A Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review for: In Your Dreams by Ginger Scott.

ARC-Book Review! A Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘In Your Dreams’ (Standalone. Spin-Off to the Falling Series – #4) by Ginger Scott.


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Author: Ginger Scott
Series: Spin-off/Standalone of Falling Series
Publishing date: March 29th, 2016
(Review based on an advanced readers copy)


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In Your Dreams 1


Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Your-Dreams-Falling-Book-ebook/dp/B01C5V1VVS/

iBooks: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/in-your-dreams/id1087675690?mt=11&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

Google: https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=Ge6fCwAAQBAJ

Kobo: https://store.kobobooks.com/en-us/ebook/in-your-dreams-17

Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/in-your-dreams-ginger-scott/1123478400?ean=2940152889321

The Synopsis:

Casey Coffield has a growing list of personal flaws he keeps locked away in his head:
He’s never on time.
His list of IOUs to his best friend is endless.
Money is always short.
Goals are never in reach.

Oh, and he’s decided to add college drop-out to that list, too. He doesn’t really think that last one’s such a bad thing, but his family insists it is, so it stays on the list.

On paper, he’s a zero. But in person, when he’s mixing tracks for a sea of bodies at the hottest clubs and parties, he’s downright irresistible. Just-right stubble on his chin, body of a boxer and a smirk that stimulates all the right nerves—women have never been a problem. They flock to his swagger and fall for his charm…fast.

All except for this one.

Purple hair, gray eyes, a raspy voice and sass, Murphy Sullivan is a little bit country and a little bit rock-n-roll. And her and Casey? They have history. He can’t remember it, but she wrote a song about him—and it’s not exactly a love song. But it is good. Damn good. And uncovering her inspiration just might be the key to solving a few of his shortcomings—not to mention open doors to his own big break in the music industry.

But sometimes dreams get messy when they collide. Sometimes life changes patterns. A past paints the wrong picture and futures get cloudy. The only question that remains is who will you choose when the dust settles—you? Or the girl of your dreams?

** This book is a Falling Series spin-off. It can be read as a standalone. **


My ‘Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review’ after reading ‘IN YOUR DREAMS’ by Ginger Scott:

This is technically the 4th novel of The Falling Series but can be read as a Spin-Off Standalone novel titled “In Your Dreams” by Author Ginger Scott. This novel is of the New Adult genre as well as being a Contemporary Romance story. In Your Dreams is written in the two main character’s P.O.V.’s(point of views), Casey Coffield and Murphy Sullivan.

Casey Coffield has his own dreams that don’t fit with the way his meticulous and over-achiever parents choose to live, particularly his father. It’s almost the complete opposite. His father is a workaholic and had plans for Casey to follow in his footsteps as most of his sisters did, to be an engineer. Casey on the other hand, made plans for himself. He manages to live on his own while pursuing his dream. He loves music and to make music magic, while mixing great sounds together like the talented DJ that he is.

When Casey’s roommate Eli, gives him a link to a video, he’s thrown into a tailspin of questions and curiosity. In that video, all he has is a voice, lyrics with his name in it, and a place he knows nothing about. Who is this girl singing such heartfelt words with the beautiful voice in the shadowy video? On top of dealing with this question, he finds out some major family news to add to the mix of twists in his life.

Murphy Sullivan has been trying to perfect her singing and songwriting talent. The dimly-lit place “Paul’s” that she does open-min-night at has been feeding her craving to perform without the worry of being open and in front of a spotlight. When someone from her past shows up one night to open-mic-night, she knows that it’s probably because of her brother Lane’s video he posted of her performance.

Casey has fallen for the voice of the girl with purple hair. He sees her talent and as a music-mixologist, he plans to try to bring attention to her voice. While pursuing her for her talent, he can’t ignore the ever-growing feelings he’s getting for Murphy. But it all comes back to: Why did Murphy write a song about Casey Coffield? What is their history and why doesn’t he even remember her from high school?

There is a history there between Murphy and Casey that may not be what we expect and sometimes, the smallest influence we make on someone can become a huge influence on their life choices. Casey was always the popular guy through high-school and never a bad looking guy. Murphy usually just blended in with the background in high-school and never really stood out due to her insecurities. When these two meet, things take a turn in both of their lives that will lead them both down a path of choices and possibilities, while also having to face their fears. “In Your Dreams” is a sweet and enchanting story about finding yourself and finding someone that may not be what they seemed but truly becomes special along the way. Check out this wonderful story if this sounds like your kind of love and life story. 🙂


1 star rating 4


How I imagined the characters while reading ‘IN YOUR DREAMS’:

2-collage -3 In Your Dreams


In Your Dreams 8In Your Dreams 9In Your Dreams 7In Your Dreams 4



Casey’s thoughts & mystery girl’s lyrics:  She could be just about anyone, but I swear I don’t know this girl. The strumming of the guitar starts soft, and then her voice comes in. “Shadow of a girl, lurking in other people’s shadows…let her go by, let her dance along…”  This girl– whoever the hell she is– she’s an artist. I can also tell when she’s about to sing again, because her form leans in toward the mic. “In your dreams… Casey Coffield.”

Casey’s thoughts:  I know the fact that I’m walking away with only a semester left on my degree for some pipe dream will disappoint both of my parents, but it feels right. And maybe there’s some small part of me that sees the fantasy playing out to an end where I get to show my family how successful I am– and they’re proud.

Murphy’s thoughts:  I love that song. I wrote it as a way to clean out a lot of crap left over in my head, old feelings and frustrations from high school. It’s been four years, and really– I’m over most of it. But there are still those days where a thought penetrates my daily routine, and I think about how I never quite fit in. It’s partly my fault; I didn’t want to fit in.

Murphy and Casey:  “You don’t remember me?”
He may be charming as hell, but damn if he’d bad at poker faces. “Oh. My. God. You don’t remember me!”
“I sort of remember you,” he stammers, walking behind me to the front door.
…I want Casey gone. “You are such a…”
“I’m a lot of things. I know, trust me. I’ve been told,” he says. I laugh at first, but his eyes meet mine in a small struggle with the door, and there’s a certain unfiltered honesty in them that I must give him credit for.

Casey’s thoughts:  I want to see her dance. I wait just long enough, smiling at her and moving my head along with the vibe until I feel it in my gut. There’s always a moment- it’s what makes me good. I’ve had it since the first time I touched a soundboard. This is the high I was talking about, and Murphy- she’s there. I’m about to be her undoing without even laying a hand on her.

Murphy and her best friend Sam:  My college boyfriends were boring, my high school ones non-existent. Damn it all to hell if I haven’t just shot straight into scintillating territory for her with Casey! “Fine, I have a little crush,” I say, my voice jumping eight octaves, my shoulders shrugging to my ears. Stamp guilty on my forehead.
“You don’t have a little crush, Murph. You freaking have the hots for Casey Coffield!” she practically cackles. “Oh and girl…mmmmm… he’s got it back. I know it!”

Casey and Murphy:  “I will celebrate half birthdays, plaster on those weird-ass nose strips, and rock out to hair bands with you every night if that’s what you’d like to do.”
“I’d like that very much, Casey Coffield. I may even write a song about it,” she says against my lips, and my impatient mouth takes over, kissing her and pressing her body into the still-scratched car door that marks the first time she stole my heart more than a year ago. She’s never gotten it fixed, and I’ve never been the same.


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