A Blogging Reader’s ARC-Book Review: ‘The Girl Who Went Missing’ by Ace Varkey.

A Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review after reading ‘The Girl Who Went Missing’ by Ace Varkey.


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Author: Ace Varkey
(Review based on ARC copy – early review)
Publishing date: April 23rd, 2015


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The Girl Who Went Missing by Ace Varkey

The Synopsis for ‘The Girl Who Went Missing’:

When June Warner arrives in India to visit her sister Thalia, a trip to take her mind off her jilted engagement, she is greeted by the bright hot chaos of Mumbai but not her sister. She goes to the YMCA where Thalia is staying, only to find that she is not there.

Convinced that Thalia’s no-show is a sign that she is in danger, June begins a desperate search for her younger sister.

Police Commissioner Oscar D’Costa, scarred by the tragedies of his past, swears he will never again ignore his gut instinct when it comes to a missing girl. And with more and more dead foreign women being found in his precinct, he becomes convinced a conspiracy is at play.

Through the two worlds of American naiveté and Indian chaos, they must find the girl who went missing.


My ‘Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review’ for ‘THE GIRL WHO WENT MISSING’ by Ace Varkey:

‘The Girl Who Went Missing’ is an intense and dark mystery with many thrilling aspects to the storyline. This is the first novel I’ve read from author Ace Varkey. Readers will be reading the story through multiple character P.O.V.’s(point of views) which was about eight: June Warner, Commissioner Oscar D’Costa, a hitman named “No-Name”, Pat, William, Constable Mehta, Mr. Mirabbal, and Grant Krueger.

When June Warner tells her sister Thalia about the end of her engagement and recent break-up with Peter, Thalia invites her sister to visit her in Mumbai. This would be a much needed escape from her life in Berkeley, California and from Peter. Thalia has been doing research in Mumbai but she has always been a spirited person who has never been afraid of adventure. June decides to have an adventure of her own. She jumps on a plane to visit with her sister in hopes of having a good time to help her forget her recent failed engagement.

Upon June’s arrival to Mumbai, she’s left wondering where her sister Thalia is. She was supposed to meet her when she came to town but nothing. Worry and concern heightens with each passing moment as June can’t seem to find her sister anywhere. It seems that Thalia has simply vanished. With the fear that something terrible has happened to her sister, June becomes determined to find her sister in a country she knows very little about. As June digs deeper into the life in Mumbai while trying to find her sister Thalia, she uncovers certain secrets that her sister kept from her in her many emails and letters.

Commissioner Oscar D’Costa is the head of the police in Mumbai and has been aware of the seedy world and dangers that exist in his streets. These same violet dangers had hit him closely when it took the life of someone he loved so much. This made him determined to try and protect as many people as he could from the bad sides of the busy city. The locals as well as foreigners were at risk. When June shows up at D’Costa’s station, he tries to minimize her worries about her sister Thalia. June also went to the American Consulate’s office where Grant Krueger told her to give it a few days to see if her sister showed up. Because of rules and regulation, they really couldn’t do much. As time progresses, worry grows and everyone begins to try and piece together who was the last person to see Thalia. When a body is found, the plot thickens. There is more going on than they could imagine.

As the story unfolds, there are so many suspicious and questionable characters which just made the story such a captivating suspenseful-thriller. The mystery behind Thalia’s whereabouts flows through the novel, keeping readers guessing till almost the end. This mystery is dark, gritty at times and may not be suitable for all readers due to certain sexual crimes that are insinuated. Will June find her sister Thalia? Where is Thalia? Who can June really trust? And, who is behind so much that D’Costa is investigating? If you’re looking for a novel to read with tons of thrilling-suspense and mystery, then this may be the right book for you. Aside from all of the dark dangers on the story, you’ll also feel like you’re there in India getting a view of the beauty it holds also. Check this one out if it sounds like your kind of mystery.


1 star rating 4


How I imagined the characters of the “The Girl Who Went Missing”:

1 collage 2



June’s thoughts: This was not the arrival June had so eagerly anticipated. No Thalia. No phones. And an unknown man offering her a ride. If Peter were with her, he would have taken charge.

No-Name’s thoughts:  The boss had been born to his privilege, and it showed in the casual way his fingers tapped the wheel of his new car, the denim jeans he wore, and the broken Hindi which meant he was more comfortable speaking English. He, on the other hand, had killed his way up.

June’s thoughts about Thalia’s invite to India:  June had been touched, since usually it was she who took care of Thalia. From the time they were in bunk beds, Thalia would crawl in for a snuggle if she had a bad dream. Later, Thalia claimed that June’s soups cured her colds and coughs. Now, for the first time in their lives, their roles were reversed.

Grant’s thoughts: He had been intrigued by her sisterly devotion. Would his own sister have gone to such lengths so quickly or would she have given him a few days to show up? Admit it, he told himself, it had been a while since he had seen a beautiful woman so unaware of the effect she had on others.

William’s thoughts: Now the money was almost gone. That was why he was waiting for Thalia tonight. He knew that she often popped into the café to look for him. He wanted to ask her for money to pay back the men at the café. It was better than working for them. He would return it to her when he got back to the States. This time he was really going to listen to her. He would stop smoking, write up whatever he had, and then head home.

Mystery man’s thoughts: No woman had gotten this close to him before. He knew he had to kill her when she told him she was sure he was up to no good, that she was going to call the police on him. He made a checklist of what might have given him away, and was relieved that the only slip up had been the mark.

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