ARC-Book Review! A Blogging Reader’s Review: ‘Surviving Him’ by D. A. Keane.

ARC-Book Review! One Blogging Reader’s Review after reading Surviving Him’ by D. A. Keane.


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Author: D. A. Keane
(Review based on ARC copy – early review)
Publishing date: March 9th, 2015


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Surviving Him by Dawn Keane

The Synopsis:

Dark erotic romance contains subject matter some might find distressing, also violence and sexual scenes. Not suitable for readers under the age of 18.
An explosive love story of a mother and her struggle to be with the love of her life against all odds. Logan is strong, sexy, and the type of father that Dana’s daughters deserve in their lives. Dana’s life is rocked by tragedy, she is forced into running from her psychotic ex-husband, Ian, and it seems he’s determined to keep them apart.
Left with nowhere else to turn Dana and her girls seek shelter in a women’s refuge in Manchester, where Dana finds lifelong friendships in the other women who live there. Sisters brought together by despair that haunts them every single day, but the laughter they bring keeps out the darkness that is Dana’s past, she hopes she can find herself again. But a life away from Logan and his ability to ignite the flame deep inside her is almost unbearable.
Dana’s not the only one, Logan will fight anyone and anything to be back in Dana’s arms again. Can they carve out an existence for their fiery passion amid Ian’s rage?


My ‘Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review’ for ‘Surviving Him’ by Dawn Keane:

This is my honest review for the first novel by author D. A. Keane titled “Surviving Him” of the Shameless Series. This is an intense story about surviving a terrible ordeal at the hands of someone that should’ve been a protector. Also, it’s a story about a woman who will do what she can to protect her daughters while having to stay apart from the love of her life in the process. Such an emotionally driven novel. Readers will get this story in the two P.O.V.’s(point of views) from Dana Taylor and Logan Stewart and a third P.O.V. from Lee.

Dana Taylor considers her daughters Kayleigh and Amy her life and plans to do anything to take care of them. Her ex-husband Ian was a monster and the most vile kind of person. Her life as his wife was a nightmare and full of horrible abuse even when she was young and pregnant with their daughter. She knew she had to leave him. If she didn’t leave him, she knew that her babies life and her own were at risk of ending in a terrible way.

After being broken down mentally and the constant physical beatings, enough was enough. She left to protect her child. Meeting Logan Stewart was like waking up from a bad nightmare into a beautiful happy place in comparison to her ex. Logan was loving, caring, and a wonderful father. They end up having a beautiful daughter together and life was improving. The only problem was that her ex-husband Ian was determined to not let Dana go from his clutches. He was obsessed with the control he had over her for so long. He would get her back no matter how long it took. Dana has been hiding out with her daughters and the nightmares still haunt her mind at night of those horrific memories of abuse. She’s stayed distant from Logan even though she knows that if Ian was out of the picture, then Logan would be all she needed for the rest of her life.

Can Dana ever really move on or will Ian find her again to finish what he always threatened to do to her? Will Logan and Dana ever get the happily-ever-after that they both deserve? Are the nightmares of Ian a warning or just scars from her dark past memories? There are many dark memories that Dana recalls in this novel as well as lovely memories of her baby girls and Logan. There is definitely very descriptive abuse in this story so be warned. Then you have the lovely things: beautiful locations in the U.K. that are mentioned as well as many steamy scenes. The story was enjoyable and flowed from past to present smoothly enough to not throw readers off. The last few chapters are dark and suspenseful while the epilogue sets up the story for the next novel of this series. If this sounds like your kind of book, give this one a look. 

MY BLOGGING READER’S STAR SCORE FOR ‘Surviving Him’  3 1/2 out of 5 stars:

1 star rating 3.5


How I imagined the characters of the novel “Surviving Him”:

1 collage 2



Dana’s thoughts:  We were really doing this, making memories good ones, instead of remembering all the bad ones, the nightmare that is our life living in fear and always on the run from my ex-husband.

Dana’s thoughts:  I was totally mesmerized by him I’d been hypnotized, completely lost in that moment. I couldn’t help myself really. The only coherent thought I had in that moment, was God, if I’m dreaming please don’t let me wake up. I wouldn’t want to miss this.

Logan’s thoughts: It fucking tore me apart, and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it. I had to let her go, run for the hills, she had no choice the bastards been quiet for years then bang he comes after her like a fucking crazy stalker. It has killed me inside every fucking day since, I’ve never felt so useless in my fucking life.

Dana’s thoughts: It was tearing me apart inside not being able to give my girls the life that they truly deserved, for them to be with the people that they loved and that loved them. It would also make me so angry sometimes that one man could cause so much pain and misery for so many other people. That he would be able to keep us apart at all. Why can’t he just let it go? Let me go?

Dana to Logan:  There was nothing I wanted more than to be his wee wife. But everything seemed to be so far out of reach, it just wouldn’t be possible to even think about it.
“One day, we will be free to do as we please it won’t always be like this. I have to hold onto that hope,” I said, gazing into his eyes.


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