ARC-Book Review! A Blogging Reader’s Review: ‘Filthy Rich’ by Dawn Ryder.

ARC-Book Review! A Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘Filthy Rich’ by Dawn Ryder.


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Author: Dawn Ryder
Publishing date: February 3rd, 2015
(Review based on an ARC-early copy)


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Filthy Rich by Dawn Ryder

The Synopsis:


Celeste Connor swore that she’d never be a victim again. After the hell of her abusive ex, the last thing she needs is to be under another man’s thumb. But when she catches the eye of fiercely dominant Nartan Lupan at her best friend’s wedding, Celeste finds herself drawn into a glittering world of wealth and power that has her body aching and her mind reeling.


Nartan is a filthy rich businessman who works hard, plays harder, and doesn’t take no for an answer-and he wants Celeste with a hunger he’s never before felt. He’ll do whatever it takes to have her. But Nartan didn’t expect that he’d want still more…

My ‘Blogging Reader’s Review’ after reading ‘FILTHY RICH’:

This is my review for “Filthy Rich” by Dawn Ryder and it is the first time I’ve had a chance to read her work. The story follows a woman who is determined to make it on her own after her husband, who happened to be controlling and rich, is sent to jail. She goes to Alaska to attend her best friend’s wedding and comes across the groom’s best friend who happens to be everything she has convinced herself she doesn’t want anymore. But the pull of attraction between them is hard to ignore. The story is written in the four P.O.V.’s(point of views) from Celeste Connor, Nartan Lupan, Caspian Devitt, and Laura.

The main female character Celeste Connor is a blonde, beautifully toned woman thanks to her new hobby of martial arts, and determined to be independent. She doesn’t want a man or any kind of relationship because the scars, emotional and mental ones, still linger from a marriage she was currently free from. Her husband was controlling, rich, and always got his way no matter what anyone else said. His wife was his toy and his possession and she feared the day he would be back out of lock-up. She enjoys celebrating the wedding of her best friend Sabra on a trip to Alaska. Her mind is set on never trusting any man, especially one with a lot of money and who loves control. Then, she meets the groom’s best man who happens to also be his best friend, Nartan.

Nartan Lupan is a pure blood Apache. His dark hair, fit physique, unique cobalt-blue eyes and successful business gives him a lifestyle of never needing anything. Women are never hard to come by, in fact they practically throw themselves at him. When he comes across the lovely Celeste he can’t help but be intrigued by the attraction he feels toward her. As he begins to pursue her, he sees that she will not come easy and that makes him want her more.

Then you have the bitter, rich, vengeful husband who has always gotten what he wanted and his wife Celeste is what he wants. Caspian Devitt loves to enjoy the power his money brings and he enjoys pressing his control on anyone who belongs to him. His time in jail doesn’t change anything. Celeste his his. She belongs to him…that’s what he thinks anyway. No one will have her and when the time comes, she will come back to him when he is out. If she tries to fight him, he will bend her until she remembers exactly who has control over everything she does. That is the mind of the power-hungry Caspian.

This story had a great mix of enjoyable romance, provocative steamy scenes, and it had some
entertaining suspenseful moments. Will Celeste ever be able to trust or even love a man again? Is Nartan just another rich man in search of a woman to own and control or is there more to him? Will Caspian decide to move on or will he do anything to press his control onto Celeste, no matter what it costs? I do recommend this book for readers who enjoy a great contemporary romance with a nice mix of suspense. I’m curious to know if this will become a series or if a spin-off book will come from the supporting characters Laura and Marcus. I think there is potential there with those two. All together, this was a satisfying read. 🙂


1 star rating 4


How I imagined the characters while reading ‘FILTHY RICH’:

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Celeste’s thoughts:  Nartan Lupan was everything she needed to stay away from. Tall, dark, and handsom, with the kind of money a gold digger would be willing to undergo plastic surgery to get he hands on. His kind understood their power too. They wielded it like a whip, expecting a woman to be their pet. They only wanted control in a relationship, not equality or partnership. No, Celeste would never again submit to that kind of subjugation.

Celeste’s thoughts:  Getting on with her life would require someone a little more run-of-the-mill. That might translate into boring, but it also could be defined as steady and reliable. Two things she was positive she needed for inner peace.

Nartan’s thoughts:  The last thing he needed was the complication of a relationship. Or the risk of letting someone close enough to his heart to sink a knife into it. Women like Celeste were dangerous because they were quality, and dismissing her would be possible. His damned fascination with her would die. He was sure of it.

Nartan’s thoughts:  Nartan felt a burning in his gut that he knew too well. It was a feeling he trusted, one he’d followed in business, and he’d been rewarded with success for doing so. He wasn’t finished with Celeste Connor. Leaving her behind would be a mistake.

Celeste’s thoughts:  She needed him, craved the taste of him more than her next breath. Arousal was twisting, tightening in her core. He just felt so right against her, so perfect that she had to reach for him and tug him closer.

Nartan to Celeste:  “I’ve never asked another woman to come home with me,” he whispered against her ear.
“I kept one of the condos for my hookups, I’m not taking you there,” he told her bluntly. “My home is for the woman who makes me feel rich.” He pulled in a stiff breath. “You make me feel that way. So deeply, it scares me.”

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