A Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review: ‘Tempted By Pleasure’ by Devon Hart.

ARC-Book Review! A Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘Tempted By Pleasure’ by Devon Hart.


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Author: Devon Hart
Series: Secret Invitation Part 1
Publishing date: June 3rd, 2015
(Review based on an ARC-early copy)


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Tempted By Pleasure by Devon Hart

The Synopsis:

Nothing exciting happens to someone like me. I live between the lines, only dreaming about breaking the rules. My chance at love disappeared the night I left home to escape my old life.

Eight years later, I never expected that “old life” to resurface in my bookstore.

Foster Wagner is the type of man most women would crawl through fire or broken glass to possess. And judging by the way he’s staring, that danger goes both ways.

I’m in trouble.

Note: Part Two will be released within the next few weeks.


My ‘Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review’ after reading ‘TEMPTED BY PLEASURE’ (Secret Invitation Part 1):

Tempted By Pleasure is a new contemporary romance novel by a new author by the name of Devon Hart. This story is not a long novel but it is full of captivating characters and a great storyline. It is the start of what seems to be a fantastic new little series. The main female character finds herself experiencing new things and having a blast from her past. There is a nice flow to the story and a nice touch of steamy scenes and romance in this. The novel is written from the two character’s P.O.V.’s(point of views), Erin Covington and Foster Wagner.

Erin Covington comes from a life of privilege and wealth but has grown into a dependent person who owns her own bookstore. She remembers a guy in high school named Foster Wagner, who unfortunately became the one who got away because he also broke her heart. She is informed by her parents that in order to inherit her father’s fortune, she must marry the son of her parent’s close friends’, Thomas Kingsley. Her parents are adamant that she simply follow what they are requesting of her but she has one major problem besides being told who to marry…she can’t stand him. The stakes are definitely high for the outcome of Erin’s future. What is behind her parents push for her to marry someone like Thomas?

Things get flipped upside down when Erin receives a mysterious invite in her mailbox offering her something mysteriously sexy. Is it a joke or is this strangely appealing invite something worth considering? As the girl who follows what her parents usually say and normally lives close to a straight-laced life, she considers this peculiar invite. Erin is stuck in the middle of fending for herself and living off of her own funds or giving into her parents request by marrying a guy she doesn’t like and can’t really stand. What this invitation leads her to may actually be what she needs in her life right now. But is there more to this invite than what she knows? Lazarus…a super secret club that allows selected members to let go of their inhibitions without judgement or repercussions to the private society.

But then, in comes a blast from the past…Foster. Foster Wagner is set on wanting to make contact with Erin after eight years since she moved away. In high school he could be described as an arrogant jock who loved the ladies. But when he shows up out of the blue, he’s on a mission. Erin doesn’t have a clue why he would seek her out after all of this time. In her opinion, he’s a misogynistic guy, who comes from money and thinks too highly of himself. What does he want after all of this time? Foster has a plan. Foster has a little secret that he doesn’t plan to expose immediately but he really hopes to lure Erin into his seductive concept. The more he learns about her, the more he becomes intrigued by the present day Erin. Even his closest friend and partner Dr. Kevin Mallory finds her to be alluring also and a change from the women they usually interact with. What does Foster have planned? Will it be what Erin falls for or will the past make her push him away forever?

Tempted By Pleasure is the new novel by Devon Hart and is part 1 of a new series! It’s a fast read but definitely is such an alluring, steamy and mind-blowing read. I enjoyed every last bit of it and can not wait to check out part 2, which is set to release in the next couple of weeks after the release of part 1. How awesome is that?! No long wait at all! The characters are well-written, sexy and pull you into the story. Heads up: It leaves the story on a slight cliffhanger but knowing that part 2 is about 2 weeks away, it is definitely worth checking out. What will Erin decide? Will she do what her parents want her to do or will she follow her heart? You should definitely give this novel a chance. So worth it! 🙂


1 star rating 4.5


How I imagined Erin and Foster while reading ‘TEMPTED BY PLEASURE’:

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Erin’s thoughts:  I turn the page in my album focusing on Foster Wagner, my high school sweetheart- the one who some say got away. They don’t know the truth about what happened between us, why I left Corpus Christi eight years ago. There’s too many bad memories mixed in with the good. But it doesn’t dissuade me from admiring his handsome face or appreciating the warmth of his smile. Parts of him stayed with me that I’m sure will remain forever.

Erin’s thoughts:  Welcome to a game of risk and indiscretion. The prize: a night of passion. The price: your silence.
A joke. That’s the first thing that crosses my mind. Perhaps my sorority sisters or the ladies I work with decided to prank me. Halloween is only three weeks away. I drop the strange invitation on the coffee table and stretch my legs out. My life could use a little excitement.
Okay, it needs a complete overhaul.

Erin’s thoughts:  Understanding the kind of wealth my parents have is almost impossible for anyone to understand, even myself. But if I do as my father wishes, my future is set. With so much financial uncertainty in the world, am I wrong for wanting that kind of security?
I’ve never even kissed Thomas. How can we contemplate marriage?

Foster’s thoughts:  Her thick lashes flutter as she avoids eye contact. Although she doesn’t recognize me, she’s undeniably guarded. Maybe there’s a subconscious alarm going off in her head. Regardless, the attraction is obvious, whether she knows me or not. And if I have my way, her defensive walls are going to crumble soon. Nothing has changed between us, never will.

Foster’s thoughts:  What happened to the incorruptible little prude from high school? Has she finally surrendered to her sensuality, learned to accept what comes naturally to everyone? Is she into kink? By responding, she’s proven one thing, she’s into something, and I plan on finding out what it is.

Erin’s thoughts:  Whenever no one is watching, I inhale a romance or two. Turns out I want what every woman desires, freedom to express myself without feeling guilty, especially sexually.

Foster and Erin:  She’s still my angel, the moral compass I always needed to help keep me on the straight and narrow. Only she’s gone from pretty to beautiful.
“If I agree to meet you for lunch, will you stop harassing me?”
“Can’t make any promises.” I’d do anything for her, but I can’t let her know that too soon.

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