A Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review for: Chaos Bound by Sarah Castille.

ARC-Book Review! A Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘Chaos Bound’ (Sinner’s Tribe MC Series – #4) by Sarah Castille.


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Author: Sarah Castille
Series: Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club Series
Publishing date: June 28th, 2016
(Review based on an advanced readers copy)


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Sinner's Tribe MC Series Book 4 - Chaos Bound

The Synopsis:

After enduring months of torture at the hands of the Black Jacks MC, and betrayed by his own club, Holt “T-Rex” Savage, a junior member of the Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club, will stop at nothing to get revenge. But falling for a beautiful woman with dangerous ties to his sworn enemy was never part of the plan…

Raised by the Black Jacks, Naiya Kelly grew up fast, furiously, and with little to lose. But now that she’s put her MC days behind her, she is free to do what she wants—until she meets a man who imprisons her, body and soul. She swore she’d never give her heart to a biker, but Holt is the most passionate, protective man she’s ever known. But will Holt be forced to betray his one true love to exact his revenge?


My ‘Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review’ after reading ‘CHAOS BOUND’ by Sarah Castille:

***WARNING: Possible SPOILERS if you haven’t read the previous Novels of the Sinner’s Tribe MC Series.***

“Chaos Bound” is the forth novel of the sexy and rough Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club Series by Author Sarah Castille. This novel is filled with thrilling and at time raw emotional moments. This comes from the Adult genre as well as being a contemporary romance with a great amount of suspense, as expected from an intense biker series. Chaos Bound is delivered from three main character’s P.O.V.’s(point of views), which include Holt “T-Rex” Savage, Naiya Kelly, and James “Tank” Evans.

Naiya Kelly has lived a hard lifestyle most of her young life thanks to a mother who made bad choices that Naiya was affected by and a father she never met. Her mother was a “sweet butt” for the Black Jacks Motorcycle Club and became addicted to drugs in that dark lifestyle. Naiya had her innocence taken at a young age then ran away. She returned years later to deal with a tragedy that would make her feel alone, helpless, and put her back in a dangerous predicament. The twisted and violent Black Jacks MC President, Viper, found out about her return and lurked around Naiya, ready to reclaim her as his. She never was his but his evil-warped mind seemed to think so. Can Naiya escape the clutches of evil and sadistic Viper or will pain and disgust be all that she knows from now on?

Holt “T-Rex” Savage is a prisoner. He feels so much pent up anger and a hunger for revenge toward the Black Jacks MC for all of the ways they’ve tortured him while keeping him imprisoned for months. He also feels betrayed. Betrayed by the man he admired, Sinner’s Tribe MC President Jagger, and the bikers he considered brothers. Here especially feels betrayed by his best friend and the one he considered his real brother, Tank, for never coming to rescue him from this hell. Here he is months later, forgotten, tortured, and a shell of what he once was all for the sake of helping his MC out and his VP’s girl, Evie. Will he ever get out of here or is he destined to die in the cold, dirty, dark torture cell?

James “Tank” Evans has been reluctant to accept that his best friend and closest brother, T-Rex, is dead and gone. He feels so much hatred toward the Black Jacks MC and anyone associated with them for whatever they must have done to T-Rex. His fellow Sinner’s MC brothers have tried to get him to accept that Holt “T-Rex” is gone but something keeps Tank holding onto the feeling that says he isn’t dead. Not only is he still dealing with that grief and sadness, but he’s also being pulled into a web of lies by the very attractive reporter Ella Masters. She reminds him in some ways of the “one who got away”- Connie. She comes on strong but is there a secret motive to her flirtation toward Tank?

Will Holt “T-Rex” find out the truth about his Sinner’s brothers and why they never rescued him from the hell he lived through in Viper’s Dungeon? Can Naiya pick up and leave or will she stick around with danger lurking at every corner? How will Naiya handle the truth when she finds out why Viper is so obsessed with making her his? Can both Holt and Naiya get revenge or will it cost them more than they can handle? This is an exciting, intense, gritty read and does not disappoint when it comes to being suspenseful, sexy, and enthralling. I definitely recommend this novel and this series! Author Sarah Castille continues to deliver entertaining MC story-lines with satisfying characters, of both strong female and male characters. As always, I look forward to seeing what’s to come in the Sinner’s Tribe MC world! 🙂


★★‘CHAOS BOUND’ is the 4th novel of the ‘Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club Series’. What else is in the series:★★

ROUGH JUSTICE – Book #1 of the ‘Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club Series’ – Follows Black Jacks’ MC President’s daughter Arianne Hunter and rival club President Jagger Knight of the Sinner’s Tribe MC and their story. (Released On: February 3rd, 2015)

BEYOND THE CUT – Book #2 of the ‘Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club Series’ – Follows Arianne’s best friend Dawn Delgado and Sinner’s Tribe MC brother Cade “Ryder” O’Connor and their story. (Releases On: June 2nd, 2015)

SINNER’S STEEL – Book #3 of the ‘Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club Series’ –  Follows Sinner’s Tribe MC V.P. Zane and the woman who had a huge effect on him, Evie. This will be about their story. (Releases on: October 6th, 2015)

CHAOS BOUND – Book #4 of the ‘Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club Series’ –  Follows Sinner’s Tribe MC brother Holt “T-Rex” Savage and being torn between revenge and the woman tied to his sworn enemies, Naiya Kelly. This will follow their story. (Releases on: June 28th, 2016)


1 star rating 4.5


How I imagined the characters while reading ‘CHAOS BOUND’:

1 collage 2



Holt’s thoughts:  Revenge had given him the will to live. Revenge against Viper and the Jacks. Revenge against Jagger and the Sinner’s Tribe. Once he was free, his wrath would know no bounds. He would surrender himself to the beast within until it had drunk deep of betrayal biker blood.

Holt’s thoughts:  He’d been rescued by an angel.
He took a step, wavered, and forced himself to go on. Enough of the damn weakness. He had a woman to protect. A predator to lure. A Viper to kill.

James “Tank’s” thoughts:  T-Rex did the talking. Tank did the listening. And yet T-Rex had understood him better than anyone in his life. Maybe because they spent all their time together. Jagger called them “the Twins.” Tank figured that was about right ’cause with T-Rex gone he felt like half of him was missing.

Naiya’s thoughts:  For a moment she’d been lured into thinking she could lean on someone else, that she wasn’t alone. But that wasn’t the lesson she’d learned at the Black Jack clubhouse. And she would be a fool to forget it.

Holt to Naiya:  “I’m your only hope for keeping your name clear of this mess and keeping you safe. And now you showed me a side of you that makes it so I will not be leaving you again. You showed me your fire. Moth to a flame, darlin’. I’m sticking around even if I get burned.”

Holt and Naiya:  He had been through hell and survived, and his reward had come in the form of a woman who could bend not break, challenge but not conform, submit but not surrender. Naiya was his. Totally, utterly, and irrevocably. And he would never let her go.
“I have a feeling even if I did leave, you’d follow me.”
“To the ends of the earth.”

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