ARC-Book Review! A Blogging Reader’s Review: ‘Wild Reckless’ by Ginger Scott.

ARC-Book Review! One Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘Wild Reckless’ (Harper Boys Series #1) by Ginger Scott.


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Author: Ginger Scott
Series: Harper Boys Series #1
(Review based on ARC copy – early review)
Publishing date: March 17th, 2015


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Wild Reckless by Ginger Scott


The Synopsis for ‘Wild Reckless’:

Kensington Worth had a vision for her senior year. It involved her best friends, her posh private school in downtown Chicago and time alone with her piano until her audition was perfected, a guaranteed ticket into the best music programs in the world.

Instead, a nightmare took over.

It didn’t happen all at once, but her life unraveled quickly—a tiny thread that evil somehow kept pulling until everything precious was taken from her. She was suddenly living miles away from her old life, trapped in an existence she didn’t choose—one determined to destroy her from the inside, leaving only hate and anger behind. It didn’t help that her neighbor, the one whose eyes held danger, was enjoying every second of her fall.

Owen Harper was trouble, his heart wild and his past the kind that’s spoken about in whispers. And somehow, his path was always intertwined with Kensington’s, every interaction crushing her, ruining her hope for any future better than her now. Sometimes, though, what everyone warns is trouble, is exactly what the heart needs. Owen Harper was consumed with darkness, and it held onto his soul for years. When Kensington looked at him, she saw a boy who’d gotten good at taking others down when they threatened his carefully balanced life. But the more she looked, the more she saw other things too—good things…things to admire.

Things…to love. Things that made her want to be reckless.

And those things…they were the scariest of all.


My ‘Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review’ for ‘Wild Reckless’ by Ginger Scott:

This is the latest novel from one of my personal favorite romance authors, Ginger Scott. Wild Reckless is a contemporary romance that has a high school setting but the emotions run high in this novel. “Wild Reckless” is written in the main female character’s P.O.V.(point of view), Kensington Worth.

The story begins by sending us right to the main situation that occurred and effected the main male character’s life greatly. Owen Harper is a young child and so excited to go to the carnival with his father, who the town views as a crazy person. His father talks to himself so often that Owen has come to believe it is normal. Once there, things seem great until the unexpected happens. Owen was a young child when he witnessed his father fall to his death. The Harper brothers, James, Owen and Andrew’s lives would be changed significantly from that tragic event.

The story picks up thirteen years later, introducing us to Kensington Worth who recently moved to the town of Woodstock with her parents from the city of Chicago.  She left behind her two best friends, the posh academy she attended, and the life she’d known because her father wanted this move. She a beautiful girl who is looking to do her best in her senior year of high school and continue her love of music. But once she discovers that her happiness and life were full of lies, her world is shattered. And to top it off, she soon finds out that her next door neighbor is this not-so-friendly, rude, sexy and possibly dangerous guy who is also her new classmate named Owen Harper.

Owen Harper is the middle Harper brother and is very attractive when he’s not living up to his bad reputation. His older brother James has been going down the wrong path of addiction and drugs and Owen has been trying his hardest to protect his younger brother Andrew from it all. Owen seems lost, dangerous and all about partying hard with fast cars and fast girls. When the new girl Kensington moves in next door, he doesn’t think much of her…at first. Owen has been living up to the negative lifestyle the town assumes he belongs in but there are more layers to him. He holds his own secrets and most people don’t know and mostly don’t care to know about any of it. Not everything is as it always seems.

This was another dynamic novel from author Ginger Scott. The main characters Kensington and Owen are both thrown into a tailspin when secrets are revealed that threaten them in different ways.  Can Kensington get passed the secret that is revealed directly effecting her life? Can Owen continue to carry all of the weight of everyone in his life? But is there more to the town’s bad-boy middle Harper brother than what is rumored about him? Will they bring out the best in each other or is it destined for them to be wild and reckless? This was an enjoyable read with fantastic characters, a compelling storyline, and significant moments that stir many emotions. I recommend this. The characters are interesting by how they deal with situations that could tear away at a person. This story touches on serious issues like addiction, suicide and drugs. Family, love and friendship is what this story is about. It’s worth the read if you’re looking for something to delve into next. 🙂

MY BLOGGING READER’S STAR SCORE FOR ‘Wild Reckless’  4 1/2 out of 5 stars:

1 star rating 4.5


How I imagined the characters of the novel “Wild Reckless”:

1 collage 4



Kensington’s thoughts:  “Thanks for helping,” I whisper again, following it up with the word asshole in my head.
Suddenly, his dark eyes are on mine, and I would swear he heard me with the smug smirk that creeps into one cheek. The ball never stops moving. His hand never stops moving. He’s operating completely independent of the hypnosis he’s attempting to put me under— the soft squint to his eyes somehow making them more ominous. I’m not quite sure he isn’t evil. And I’m also not quite sure that this hypnosis isn’t working.

Owen and Kensington:  “I always thought he was the greatest man alive. All the way until he wasn’t,” Owen says, and my gut twists with a hurt I’ve never felt before.
Sympathy. That’s what I feel for Owen Harper. Just then, I realize, he’s not really wild at all. He’s heartbroken.
And maybe I don’t hate him as much as I thought I did.

Kensington’s thoughts: The world’s greatest smile stretched on his lips. It’s my new favorite smile. An entirely new one that I kind of think might just be for me and me alone. I like it, almost as much as I like him.

Owen and Kensington: “It’s okay,” he whispers, and I slide back along my bed, bringing my knees into my chest.
“What is ?” I ask, the rush of heartbeats drumming in my head, drowning me.
“I look at you, too,” he says, and now my heart is rushing for an entirely different reason. Oh my god, oh my god….
“Kens? Relax,” he says.

Kensington’s thoughts:  Owen doesn’t look , and he doesn’t break our trance. But he does finally speak. “You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen,” he says, and all at once, I fall for Owen Harper.

Kensington’s thoughts:  Owen doesn’t look , and he doesn’t break our trance. But he does finally speak. “You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen,” he says, and all at once, I fall for Owen Harper.


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