A Blogging Reader’s ARC-Book Review: ‘The Violet Hour’ by Heather L. Wells.

A Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review after reading ‘The Violet Hour’ by Heather L. Wells.


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Author: Heather L. Wells
Series: The Violet Hour Series – Book #1
(Review based on ARC copy – early review)
Publishing date: May 11th, 2015


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The Violet Hour by Heather L. Wells

The Synopsis for The Violet Hour’:

Still shocked over her mother’s mysterious death, California socialite Logan Keller is handed a one-way ticket to her long lost roots in Wyoming where love, deceit and danger await. Though she could forget everything staring into Luke Callahan’s eyes, Logan is quickly thrust into a fight for survival. Taking fate into her own hands, she begins unraveling the dangerous deceptions that abound at every turn. Her father is keeping secrets and Luke is keeping more. But Logan is keeping the biggest secret of them all.
The Violet Hour is a page-turning captivating twist of young romance and the supernatural.


My ‘Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review’ for ‘THE VIOLET HOUR by Heather L. Wells:

This was my review for the debut novel “The Violet Hour” which was graciously given to me by this new fantastic author Andrea L. Wells. This is new Young Adult novel with a captivating romance and a deep layer of paranormal. Readers will get to enjoy this amazing story through the main female character Logan Keller’s P.O.V(point of view).

Logan Keller has been living the life of a teenager, who happens to be a socialite and the daughter of a famous super model mom and a step-father who is a real estate mogul. One night, when Logan returns home in Laguna Hills way passed her curfew, she finds her mother dead. Now that her mother is gone and her step-father Richard really is always on the move with his business, she has to move back with her biological father Kevin Keller, whom she hasn’t seen in six years. Now with the beautiful sun and beaches of California in her rearview mirror, she sets out on her journey to her dad’s home in Wyoming. She’s leaving behind her long time best friend Lindsey Hamilton and her boyfriend Brody Wilson. What she isn’t ready for is how different her life will be as she says goodbye to the life she’s known and gets to know the new people about to become a huge part of it.

She doesn’t know how to feel about living with her the dad she hasn’t seen in so long or his wife, Kate. What she didn’t expect either was to find that her dad has three teenaged brothers that live with them that are not related to her. Logan feels this strange yet alluring pull toward Luke, the middle brother. He’s a stranger but yet, something about him makes Logan feel safe and drawn in by his presence. The only thing that confuses her is the fact that his moods go from sweet and friendly to broody and distant with her. It’s both frustrating and confusing to Logan. As she struggles to find out what secrets are going on around her new life in Wyoming, it seems that more people know more than they are willing to tell her. When a strange man named Alexander shows up, knowing Logan’s name, things begin to feel stranger by the moment as she slowly unravels the truth about everything she’s been questioning.

As Logan begins to get answers to her many questions, she is not prepared for the answers she receives. Everything she’s known and the reality that has always existed around her is turned into something else. It was nothing she expected at all. When she finds out why her mother died and more about herself, fear begins to creep up and Logan has to figure out how to deal and survive it all. She is special and everyone that cares about her will protect her from the bad things that seem determined to get close to Logan.

Will Logan be able to handle the truth about herself? Can she trust Luke with her heart and her life? How will Logan deal with what she learns about the new people in her life? And who is Xavier? Words that she never thought she’d have to think about like packs, alphas and changes become all she can think about in the first novel of this exciting new series. I absolutely enjoy how you get to know the characters well and the storyline begins to build up in an exciting way. I’ll definitely be looking forward to reading what is to come in this new mind-blowing series. To say that it’s a YA/Young Adult novel, I couldn’t even tell. There is plenty of mesmerizing storyline and it will leave you satisfied as the reader. Knowing that this is a series, there are questions left unanswered like: What happened in California when Logan was surrounded? What changes will she endure and what strengths will she get from those changes? I recommend this. Get your copy when you are looking for something great to read next! :).


1 star rating 4.5


How I imagined the characters of the “The Violet Hour”:

1 collage 2



Logan’s thoughts:  I needed her. She was supposed to be there for me. Forever.
I felt so far from wherever she was. I felt so far away from everything I’d ever known… from the person I used to be. I used to be happy and I’d give anything to go back. Back to my old self. Back to California. And, I’d give anything, anything, to have my mom back.

Logan’s thoughts:  The sudden warmth in his voice forced me to look at him. His eyes reminded me of the calm blue of the ocean. This time of the year, as autumn approached, I loved sitting outside in a lounge chair to watch the soothing waves. His eyes had the same calming effect on me.

Logan and Luke: “Well, the song… it’s about a girl?” I probed.
“Sure,” he agreed. “It is about a girl.”
The girl?” I asked, the words ready on the tip of my tongue.
“The girl? Someday, I suppose,” he replied with another thought-filled smile.
“What’s her name?”
“I don’t know,” he paused. “But as soon as I do, I’ll be sure to let you know.” He stopped playing long enough to pull his blue eyes from the strings and glance up at me.
My heart stopped.

Logan’s thoughts: Every day, since the moment I found out my mother had died, I had wished I was trapped in some sick nightmare and would soon wake up. Then, in the midst of my broken heartedness, I met Luke and had pulled back from the darkness. Now, in a moment’s notice, I was sinking back into the nightmare. I’d had enough. Something wasn’t adding up and I deserved answers.

Luke to Logan:  “In a thousand years, I couldn’t match the words you just spoke. Like a coward, all I could do was kiss the lips those words escaped from and hope they would kiss me back,” he whispered.

Luke to Logan:  “I would never let anything happen to you. I’ve waited my entire life to meet someone like you and now I’ll do whatever I can to not lose you.”

Logan’s thoughts: I was alone. I had been betrayed.
If there was ever a moment I wanted, no, needed, my mother, it was now. She was the furthest away and yet, I felt the closest to her because everyone else had let me down.

Logan’s thoughts: I didn’t consider my mission suicide but I knew I wasn’t coming out of this alive. Simply, there was no other choice. To continue putting the ones I loved in further danger was not an option. It seemed like the ultimate sacrifice. I refused to spend the next year running. And even if I survived, ‌I knew I would never be ready for the next chapter of my life.


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