A Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review for: Piece Of Infinity by Emily Bold.

ARC-Book Review! A Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘Piece Of Infinity’(The Curse Series- Book #3)by Emily Bold.


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Author: Emily Bold
Series: Curse Series – Book #3
Publishing date: April 26th, 2016
(Review based on an advanced readers copy)


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Piece Of Infinity CURSE SERIES 3 by Emily Bold

The Synopsis:

In the third and final volume of Emily Bold’s The Curse Series, Sam returns to the present day from seventeenth-century Scotland, reunited with her love, Payton, and relieved that the curse has been lifted. But their happiness is tempered by Sam’s unsettling feeling that all is not yet right. Overburdened with the guilt she feels for unwittingly causing the curse that destroyed Payton’s life for nearly three centuries, Sam is determined to return to the past to fix it. Fearing that the love of his life will want to remain with his past self, Payton follows Sam into history, desperate to bring her back to the present—and to the new life they’ve made together.

As the past and present clash, the two lovers face the most difficult choice of their lives: allow their history to remain as it was, with all its dangers, injustices, and pain, or fight to improve it—and risk the very love that binds them together.


My ‘Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review’ after reading ‘PIECE OF INFINITY’ (The Curse Series – Book #3) by Emily Bold:

***WARNING: Possible SPOILERS if you haven’t read the previous novels of The Curse Series yet.***

In the third and final installment of The Curse Series titled “Piece Of Infinity” by author Emily Bold, there is so much to say about the conclusion. This novel series was originally written in German so I had to wait patiently(actually anxiously) for the American-English version which was hard to do because the first two novels just progressed in such a breathtaking kind of way. The storyline, these characters, and the way it travels from the present-day to the past, has all been written in such a beautiful and magical way. This third novel ended perfectly and will leave readers feeling full-filled completely. This novel was written in five P.O.V.’s(point of views) from Samantha, Payton from both the Past and the Present-day, Nathaira, Alasdair, and Sean..

Samantha “Sam” Watts has returned to the present day from seventeenth-century Scotland. The curse that was put upon her love, Payton McLean, was finally lifted. Their happiness should’ve felt wonderful now that they could be together for good. It should feel like their “Happily ever after” but it hasn’t been that easy.

Payton is able to finally feel again after so many years under the curse but it hasn’t been so good for his relationship with Sam. The heartbreak he suffered after Sam left him hundreds of years ago, still lingered in his heart. Sam had to leave to return to her time but it was becoming hard for Present-day Payton to forgive her for the pain he felt from the past. Sam has also been carrying her own pain from the past, that she can’t shake this need to return to that time in order to fix mistakes that were made.

When Sam returns to the past, not completely by her own choice, she sets out to correct what she can while trying to stay alive and unharmed. When Payton realizes that Sam has gone back to the past, he follows his love back to that time to bring her back with him. His only worry is making sure not to run into his past-self. Can he fix a few issues he left unsettled upon his return? Can Sam and Payton beat the test of time, once and for all or is their love destined for heartache? Will danger and vengeance seek them out causing them more problems? And can forgiveness give them the peace they seek in order to love without the weight of those past choices?

This entire series has been a phenomenal journey, with breath-taking moments, and heart-wrenching growth between the characters through out the story. Everything that was left in question, unravels in such a marvelous way and everything is settled, one way or another.  The author blended the time differences in such a smooth and beautiful method. This novel has such depth that I really hope no one turns away from it because it falls in the YA(Young Adult) genre because it goes well beyond that. Bravo, on this conclusion. I really hate to see it end but the ending was still perfection! Check this one out. I highly recommend this novel and the entire series. It’s definitely a “Must Read!” 🙂


1 star rating 4.5


How I imagined the characters while reading ‘PIECE OF INFINITY (Curse Series)’:

Piece Of Infinity CURSE SERIES 3 by Emily Bold 2



Sam’s thoughts:  We loved each other. More than I’d ever believed was possible. We were meant to be together, no question. Each of us had looked Death in the eye for the other. We’d defied a curse- no, two curses, in fact- and our love had held strong throughout all time.

Sam and Payton:  “Do you think about the past a lot?” I asked quietly.
“Sam, not a day goes by where I don’t think about the dark times. I still feel that emptiness somewhere inside me. Even though my love for you is helping gradually forget that… that horror, and even though every new, wonderful memory with you lifts my heart a little more, I still know I’m no longer the man you left back then.”
“Every time I look at you, Sam, I wonder whether you loved me more back then than you do now.”

Payton’s thoughts:  By God, he would love her, would show her that he was the only one- for the rest of her life. The cold water closed over their heads, washing the memories, the blood, the pain, and the humiliation away.

Payton to Sam:  “Samantha Watts, you changed my life such an infinitely long time ago, and even my old, cursed self has come to understand what a gift fate gave to me. The time for doubt has passed. You and me, we belong together.”

Sam’s thoughts:  I lifted my eyes to Payton’s and saw boundless love. Like the carefree Payton he’d been before the curse, he let me gaze to the bottom of his soul, showed me all his emotions: his hopes, his fears, and the guilt that would always follow us, but could never hurt us again.
The only thing that existed for me was this one moment beneath the stars, in the glow of the candlelight, and the certainty that everything was coming together as destiny had planned for me.

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