louis “Stretch” King, Cash “Ghost” McCall, Johnny “Jon-Boy” Donovan, Kendall “Red” Donovan, and Christopher “Outlaw” Caldwell. And that’s not including the Epilogues at the end. More about that further into my review. 😉

So much has occurred surrounding The Death Dwellers MC brothers and the strong, sometimes broken, women in their lives. In the final novel of the explosive and emotional Series, we are given the satisfaction of seeing how everyone’s stories will conclude. Whether it be with a ‘Happily ever after’, a big ‘F-U’, or met with a long permanent sleep six-feet-under, we will be granted the closing of this amazing series. This story has a strong focus on the youngest sister of the Death Dwellers MC President, Ophelia Donovan.

After the humongous loss that Ophelia, her sister Zoann, and their brother Christopher “Outlaw” have suffered, no wonder Ophelia “Fee” would feel the need to find what her life needed most: Love, understanding, and where she belonged. Her life had gone astray because of the tragedies. She dropped out of college and was floating through life during the time after the tragedies of losing her mother, sisters and nieces. She began a forbidden and mind-blowing affair with not only Cash, a member of The Death Dwellers MC, but Cash’s MC brother Stretch. Will the three be able to find their happiness with each other or will Outlaw murder the two MC brothers for not listening about staying away from Fee?

Louis “Stretch” King and Cash “Ghost” McCall have always had a strong bond beyond their biker brotherhood in the MC. Cash “Ghost” has always kept Stretch at a distance because of his fears and desires of never being able to be faithful and true to anyone but himself in many aspects. When Ophelia “Fee” entered their world and their lives, they couldn’t deny that there was a connection between Cash and Fee but where would that leave Stretch? In this final novel, we see how an unusual yet explosive connection can become a strong entity of emotions between a tripod of misfits by the names of Fee, Stretch, and Cash.

I’ll never understand or miss the character of Kendall Donovan. She is ruthless, mean-spirited, psychotic, evil for what she does in this novel and just beyond understanding for everything she puts so many through. Her husband, Johnny “Jon boy”, has always been one of my favorite guy character’s in this series and to know his story is fated to endure Kendall, is kind of sad but understandable. He deserves someone sane and better in so many ways but as real life goes, nothing is perfect and not everyone can fight who they fall in love with or who their heart wants. So at the end of the day, no matter how annoying Kendall is, I know that the love Johnny and Kendall share makes them blind to what others see and they only see each others love. They accept their imperfections, making their story-line seem deep, painful, yet real. Johnny is such a likeable yet foolish man and hopefully Kendall stays on her meds and lives up to being worthy of a man like him.

The dramatic, dynamic, and exciting blend of characters in this series all deliver raw and enthralling value to this story-line.
This is such a whirlwind and intense conclusion to such a riveting MC series. At the end, there are multiple Epilogues to conclude all of the main character’s story-line’s which come from the P.O.V.’s of: Bunny, Digger, Bailey, Zoann, Val, Kendall, Johnny, Megan, and Christopher “Outlaw”. The sexual dialogue runs high, the violence runs blood red, and the depths of their stories will pull at you in many directions. I will forever be “Team Outlaw and Meggie”, and will always wish to see Outlaw kill Kendall but sometimes, even the best of stories will have to give you satisfaction in other ways. This is a longer novel but so worth it! I didn’t expect anything less in order to give us conclusions for so many awesome characters. I highly recommend this final novel and this entire series for readers who can appreciate and enjoy a dynamic and sinister MC series that keeps your emotions running wild from the beginning to “The End.” You will not be disappointed with the gripping twists and turns in this series by the amazing author Kat Kelly! Check out “Misfit” and this series today! 🙂


Warning: Not suitable for anyone under 18. Contains excessive swearing, graphic sex between MMF, taboo subjects, and…Kendall at her finest.


1 star rating 4.5


How I imagined the characters while reading ‘MISFIT’ of the Death Dwellers MC Series:



Seductive woman on a throne of pleasure

Tattooed muscular guy posing in studio. Isolated on white background

Sexy blond girl riding a motorcycle with speed

Young sexy girl, 50s style, posing with lollipop

Shirtless sexy male model lying alone on his bed in his bedroom, looking at camera with a seductive attitude

Sexy woman with red hot lips and tongue

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