A Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review for: Wicked Restless by Ginger Scott.

ARC-Book Review! One Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘Wicked Restless’ (Harper Boys Series #2) by Ginger Scott.


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Author: Ginger Scott
Series: Harper Boys Series #2
(Review based on ARC copy – early review)
Publishing date: October 20th, 2015


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Harper Boys 2 - Wicked Restless by Ginger Scott


The Synopsis for ‘Wicked Restless’:

Andrew Harper grew up in a house marked by tragedy. His older brother Owen did his best to shelter him, but you can only be protected from life’s pain for so long. Eventually, you end up just feeling numb…and isolated.

Loneliness was the one constant in Andrew’s life. Until one girl, met by chance in a high school hallway, changed everything. Emma Burke was a mystery and all that was beautiful in this world, the only air Andrew ever wanted to breathe. She took the lonely away, and filled it with hope and color, and Andrew would do anything to keep her safe, happy and whole.

But sometimes, what feels good and right is what ends up hurting us the most. And when Andrew and Emma are faced with an impossible decision, Andrew is tested to see just how far he’s willing to go for the girl who owns his heart.

Cuts are deep.

Scars are left behind.

And revenge beckons.

When Andrew finally gets his chance, in college, five years after his first love broke him completely, he finds out old feelings don’t really disappear just because you say you hate someone. The more he tries to avenge all that he believes he lost, the more he uncovers the real story of what happened years before.

Love is wicked. But a restless heart is never satisfied beating on its own. Can Andrew and Emma make it right before it’s too late, or will the ties that bind them now destroy their only chance at a future?



My ‘Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review’ for ‘Wicked Restless’ by Ginger Scott:

This is my review for the second novel of the Harper Boys Series by Author Ginger Scott titled Wicked Restless. I was given the opportunity to read and review this New Adult, contemporary romance story about the younger brother of Owen(from book 1 “Wild Restless”)named Andrew and Emma, whom he meets one day. From that day forward, their lives are changed in so many ways as the years progress. Wicked Restless is written in the two main-character’s P.O.V.’s(point of views) from Andrew Harper and Emma Burke.

Andrew Harper is a very smart teenager, with a good sense of humor, and the possibility of having a bright future. Unfortunately, he carries the burden of being a Harper and the baggage that comes from that name due to his late father and older brother James who lived a troubled life. His older brother Owen, lived up to that bad reputation in some ways, that was until he met the girl who changed his view on life. Andrew adores Owen’s girlfriend Kensington and is close friends with her. He looks forward to one day meeting someone for himself but being a Harper makes that hard to do in such a small town, where everyone knows everyone and gossip runs wild. He’s handsome enough with his tall height, dark hair and fun personality. So when he meets the new girl in town, he can’t help but be smitten by her and he can’t ignore their connection. His only worry is what she will think of him after she hears the stories about his family from the locals in town.

Emma Burke is new to the small town of Woodstock from Delaware and doesn’t know anyone in town. She’s carrying her own secret and doesn’t want to share about it or to be treated differently because of it. When she meets Andrew, she quickly finds herself enjoying his company, as little as it is at first. When Emma and Andrew get to interact with each other more, they quickly begin to develop a genuine friendship. When they go out one night, things suddenly take a turn in the wrong direction and what unfolds begins a long road of uncertainty for their future in each others lives.

Andrew finds himself sent for a year to a reform school but the reason he’s there is because of a lie but it was a lie he told to protect the girl that was beginning to steal his heart away, Emma. But as the days, weeks and months begin to pass with no word from her, while dealing with the dark and ugly lifestyle inside this reform school, he begins to lose hope. He’d hoped Emma would write him back or visit him but she simply disappeared from his life with no word, not even a simple “thank you.” This causes the caring and fun Andrew to become harder and bitter as the time passes. The sweet boy who opens doors and was respectful, was slowly fading away because of the terrible things he had to endure also because of the girl who seemed to have forgotten him so easily.

As the story continues, it follows them up until five years later in their lives after the ordeal that changed the direction of their lives. Why did Emma never write Andrew back or even make contact with him somehow? What did Andrew do to make sure he could make it in a place he never deserved to be at to begin with? How are Emma and Andrew’s lives now as adults? What will happen when their paths cross again five years later once again, will it be a bitter reunion or an instant connection again? Wicked Restless is such a beautifully crafted story about young love and the influence of bad gossip and lies. My heart was rooting for Andrew because he is such a sweet and wonderful guy that deserves to have someone who truly cares about him and accepts who he really is without judging him for his name. Emma is dealing with her own issue that causes her parents to be extra cautious with her, which in turn made them want to protect her more than they probably really needed to. This novel truly invokes a whirl-wind of emotions, and is so amazing and mind-blowing, especially to see their lives progress after beginning something together so innocent and sweet as it transforms into something more intense and deep. This is definitely worth reading! Great series and awesome book. I do recommend this one for sure. You should absolutely add this novel and series to your “Must Read” list today! 🙂

MY BLOGGING READER’S STAR SCORE FOR ‘Wicked Restless’  4 1/2 out of 5 stars:

1 star rating 4.5


How I imagined the characters of the novel “Wicked Reckless”:

1-collage -3 Wicked Restless


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