ARC-Book Review! One Blogging Reader’s Review: ‘Time Will Tell’ by Chantal Fernando.

ARC-Book Review! One Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘Time Will Tell’ (Maybe Series – Book #3) by Chantal Fernando.


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Author: Chantal Fernando
Series: Maybe Series – book #3
(Review based on ARC copy – early review)
Publishing date: February 9th, 2015


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Maybe series 3 - Time Will Tell by Chantal Fernando


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The Synopsis for ‘Time Will Tell’:

Be spontaneous, they say.
That’s how I ended up on the back of a stranger’s bike.

A sexy, tall, tattooed stranger, but a stranger nonetheless.

How was I to know that a chance meeting with this man, Xander Kane, was going to change my life?


My ‘Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review’ for ‘TIME WILL TELL'(Maybe Series – book #3) by Author Chantal Fernando:

The wait for the third novel of the Maybe Series was long awaited but truly well worth it! In the first two novels of this series, we were introduced to the twin-brothers Reid and Ryan Knox. This story follows Xander Kane and Trillian and readers will get to enjoy the story in both main character’s P.O.V’s(point of views).

Xander Kane is heartbroken. The loss of someone very important in his life has brought him down and he needs time away. Tall, handsome, tattooed, and swoon-worthy Xander decides to take a road trip to meet up with his longtime friend Zach in another town to just take a break. The pain from the loss of a loved one is just beneath the surface and he just plans to try his best to get his mind right but when he arrives to Channon he meets a girl that he instantly is drawn to.

Trillian lives alone and has for the past two years since her father passed away. She doesn’t have much family but her best-friend April, her good friend/neighbor Zach and his dad Grim, who both happen to be a part of the Wind Dragon’s MC, are the closest people she has to family in her life now. When Trill goes out with April for a night of fun, she comes across a very gorgeous guy that makes her feel an attraction that she’s never felt toward a man before. As the night progresses, they both find out that they have a connection in more ways than one.

I absolutely enjoyed this novel and loved the chemistry between all of the characters! The friendship between Trillian and Zach is adorable; the growing chemistry between Xander and Trillian is so pleasing. From the moment Trillian and Xander meet and reading what may develop, it all is sweet and captivating. Will the friendship between Trillian and Zach make Xander think there is more between them? Will ex’s ruin things for Trillian and Xander? “Time Will Tell” is full of entertaining moments in the story as well as a perfect mix of romance and steamy-hotness with alpha-male galore. This one does not disappoint and I recommend it for anyone looking for something great to read next. This series is worth the read. 🙂


★★More about the ‘Maybe Series’★★

Maybe This Time – Book #1 of Maybe Series – Follows Summer Kane and Reid Knox’s story (Published: October 14th, 2013)
This Time Around – Book #2 of Maybe Series – Follows Ryan Knox and Taiya’s story (January 21st, 2014)
Time Will Tell – Book #3 of Maybe Series – Follows Trillian and Xander Kane’s story (February 9th, 2015)


1 star rating 4.5


How I imagined the characters of the “Maybe Series”:

1 collage 4



Xander’s thoughts:  He was my hero. He was rough around the edges, hung around with bikers, and drank and swore a lot. But he was tough and had a heart of gold. Now he is six feet under. I stand and pace the hallway, running my fingers through my hair and tugging on the ends. And then I make a decision. For the first time in my life, I just need to leave. To get away. Be somewhere else. I need to be free. Does time heal all wounds? I guess only time will tell.

Tillian’s thoughts:  Zach and I became friends, and the two of them had kept an eye on me ever since my dad passed away. An extremely unlikely friendship, considering Zach’s dad, Grim, is the president of the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club. Zach is my age and also in the MC. I call him the biker prince whenever I want to piss him off.

Xander and Tillian: “Do you want to be around me? That’s all it really comes down to. After spending tonight with you, I don’t think I could sit at Zach’s without wanting to be here.”
She scrapes her teeth along her bottom lip. “I do want to be around you.”

Xander and Tillian: He kissed my mouth again then pulls back. “I haven’t been a saint, Trill, you need to know that. I’m young, and yeah, I’ve had my share of women, but like I said, you’re different.”
“Why?” I ask.
His gaze lowers to my mouth. “Fuck if I know. I just want you more than I’ve ever wanted someone before. That’s all I know.”

Xander’s thoughts:  The kiss isn’t polite or reserved.
No, it’s hot, all consuming, and demanding.
It’s hungry. It’s needy.
It’s teeth clashing, biting and sucking.
Licking. Tasting. I devour her mouth.


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