A Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review: Infatuation by River Savage.

Book Review! A Blogging Reader’s ARC Review after reading ‘Infatuation’ Knights Rebels MC Series-Book #4) by River Savage.


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Author: River Savage
Series: Knights Rebels MC Series (book #4)
Publishing date: October 20th, 2015 (Review is based on an early ARC copy)


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Infatuation by River Savage

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The Synopsis for ‘INFATUATION’:

Beau McIntyre is driven by a past smothered in blood and covered in bruises. Though tragic, it’s help shape his future and define the man he’s become.

Day in and day out, he’s reminded of his failures in the faces of the women he saves. But what happens when one girl threatens to blow all of that apart? Will Beau lose his grip on the controlled lifestyle he abides by?

Mackenzie Moore is running from a past she needs to forget. A past that has molded her into a woman living in fear. One fateful night, her carefully constructed world is pulled down around her, forcing her to make a decision she’s not sure she can live with.

Turning to the Knights Rebels MC for help is the last thing she wants, but everything she needs.

Can Beau save her once again, or is what she running to far worse than what she’s running from?

My ‘Blogging Reader’s Review’ after reading ‘INFATUATION’ (Knights Rebels MC Series book #4):

***WARNING: Possible SPOILERS if you haven’t read the previous Novels of the Knights Rebels MC Series.***

This is my review for the forth installment in the Knights Rebels MC Series titled “Infatuation” by Author River Savage. This series continues to follow the world revolving the motorcycle club’s characters and the ladies in their lives. This novel finds itself following the story of Mackenzie “Kenzie” and MC Vice President Beau. Kenzie has returned to the clubhouse months after Beau helped her to escape a bad situation. Unfortunately, that bad situation may have gotten worse than before.  Infatuation is written in the two main character’s P.O.V.’s(point of views)  of Mackenzie “Kenzie” Morre and MC V.P. Beau McIntyre.

Mackenzie was in love, or so she thought. Her relationship with Chad started off like any normal relationship but after a while, it began to sour into a terrible violent situation. Her world would go from having what she thought was a loving relationship with Chad Morre, the son of Mayor Morre, to something she had to struggle to survive and eventually she would find herself trying hard to flee.
When Beau helped Mackenzie escape from the abusive relationship she was in eighteen months ago, they never thought that they’d see each other again. The biker brother with a soft spot for helping the defenseless and the young lady who wanted to find a love that wouldn’t cost her emotional and physical pain, are once again reunited. Now, eighteen months later and Mackenzie’s ex-abusive-husband Chad, has found her and she had to fight to survive and escape him once again. She had no where to turn now that she was on the run except back to the Knight Rebels Clubhouse where the one man who made her feel safe again and helped her escape before, an MC brother by the name of Beau McIntyre.

Beau never thought he’d see Mackenzie again after helping her disappear from her ex but he never forgot her either. When Mackenzie “Kenzie” shows up one night at the clubhouse, he knew he couldn’t turn her away no matter who was after her. He knew that this would cause problems from his President aka best friend Nix and the club, but he didn’t care. He wanted to protect Kenzie and help her out even if it’s from someone who is the son of someone in power like his father.
There are many twist and turns in the storyline but they flow amazingly. The emotional journey of survival, overcoming the past, and fighting for happiness is beautifully delivered between the imperfect characters Kenzie and Beau. The sexy, dark-protectiveness of the deeply loyal MC brother Beau makes him so irresistable and I don’t doubt he will be an MC favorite. Kenzie has some heavy secrets and uncertainties in her life but she still fights to put her best foot forward through it all, which is so admirable.

Will Mackenzie “Kenzie’s” husband Chad Morre find her again and finish what he started once and for all? Can Beau truly protect Kenzie or will it damage his relationship with his MC brothers? What other heavy secret is Mackenzie keeping to herself? And will she ever be able to get in contact with the only friend she had through the dark times – Heidi? This story is gritty but well written even through the difficult topics it touches on. I do recommend “Infatuation” and this entire powerful series because the characters are wickedly-incredible and the story-lines are mind-blowing and great! Please Note: Infatuation discusses tough topics about domestic abuse and may not be easy to read for some. Just know, River Savage created a touching story for Kenzie and Beau’s characters’. You definitely should add this dark yet remarkable novel to your “Must Read” list for sure! 🙂


1 star rating 4.5


How I imagined the characters while reading ‘INFATUATION’:

1-collage-5 Infatuation


 Infatuation tag 1 Infatuation tag 2

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