A Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review for: Incendiary by Kathryn Kelly.

ARC-Book Review! A Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘Incendiary’(Phoenix Rising Rock Band Series #2) by Kathryn Kelly.


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Author: Kathryn Kelly
Series: Phoenix Rising Rock Band Series (BOOK #2)
Publishing date: March 17th, 2015
(Review based on an ARC-early copy)


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Phoenix Rising Rock Band Series - 1 INCENDIARY by Kathryn Kelly

The Synopsis:

Georgie has destroyed me. She’s threatened my freedom and everything I’ve worked so hard to build. My band, my music, is the last thing on my mind. I want her to pay for all she’s done.

But she’s still my Georgie, and my desire for her is as hot as ever. She’s my inferno, my biggest mistake and my greatest reward.

My fans see her as their idol’s downfall. When her life is threatened, I will come to realize there’s nothing in the world more important to me than her.

She’s my flame.

I’m her anchor.

Together, we’re explosive.

We are incendiary.

For mature audiences only. Incendiary is not a standalone novel, but is the conclusion to Georgiana McCall’s and Sloane Mason’s story that began in Inferno.

My ‘Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review’ after reading ‘INCENDIARY’:

***WARNING: Possible SPOILERS if you haven’t read the previous novel in the Phoenix Rising Rock Band Series.***

There is just something about their forbidden, twisted, yet steamy relationship that keeps my attention completely. In the second novel of the Phoenix Rising Rock Band Series, we continue to follow the tumultuous lives that surround sexy-rock-star Sloane Mason and his forbidden temptation, the beautiful, naive and sassy Georgiana. You’re never left feeling only one emotion when you read a novel by Author Kathryn Kelly. You’ll go through the roller-coaster of feelings in this story stemming from dark romance, a little anger toward a character or two, some sad feelings and a need for vengeance. In “Incendiary” you get to read the story in three character P.O.V.’s(point of views) from Sloane Mason, Georgiana McCall, and Cassandra McCall.

So much went on in the first book titled “Inferno” to these characters, especially the two main characters: Sloane Mason and Georgiana “Georgie” McCall. When the story gives us a glimpse into Sloane’s past and the events that took place on the day his sister Steffie died, we see how much that affected his life and everyone’s life around him. Sloane is the lead singer and occasional guitarist of the Phoenix Rising Rock Band which brings along the lifestyle of easy lovers, lots of travel and a bad-boy reputation. When he met the much younger(then) sixteen year old Georgie, he found that there was something about her. It’s as if they have a strong connection regardless of their age difference. Now that things have played out and there’s no turning back from the results of their desires and needs, will he be able to gain control of an entirely out-of-control situation?

Georgiana “Georgie” McCall is pregnant and her overly controlling grandmother is the only one calling the shots it seems. Georgie can’t depend on her weak father Parnell, her mentally-unstable and strangely-jealous mother Cassandra, or even the father of the baby she is about to have. Everything around her seems to be unstable but the only one that brings her any peace-of-mind is her baby girl Bryn. When she comes across Sloane again, can she handle the anger and hate he has toward her? Is she really trying to bring his career down or is there more to the rumors? With the problems boiling between Sloane and Georgie, what else can go wrong? Unfortunately for the, a lot!

Incendiary and Inferno take you on such a twisted, illicit, dark and emotional journey of the privileged and the secrets they keep. We know the story of the evil step-mother well but this one takes a darker step further with an actual biological mother who loathes, envies, and dislikes her own daughter, hence the dangerous relationship between mother Cassandra and her daughter Georgiana. This storyline continues to take readers on that twisted tailspin that involves the intriguing array of characters that you’ll either like, love or hate. I have to say, what captivates me about this series is that it isn’t a “Happily ever after” type of love story from the get-go but more of a “struggling to fight for our imperfect love” kind of love story. Temptations await at every turn and people determined to wedge Sloane and Georgie apart. They have both been broken by heartbreak and horrible situations in their lives but somehow they continue to try to hold onto that one special thing that continuously draws them back to each other: Love, baby!

Are they ready to give up the tempting, intoxicating-decadence that lurks around every corner in exchange for each other? Someone is out to harm Georgie, but who could it be: an obsessed fan, her own mother, or someone else? Has Sloane finally decided to change his womanizer-bad-boy ways or will he give into the temptation that is a part of the sexy rock star lifestyle? A cross-over bonus alert: If you are familiar with Author Kathryn Kelly’s other series Death Dwellers MC Series, then you’ll be excited to know that many of the dangerously-sexy biker characters and their awesome old ladies make huge cameos in this novel “Incendiary.” I absolutely recommend this novel and this series to those looking for something hot, raw and completely twisted -to read. This is definitely one those “For mature readers only” type of novels, so keep that in mind. Check this one out for sure! 😉


1 star rating 4.5


How I imagined the characters while reading ‘INCENDIARY’:

2 collage 1



Georgiana’s thoughts:  …Now we’ll always share a connection because of the baby. Right now, she’s inside of me, but I don’t think feelings will change much toward him when she’s in my arms. They may even grow stronger. Because of Sloane, I’ll never be alone again. I’ll have my little girl.

Georgiana and Crowell:  Crowell is as cocky and arrogant as Josh and Cash, so he wouldn’t readily confess to fright unless there’s a valid reason. My brothers were furious about Crowell’s physical relationship with me, but the extent of their anger escaped me.
“Oh my God, I’m so sorry. I knew they were angry. I’ll talk to them-”
“NO! No. Are you fucking crazy? I’ve spent enough time in ICU.”
“I thought they only threatened you.”
“They did. Your baby daddy nearly beat me to death,” he grumbles.
I’m so shocked I almost blurt out Sloane’s name, but I rein in my surprise and shout, “What?” instead.

Sloane’s thoughts:  My father’s doing again. I owe him and we both know it. With all the crimes I’m accused of, and the severity, I would’ve been in jail until my preliminary hearing at the very least. Wallowing in my self-righteous, self-pity, I made a deal with the devil. Everyone believes the head honcho of hell is named Lucifer. Satan’s real alias is Rand Mason.
Does that make me his demon spawn?

Sloane’s thoughts: “Do what the fuck you will, Dad. I’m done,” I repeat, unable to see any other face in my head but Georgie’s, unable to feel anything but grief. The day my father changed my entire world, I lost myself in that water and the essence of me died. For a moment, I had Georgie and found my soul again.

Georgie and her mother Cassandra:  Of course, Crowell is the one I supposedly threw her in the room over. She’s naive enough to believe that, so she thinks she’s hurting me. Still, I can’t allow her insolence to pass. I jump to my feet. “You’re an ungrateful bitch.”
Sloane slackens his hold on Georgie, so she stands. “And you’re a poor excuse for a mother. Where in the universe did I fuck up to be given to you?”
“You’ll be sorry,” I swear to her. “I’m the mother. Not one person will look favorably on your attitude to me, simply because I gave you life.”

Sloane’s thoughts:  I have been the man in the eyes of millions. Now, I only want to be a man for one. Georgie.

Sloane’s lyrics:  🎤 “Your love made me heal. Your love made me feel. Your beauty consumed me. Your touch was my torch. That turned into an inferno. Inferno. Inferno. Inferno.”🎼 🎸

Georgiana’s thoughts:  I want him, and he wants me. Fucking each other is inevitable. This is where everything is right between us. I can freely express the passion and love I have for him…

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