ARC-Book Review! A Blogging Reader’s Review: ‘The Virgin Romance Novelist’ by Meghan Quinn.

ARC-Book Review! One Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘The Virgin Romance Novelist’ by Meghan Quinn.


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Author: Meghan Quinn
(Review based on ARC copy – early review)
Publishing date: April 2nd, 2015


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The Synopsis for ‘The Virgin Romance Novelist’:

Her bosom heaved at an alarming rate as his rough hand found its way down to her soft, yet wiry briar patch…

Can you say briar patch in a romance novel? What about meat sword? That’s what it is…a meat sword, right, all meaty and sword like, slaying through the inner dungeons of a woman’s dark desires. What about breasts? Do bosoms really heave?

God, I have no idea what happens when private parts touch.

I’m a virgin trying to write a romance novel and can’t seem to write past a sex scene thanks to my lack of experience.

My two best friends encourage me to drop the pen for a while and gain some real life practice through multiple dating facets such as blind dates, online profiles, and random hookups.

But losing my virginity is proving to be tougher than expected…


My ‘Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review’ for ‘The Virgin Romance Novelist’:

This hilarious contemporary romance by the fantastic author Meghan Quinn titled: The Virgin Romance Novelist is a fun standalone. I’ve read plenty of Meghan’s entertaining novels and I have to say that she never fails to write uniquely-amazing novels for readers to enjoy. She leaves you getting your dose of romance, with emotional peaks and in this one, expect to have a tummy ache from laughing so hard. This standalone is different in some ways because it is filled with sarcastic-humor and sexually driven exploration of the main character who happens to be a virgin that wants to gain some experience. The only problem is that it has become harder to lose her “V-card” than she could have ever imagined. You’ll be reading this novel completely in the main character Rosie Bloom’s P.O.V.(point of view) only but it is well-written that it does not fall short at all.

Rosie Bloom was ready to do something different from the usual cat articles she wrote for her job at Friendly Felines. She decides that she wants to write her first romantic novel with all of the erotic moments that she used to sneak and read from her mother’s old book collection. Having grown up with protective parents who sheltered her from everything including anything sexual, she was shocked when she found out that things were way different than she could ever have imagined when it came to sex and dating. Her two roommates and best friends Delaney and Henry shock her when they tell her how it really is in the real world of sexuality. To their surprise, they find out she still has her “V-card”(virginity) intact. With her best friend’s help, she sets out on a mission to date more and experience her sexuality enough to get the experience she needs to be able to write a great romantic-erotic novel.

As Rosie jumps into the dating world it seems that it is constantly full of crazy adventures, disasters and moments of embarrassing misfortunes. Her best guy friend since freshman year at college, Henry, has always been a womanizer and has never been ashamed of it. His good looks has helped him to be successful in that aspect. Her best female friend Delaney was comfortable with her sexuality and has no shame being expressive and verbal about her sexual prowess that her roommates have occasionally had to hear her share with her boyfriend Derk in the neighboring bedroom. When Henry and Delaney try helping Rosie out to prepare to plunge herself into the dating world, so many things become one hilarious mishap after another. Rosie quickly finds it easy to line up potential men to date and gain experience with. Also, she plans to explore her own sexuality and hopes to eventually lose her virginity so she can eventually be successful at knowing enough first hand to write about in her romantic-erotic novel. The only other problem is that someone else seems to be changing in the process of her exploring her datable potentials.

As Rosie goes on dates, her best friend Henry seems to become more protective of her and starts to act picky about the men she sees as potentials. Rosie has always been sheltered and by living that way for so long, she’s a little dense in some basic aspects when it comes to men and dating. With experience becoming harder and harder to gain without some issues, will she ever be able to gain real experience in sex as well as in romance to be able to complete her novel?

The Virgin Romance Novelist was such a fun, humorous and romantic read that left me enjoying it completely from start to finish. Seriously, this was such a fun read and had so many feel-good moments. The characters Rosie, Delaney and Henry were each enjoyable and had such a believable friendship. The men that Rosie considers dating each have their own characteristics that remind you that dating isn’t always perfect, easy and can sometimes be a funny experience. I do recommend this novel for readers who enjoy an amusing, comical yet romantic read. This one is worth checking out. Get your awesome copy today! 🙂


1 star rating 4


How I imagined the characters of  “The Virgin Romance Novelist”:

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Rosie’s thoughts:  I watched as Henry carefully studied me with those blue green eyes of his that have spent the last six years studying me and my eccentricities. He was my first ever true friend, and he accepted me for who I was the first day we met: a homeschooled, sheltered, naive girl being thrown into her first day of college.

Rosie’s thoughts:  To keep myself from ending up as a crazy cat lady who doesn’t mind when she eats thirty percent cat hair with each meal, I decided to write a romance novel. I’m the girl who lives in fantasies where love always prevails and a hero is just waiting around the corner to swoop in on his white horse to save you. I forgot about one little speed bump in that plan. I was still a virgin.

Henry and Rosie: “You know I will go swing dancing with you. I am the best partner you will ever have. Remember the time I flipped you over my head and you lost your balance and landed ass first in the punch bowl?”
“How could I forget? My butt stained red for days.”
“I miss swing dance club,” he said with a forlorn voice.
“Funny you say that, because our senior year you ditched me for your late night Friday booty calls, and that was the end of swing dancing for me.”
“Well, I was a dick back then,” he admitted. “If you ever want to go, just ask me.”
“Come on, Henry. You’re too busy on Friday nights to take me swing dancing.”
He genuinely made me look him in the eyes and said, “Rosie, you know I’m never to busy for you.”

Rosie’s thoughts: Ugh, I was that girl. That girl who couldn’t make up her damn mind. That girl in a novel that I wanted to shake uncontrollably, slap some sense into her. I could see the reviews now, God, Rosie is so annoying. Rosie is so wishy-washy. Rosie doesn’t know a good thing when it hits her in the face.

“Him” and Rosie:  “I’m such a dumbass,” he confessed.
“For waiting this long, I should have done this the first day I met you.”

Delaney and Rosie:  “Don’t wait any longer; make it happen.”
“I feel like I’m going to puke.”
“Welcome to the world of love, Rosie. It sucks, it’s nauseating at times, and nerve racking, but the reward is so worth it when you have someone by your side supporting you, loving you, and being your life support. There’s nothing like it.”


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