ARC-Book Review! A Blogging Reader’s Review: ‘Heartsick’ by Caitlin Sinead.

ARC-Book Review! A Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘Heartsick’ by Caitlin Sinead.


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Author: Caitlin Sinead
Series: None
Publishing date: February 16th, 2015
(Review based on an ARC-early copy)


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Heartsick by Caitlin Sinead

The Synopsis:

Quinn is looking forward to her senior year at Poe University. She has big plans to hang out with her best friend, flirt with a certain boy genius, party at her favorite dive bar and figure out what she’s going to do after graduation with her not-so-useful art major. But that’s before she meets Luke, a hot townie who’s moved back home to help take care of his dying sister. And it’s before a weird epidemic sweeps across campus, mysteriously turning people’s eyes purple.

Is it an odd side effect from a new party drug?

Is it a rogue virus developed in a campus lab?

Is it the mark of the devil?

Soon the town starts blaming the university and the student religious group becomes frighteningly aggressive in their on-campus accusations. Quinn and Luke are caught in the middle—until a tragic accident forces Luke to reveal the one part of himself he’s kept carefully hidden. That he’s so much more than the happy-go-lucky boy next door Quinn had believed him to be isn’t a surprise…but this truth might be too dangerous for her to handle.

My ‘Blogging Reader’s Review’ after reading ‘HEARTSICK’:

This is my review after reading a copy of “Heartsick” by Caitlin Sinead. This is listed in the New Adult genre but can also be listed in suspense, mystery, paranormal and romance. It was very enjoyable because of it wasn’t strictly just focusing on the romance and included other interest facets to the storyline. This novel is written in the main female character’s P.O.V.(point of view) by the the name of Quinn Bellingham.

Quinn attends Poe University and lives in a small town named Allan. The town is a blend of the local “townies” and those who attend the university. Her best friend and roommate is Mandy Malone who is the perfect example of opposites attract. It sometimes works out that way with friendships, too. Where Mandy is outgoing, flirty, and fun, Quinn is reserved, friendly, and isn’t as outgoing as her friend.

The day begins like most days, they meet up at Sally’s Bar and hang out except this time things begin to go differently. She meets a stranger with the most alluring green eyes and something about him seems to draw her in with curiosity. Soon after that, things get strange. Her best friend Mandy suddenly experiences a noticeable and drastic change in her eyes. They assume it is probably an allergic reaction to something. This one incident starts off as just one random student, then another until it begins to become a huger ordeal in the town of Allan.

The stranger with the green eyes seems like a mystery at first but he seems to be familiar to the local “townies” so Quinn realizes he must be from Allan. The stranger’s name is Luke and his life hasn’t been so easy. He was away and moved back to help care for his sister with ALS. He seems like someone Quinn could be interested in but she doesn’t want anything serious because of something in her past. Due to the events that occur from the start of this novel, the mystery quickly begins to build, making the journey and entertaining one. One that makes you want to read it and find out who it all unfolds.

This was a fairly enjoyable, intriguing, and easy read. The storyline is made to draw readers in with the mystery and suspense that mounts up pretty much from the start. The romance is there but it isn’t the focal point of the story and the way it is written out, I was okay with that. I recommend this for readers looking for something to read that isn’t hot and heavy but more of a decent mystery, with a slightly science fiction feel and a dash of romance. Get you a copy if this sounds like something right up your alley.


1 star rating 4


How I imagined the characters while reading ‘HEARTSICK’:

1 collage 2



Quinn’s thoughts:  He grabs my hand. “You could cut yourself. Let me get that.”
His sharp green eyes match his shirt. Despite his crisp buttondown, I can tell he’s a townie, an Allan original. It’s not any one thing, but the combination.

Quinn and Rashid:  “You’re a scientist. Don’t you realize this could be some kind of contagious bacteria? You have to see that, and here you are still trying to kiss me.”
Bubbling anger rises in my throat. He runs his fingers through his black hair. It flops over his confused eyebrows adorably. My face softens.
“I like you, Quinn,” he says. “And so what if it’s contagious? You aren’t sick. A lot of bacteria are good for us.”

Mandy to Quinn:  “I’m afraid I’ll make the same mistakes my mom did. Then I’ll become a shriveled up, weak version of a person who flinches when car doors are slammed. I’m afraid of it, but that will not happen to me.”

Quinn and Luke:  He cups my cheek in his hands and draws me in. I run my fingers along the back of his neck as he kisses me. All our diseased germs commingling. He touches my rib where it had been bruised. His fingers slip under my shirt, lifting the fabric along my skin. It isn’t sexual, not really, but there’s something deeply intimate about the way his thumb glides along my now healthy rib. The rib that had pierced my internal organs just days ago. “I don’t want anything else to happen to you.

Luke and Quinn:  “Quinn.” He grabs my hand before I can leave. His face loose and his eyes mopey. “You know you don’t have to do this.”
“I know,” I say to Luke. “But don’t feel guilty. I would have done it anyway.”
He takes my knuckles to his mouth. “Be safe. I’m just getting used to having you around.”

Quinn’s thoughts:  In the shadows you’re safe. You’re safe from every mistake. You’re safe from all your fears. All your faults. No one can find you, no one can see you. No one can hurt you. Whatever you did, whatever shame you have, it’s hidden in the shadows.

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