Book Review! A Blogging Reader’s Review: ‘Her Soldier’s Touch’ by J. M. Stewart.

Book Review! One Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘Her Soldier’s Touch’ by J. M. Stewart.


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Author: J. M. Stewart
(Review based on a copy received from author)
Publishing date: March 16th, 2015


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Her Soldiers Touch by J. M. Stewart

The Synopsis for ‘Her Soldier’s Touch’:

Experience has taught single mother Rachel Madison that the only person she can truly rely on is herself. But what she wants most in the world—to give her son the life she never had growing up—means she must put her faith in a man who once walked out on her.

Retired from the service, U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Colten Taylor makes a detour to Phoenix to bury his brother. Nobody is more surprised than he to see Rachel waiting for him at the airport. He regrets the morning he walked away from her, but coming from an abusive home taught Colt to put limits on all his relationships—especially this one.

So when he discovers he has a son, Colt knows this is a chance to prove to himself he’s not a chip off the old block. Turning his life around doesn’t come naturally, though. Then a drug dealer crops up from his brother’s dark past, threatening their son and forcing Colt and Rachel to face their demons … and each other.


My ‘Blogging Reader’s Review’ for ‘Her Soldier’s Touch’ by J. M. Stewart:

I was given a chance to read and review Her Soldier’s Touch by author J. M. Stewart. This is a wonderful story about people who came from broken pasts and try to deal with life as it comes to them. When a major secret is revealed, lives will no doubt be changed. The struggles that the characters face are emotional at times but the flow of this story makes it a terrific story. You’ll be reading Her Soldier’s Touch in the two main character’s P.O.V’s(point of views), Colten “Colt” Taylor and Rachel Madison.

U.S. Army Sergeant 1st Class Colten Taylor returned home after serving twenty years in the Army. He only had one month until he was officially done. But the reason he was back in Phoenix, the place he grew up, was to come and bury his younger brother Paul. Paul was the last of his blood so after this, he really had nothing keeping him there. All that lurked around his old childhood home were horrible memories of a brutal father who never hesitated to share his anger with his fists on his wife or either of his sons.

It’s been six years since the day Colten left Rachel Madison behind in Phoenix. She was someone who had once been a close friends with both brothers throughout their childhood. He’s found it hard to forget her since the one night they shared together beyond friendship after the death of her mother. He left without a word and never reached out to her because the feelings he felt scared him and he felt she could do better than him. Now that he’s returned, he’s come face to face with the woman he left behind that probably would hate him now. He wasn’t sure what exactly to expect but he knew that he was going to have to face her and deal with the way he left her without a word.

Now that Colten was back, Rachel Madison had to deal with all of the old pain and hurt feelings that were surfacing once again. But that was the least of her worries. Her main concern was the heavy secret that has been weighing on her shoulders that she’s kept from him through the last six years. After he left and never made the effort to reach out to her, she decided to keep things to herself about something that was huge, important, and life changing. Now that he was back, this would be the time to confess the truth to him. They have a five year old son he has never met.

Colt’s late younger brother Paul had a bad addiction problem. His ties to bad people didn’t end upon his death. Now that Paul was gone it seems that his debt and problems have fallen into the laps of those in his life. Someone is out there looking for him and will do anything to get what he says is owed to him. What will he do to get what he wants? This situation brings on a dark twist of suspense to the storyline.

Will Colten hate and resent Rachel for keeping their son’s existence from him? Can Rachel and Colt ever understand what happened after that one night they shared? Is there any hope for them to fall for each other or will their scars from the past tear them apart? So many questions that can be answered when you check out this book. It’s a gripping story about love, pain, and dealing with the past. The relationship between Rachel and Colt is dynamic and emotionally deep. I adored how Colt was even though he had issues and problems, he still was such a great character. When he finally meets Greg…*aww* is all I will say. This is a touching and beautiful story. You should pick up a copy of this one today readers!


1 star rating 4


How I imagined Rachel and Colton from “Her Soldier’s Touch”:

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Colton’s thoughts:  He’d spent the last six years trying to rid himself of the torturous memories, trying to forget her, because he knew he should. For her sake. Yet three little words from her sweet, familiar voice made those memories roar to the surface all over again, tempting him with things he could never have.

Rachel to Colt:  “You want to know. I’m pissed at you. I wasn’t even worth a note on the damn counter.”
Like everyone else in her life, he’d simply walked away and never came back.
“Maybe it was stupid and naive, but we’ve been friends for more than twenty years. I expected a little more respect from you, of all people, than sneaking out while I slept.”
Waking up alone that morning six years ago hurt. More than she wanted. She hadn’t expected cards and flowers, but they’d connected that night, and she’d hoped, somehow, they’d part as the friends she’d thought they were.

Colton’s thoughts: He’d spent his life avoiding emotional entanglements, positive he didn’t ever want kids. He had no idea how to be somebody’s father, or if he could be the parent a child deserved. His example had been the worst possible kind, and he’d been damn sure he wasn’t ever taking the chance the apple really didn’t fall far from the tree.

Rachel’s thoughts: She reached out and ran a hand over the edge of the casket. The bright-eyed young man who asked her to homecoming freshman year didn’t belong here. He should be coming home from work, sitting back and relaxing with a beer. Or in the ballpark somewhere, swinging a bat with his son. Paul was a kind, gentle soul. He’d have made a good father. Nothing like his own.

Colton’s thoughts:  He wanted more than fleeting. He wanted her, and everything she and Greg represented. The relationship that would make him whole. The family he’d never had. And he wanted her to know it, to feel it, to understand it. He wanted to leave his mark on her and claim her as his.


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