A Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review: ‘Against All Odds’ by J. L. Perry.

ARC-Book Review! A Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘Against All Odds – Angel’s Story’ by J. L. Perry.


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Author: J. L. Perry
Series: Destiny Series (Standalone – book #4)
Publishing date: May 26th, 2015
(Review based on an ARC-early copy)


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Against All Odds by J. L. Perry

The Synopsis:

Angel and Chase come from two different worlds. Angel grew up privileged. Her father is CEO of Cavanagh and Associates and her mother owns a successful dance school. Chase on the other hand grew up with a neglectful, manipulating mother, who put her numerous husbands and boyfriends before the welfare of her own son. So much so that when he was twelve, his stepfather at the time, who also happens to be a member of a notorious bikie gang, walked away from his marriage, taking Chase with him.


Angel is daddy’s little princess. In his eyes, no one is good enough for his little girl. Due to his overprotectiveness, at the age of twenty-two she’s never had a serious boyfriend. She decides to move away from home to finish school, so she can experience all that life has to offer. That includes men.

When she meets Chase Daniels, sparks fly. He’s the ultimate womanising bad boy. Even though her common sense says stay away, she can’t seem to control the attraction she feels for him.


Chase doesn’t hold women in high regard due to his past. With his good looks and charm though, he has women falling at this feet. Just the way he likes it. He’s a playboy and doesn’t do commitment. Then he meets Angel. She’s not only beautiful, but sweet and innocent. Nothing like the women he’s used to. The feelings he has for her are foreign to him and he doesn’t like it one bit. Despite all this, he’s drawn to her, like a moth to a flame.

Not only do they have their families to contend with, there’s also the secrets from Chase’s past. Not only do they have the potential to destroy him, it will also tear them apart. The odds are stacked against them, but will they still be able to find happiness together? Or will it be enough to stop the one thing they want more than anything, each other?

***WARNING this is recommended for 18+ due to coarse language, sexual content and some violence.
Coming early 2015.


My ‘Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review’ after reading ‘AGAINST ALL ODDS – ANGEL’ S STORY’:

Wow! Against All Odds was such an awesome read. I have to first note that this is the first novel I’ve read of the Destiny Series. Being that this is the fourth novel in this series, I have to say I have been missing out if the previous novels in the series are anything like this one. This is my first time reading the work by author J. L. Perry. Against All Odds – Angel’s Story is a contemporary romance with tons of steamy, emotional and romantic aspects to it. The novel is written from the three character’s P.O.V.’s(point of views), Angel Cavanagh, Chase Daniels and Angel’s father – Logan Cavanagh.

Angel Cavanagh lived a very protected life growing up because of her lawyer father, Logan Cavanagh. When she moves to attend the university in another town, she finally gets the chance to have a little more freedom than she’s ever had in her younger years. She’s beautiful, smart and hasn’t had much dating experience. When she comes across a guy who is sexy and probably trouble, she can’t help her instant attraction. Instead of falling for his usual charm, they develop a close friendship.

 Chase Daniels is attractive and can get women easily because of his sexiness and charm. When he first spots Angel, something about her seems innocent, different and undeniably attractive. Chase grew up with a mother who treated him horribly but that all changed when his mother’s boyfriend takes him away from that unhealthy life. Even though the man who raises him is in a biker club, he raises Chase to be better and do better by sending him to university. Chase has never felt worthy of love or much else but when he gets to know Angel, he begins to question it all. When his friendship with Angel becomes something more one night, all of those fears come tumbling back. He can’t shake the feeling that she deserves better.

This novel is the fourth novel of the Destiny Series but it can be read as a standalone. I may have to go back and check out the previous novels if they are anything like this one because it was worth the read. Will Angel and Chase’s friendship fail or grow into something more? Can Chase escape the past that haunts how he seems himself? Will Angel be able to move on after a horrible incident that occurs? And how will Angel and Chase handle a heartbreaking moment that will change everything in their lives? The characters were enjoyable and likeable by the way they were written. You’ll be captivated by the storyline because you’ll thrive to see how the story goes with the emotional moments that are both a mix of happy and sad. I recommend Against All Odds – Angel’s Story because it is gripping and the love story is mesmerizing. Give this one a read next! 🙂


1 star rating 4


How I imagined the characters while reading ‘AGAINST ALL ODDS’:

1 collage 4



Angel’s thoughts:  I know my dad loves me, but his over-protectiveness can be smothering at times. I needed to get away so I could experience all that life has to offer. Which includes men. I’m twenty-two years old, and thanks to my father, I’ve never had a serious boyfriend.

Angel’s thoughts:  He’s the ultimate bad boy; a sinfully hot, tattooed, motorbike-riding playboy. He has an endless supply of beautiful women falling at his feet. There seems to be a different girl on his arm every day, sometimes two. I’m a smart girl. That alone should’ve told me everything I needed to know. Stay the hell away! Like his others, I’d fallen victim to his sex appeal and charm. I should’ve known better.

Angel’s thoughts:  Little did I know this wasn’t the end for us. Not by a long shot. Neither of us could have known the journey that lies ahead. Our lives, our families’ lives, were about to be put to the ultimate test. They say every family has skeletons in the closet. You know what, I could’ve sworn my family didn’t. They seem to perfect. Well, I was wrong…

Angel’s thoughts:  He was so close I could feel the heat radiating off his body. Deep down, I’d wanted this from the moment I laid eyes on him. I wasn’t about to put a stop to it. I wanted this. More. Than. Anything. We didn’t say a word. Time stood still as we held each others gaze. My hands were itching to reach out and touch him.

Chase’s thoughts:  There was something about her. Something was drawing me in. That day, she became my first ever female friend. I mean, fucking ever. The only female I’ve ever let get close to me. The only female I’ve ever let myself care about.

Chase’s thoughts:  My feelings for her were supposed to be a secret. I was never supposed to act on them. She’s too fucking good for me, I know that. Too sweet and innocent. Being with someone like me would only cause her harm.

Chase and Angel:  “I’ll always be here for you if you need me, sweet-cheeks.”
I feel my lips slightly curl again at his nickname for me. “You will?” I ask in surprise.
“Of course I will. Despite what you think, I do care about you, Angel,” he answers as he looks up, locking his eyes with mine. What he says surprises me. I wasn’t expecting him to say that. He seems sincere, and it fills me with happiness.

Chase’s thoughts:  I want her with every fibre of my being. I want to claim her, make her mine. But I can’t do it to her. She deserves so much more than I can ever give. So much fucking more. She probably thinks I’m going to leave her again, but I’m not. Right now she needs me. Needs a friend. So, I’m not going anywhere.

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