A Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review: MAGGIE’S FIVE by Sandra Fitzgerald.

ARC-Book Review! A Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘Maggie’s Five’(Five Series #1) by Sandra Fitzgerald.


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Author: Sandra Fitzgerald
Series: Five Series – book #1
Publishing date: June 16th, 2015
(Review based on an ARC-early copy)


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Maggies Five by Sandra Fitzgerald

The Synopsis:

I had a great life. Not perfect, but really good. I was happy.
I had a husband and two children. But now I’ve got Red.
He’s using me but, that’s okay, because I’m using him too, only for a different reason.
He wants sex and leverage. I want numb.
But then Luke came back.
Don’t be stupid. Luke’s not my husband. My husband is dead, like my children.
Luke came back and things have started changing. And I think, maybe, that I’m okay with change, but I’m worried it’s too late, that I might be too far down the Rabbit Hole.
I’m Maggie Cartwright, and this is my story. But be warned, it may not be the happy ever after you dream of.


My ‘Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review’ after reading ‘MAGGIE’S FIVE’ (Five Series – book #1):

This is my full review for “Maggie’s Five” which is the first novel of the Five Series by Sandra Fitzgerald. This novel is a blend of suspense, romance, with dark twists. Readers may find themselves wondering if the main female character, Maggie, will ever deal with the major loss she’s faced with. This novel is written mostly from the main character’s P.O.V.(point of view), Maggie Mae Cartwright with a short second P.O.V. from Luke Andrews.

Maggie Mae Cartwright has a good life. It’s exactly where she wanted it to be, being married to the love of her life Brendan who adores and loves her to no end and the beautiful family they have which includes two beautiful daughters, Mattie and Ella. On what started as a beautiful Christmas Day morning, one of Maggie’s favorite holidays, it quickly turned into a tragic and horrific nightmare at the hands one foolish person’s mistake. The blood curdling sounds that came from the front yard of their home, would be the end to every beautiful thing that mattered in Maggie’s life. Her world would never be the same…now that her husband and beautiful daughter’s lives have ended and hers painfully continues.

Brendan’s brother, Jon Cartwright tries his best to help Maggie out while he can but the biggest help came from an unexpected person. Luke Andrews, and old classmate, friend and someone she hasn’t seen in so many years. Seeing him there, helping her, showing her so much support, it was the only thing helping her to not lose it completely. Luke has his own life in New York but Maggie Mae needs him so he tries to be there for her for as long as he can. But before long, his life and job back in the big city beckon him to return, leaving Maggie to try and pull herself through her grief on her own. Luke promises to return as soon as possible but Maggie is quickly finding herself falling into a dark hole that numbs her more than actually helps her grieve for the family she has lost.

On her own, she ends up meeting a really attractive bartender named Red. He quickly lures her with his seductive words, flirty-friendliness and promises to help her escape what’s “real”. Maggie begins to entangle her life with Red’s in the many dark and twisted ways that he offers to her which include partying at night clubs,  while he offers her methods to numb her mind and heart, as well as entices her with sexual exploration. Maggie’s life is quickly spiraling downhill and the numbness seems to be her only form of peace from the heart-wrenching pain she feels every minute of every day. Even if it’s not healthy or good for her, she keeps digging herself deeper into Red’s twisted lifestyle.

Will Maggie ever find her way back from the downward spiral that her life seems to be headed? Will Maggie be able to find a way to grieve that doesn’t bring danger and risk to her health and life? What kind of secret does Luke hold about his past? Will Maggie keep Red in her life? Can Luke help Maggie or will his life in New York pull him away from her for good? This was an emotional journey about a woman who is dealing with the tragic loss of her family. Her imperfections make her seem real because everyone grieves differently and some choose to numb the pain instead of what most would consider healthy grieving. The storyline had interesting moments and there were some strong scenes that are very emotional. The story in general was dark and keeps you hoping that Maggie pulls herself from the dark path she’s on. It’s hard to rate this novel because it has great moments that captivate the reader but there were a couple of moments that left me wanting more. I did however, appreciate the second P.O.V. from Luke in the epilogue. But all in all, this was a decently enjoyable novel. Check this one out if you are looking for a deep story that touches on some very tough issues. Note: Recommended for mature readers due to drugs and sexual situations. Pick up your copy readers.


1 star rating 4


How I imagined the characters while reading ‘MAGGIE’S FIVE’:

1 collage 2



Brendan to Maggie:  “I love you Maggie, that’s never going to change, but we’re a little better off now and I wanted to finally give you the ring that you deserve.” He shifts onto a bent knee. “I’d ask you to marry me every day of my life if it meant keeping you forever,” he says, opening the small blue box in his hand and holds it out for me, “So marry me every day for the rest of my life if you need to, because I’m keeping you forever, Maggie. You make me the happiest, luckiest man on the planet, my wife, and I love you so fucking much it hurts.”

Maggie’s thoughts:  I love, no, hate how much I like the way he holds me. There’s no pretense, no expectation, only friendship and comfort. Normally it’s Luke comforting me – this time however, I’m not so sure.

Luke and Maggie:  “I’m so sorry Maggie. I am so, so very sorry.”
I try to push away but he squeezes me tighter. All I want to do is run away and hide for the rest of my life, or until people stop leaving me. “It’s fine. Luke, it is. You have to work. You have a life outside of me.” I’m trying to convince myself more than him.
“That’s where you’re wrong, Maggie.” He’s lying, he has to be. I have an empty shell of a life. He has so much more.

Maggie’s thoughts:  Lawns are mowed, gardens manicured to ‘Edwards Scissor Hands’ perfection. Life moves forwards. I can’t understand how everything is able to function so normally when my world is in tatters. How can the earth revolve on its axis and not tilt off course with something this monumental? It’s unfair. I feel robbed.

Raleigh and Mia:  I hate him for growing up with me, for always looking out for me, protecting me. I hate him for wanting me, for kissing me first and last, for loving me more than life, then not being here to live his, for giving me everything I could possibly ever want, then taking it all away. For leaving me and never being able to come back when he promised to always be by my side. I love him so much, my entire being is bereaved without him. I love him and hate him. I don’t know how to do any of this without him. I don’t know if I want to.

Maggie and Red:  He presses a tender moist kiss to my mouth, licks my lips apart again and places a small pill inside while I pull away slightly. He repeats the words he used last time I questioned him. “It’s nothing real sweetheart.” And it’s not. What Red gives me isn’t real like the stuff he uses. It’s fine. I’m fine. Better even. I swallow and lean in to hold him as euphoria warms me to my core, heightening my senses, at the same time dulling my reality.

Maggie’s thoughts:  Remember I don’t need him, I don’t need him, I don’t need him, I chant silently. He’ll give me hope then take it all away. I don’t want to need him, I don’t… but God I’ve missed him, really missed him. Far more than I realized until now.

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