ARC-Book Review! A Blogging Reader’s Review: ‘Heart Recaptured’ by Tillie Cole.

ARC-Book Review! A Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘Heart Recaptured’ by Tillie Cole.


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Author: Tillie Cole
Series: Hades Hangmen Series – Book #2
Publisher:  Independently published (Review based on ARC copy – early review)
Publishing date: December 14th, 2014


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Hades Hangmen 2 Heart Recaptured by Tillie Cole

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The Synopsis:

Even salvation can be delivered through the love of the damned…

Beauty can be a curse.

Faith can be a cage.

Only love can set you free.

A few long weeks after being reluctantly ripped from the comforting embrace of her sacred prophet’s religious commune—the only life she has ever known—a terrified Delilah is thrust into a world enveloped by evil and swimming in sin.

Steadfastly devout in her faith, and retaining the deep belief that her soul is innately tarnished as a branded ‘Cursed woman of Eve’, Delilah is determined to find her way home to her people in The Order and away from the corrupt and damned outlaw motorcycle club—The Hades Hangmen—who hold her at their secluded compound for her protection—a ‘protection’ she strongly resents.

Delilah yearns to return home, convinced that only amongst her own people, and under the holy guidance of the Lord’s revealed prophet, can her Satan-spawned soul be truly saved. Conditioned her entire life to believe she is a witch… a life-long temptress… the devil’s whore… Delilah increasingly resents her beautiful face, her shapely body and her sensuous effect on men. But when a man of the motorcycle club—a deeply sinful yet stunningly beautiful man—is charged with her care, Delilah begins to see that this dangerous and moralless sinner from the ‘outside’ may offer her something she did not know could truly exist: unconditional love.

Kyler ‘Ky’ Willis loves his life: a daily abundance of brotherhood, liquor, the freedom of the open-road and—best of all—his pick of hot women. Raised a biker brat and now VP of the most notorious MC in the States, Ky has no shortage of club sluts warming his bed; a situation he takes full advantage of… until a certain blonde enters his life… a gorgeous pilgrim-blonde he can’t get out of his head… a pilgrim-blonde he and his club recently-rescued from some backward religious cult… and a pilgrim-blonde he’s been ordered to keep the hell away from and his whorish hands off.

When yet another in a lengthy line of drunken blunders forces Ky to reluctantly take charge of the pilgrim-blonde’s care, he realizes that there could be more to this woman than just supermodel looks and a stacked set of tits. He begins to see that she could be the woman who could do the impossible—tame his wild ways and capture his reluctant heart.

But the unyielding bonds of Lilah’s past are strong, her ‘people’ determined and, with a new Prophet in charge and hell bent on revenge, they are mightily reluctant to let her go…

Content warning: The story is of the New Adult genre and contains strong-sexual content at times, mature situations, violence, and taboo topics such as a cult lifestyle and abuse.  Recommended only for readers- ages 18+.

My ‘Blogging Reader’s Review’ after reading  an ARC-Early Copy of ‘HEART RECAPTURED’:

*May contain Spoilers if you haven’t read the first novel of the Hades Hangmen Series.*

This is the second novel for the Hades Hangmen Series by Author Tillie Cole. I was very excited to be able to read and review an ARC of this novel. Knowing how much I loved the first novel ‘It Ain’t Me, Babe’, I had high expectations for ‘Heart Recaptured.’ The story picks up where the first novel left off involving two very different worlds, one being a motorcycle club that deals in dangerous and illegal business and the other, a secluded cult of people now ruled by the newly chosen Prophet Cain. The story is told in three character’s P.O.V.’s(point of views): Delilah “Lilah”, Kyler “Ky” and Rider “Prophet Cain”.

The story continues where the first novel left off, after Mae finds a different form of refuge with the Hades Hangmen MC after fleeing the cult she was raised in. The bikers return to rescue her and also take her “sisters” who had been locked away for being named by the cult as The Cursed because of their beauty. Her sisters Lilah and Maddie are taken for their protection to the MC’s compound against their will. After being told that they outside world is full of sinners and evil, they had no clue what to expect.

Delilah “Lilah” is a naturally beautiful young woman with long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and exquisite features that have come to be a part of why she was considered one of The Cursed to the cult she was raised in. When her friend and cult-sister Mae comes with the MC bikers to rescue them from their confinements she is afraid to go with them. Once they are back in the MC’s compound she stays locked up by choice and for their protection in Styx’s room, along with Mae’s real sister and another of The Cursed named Maddie. While Lilah and Maddie stay in the room, they watch the MC from their window as they continue their usual lifestyle with partying, drinking, and womanizing. Lilah is set on believing that her cult will come to rescue her and that the MC members are a bunch of evil sinners. Lilah and Maddie see that Mae “Salome” has a strong connection with the President of the MC, River “Styx” but they think that Mae has simply lost her way.

Kyler “Ky” Willis is the Vice President of the Hades Hangmen MC and best friends with the President Styx.  He was raised with the club by his father who was the former V.P. and was taught the biker lifestyle of partying, illegal business, violence, and that women are for pleasure without commitment. Ky is a very handsome guy, tall with longish blonde hair and blue eyes. When he is forced to take Lilah, the “Pilgrim bitch” under his wing to teach a little bit about the outside world, things begin to look differently and feel differently for both Ky and Lilah.

Mae and River ‘Styx’ Nash’s relationship has only grown stronger and deeper since they’ve reunited. Maddie who was rescued with Lilah, seems to have a strange yet interesting connection with MC brother named Flame, who is a whole bunch of strange. Something lies behind his strange need to cut and kill while having this pull to be completely protective of the other rescued cult-sister Maddie. When the cult revives itself in a new land that is huger and more progressive in it’s ways, Prophet Cain, formerly known as Rider of the MC, is chosen as they new leader. He takes on the duties but still seems to find himself wanting something tied to the MC lifestyle he once lived. He still wants Mae to be his and become his wife. Prophet Cain will go to extremes to get the woman who once considered him a friend and bring her back to the cult she ran from along with the rest of The Cursed women.

The storyline quickly picks up where it left off in book one and all of the characters continue to be so intricate in such a good way. The MC’s enemies are out there and trying their best to get stronger in order bring down the MC. This begins a path towards a dangerous road full of malicious enemies and suspense while the characters also must deal with their emotional and growing relationships. Heart Recaptured is very dark and full of raw emotional moments that definitely may not be for all readers but this is what makes this story so powerful and compelling. It continues to be very unique with the dark tones of the MC world and the cult’s lifestyle with the lifestyle dynamics of the two worlds just makes for such a strong story to read. Will Lilah give the outside world and MC a chance? Will Lilah lose faith after she finds out a few things or will her faith find a new way to exist? Can Ky and Lilah ever truly be or does fate have other plans? Will the cult get The Cursed back? So many questions are asked and answered in the gritty ways that have come to be expected from the Hades Hangmen Series.

I definitely recommend this novel and look forward to what is to come from this series. Souls Unfractured and Deep Redemption are both coming in 2015 for the Hades Hangmen Series and I look forward to reviewing those and seeing these awesome characters grow. And, I have to say again that I LOVE the fact that the story happens to mention the city I love, Austin, Texas. More browniepoints for location! As I said about book one, the same goes for this one: “Yes, it’s gritty, dark, violent at times but it also brings forth great moments about fate, love, hope and sacrifice.” This is such an enthralling story, indeed.

Content warning: The story is of the New Adult genre and contains strong-sexual content at times, mature situations, violence, and taboo topics such as a cult lifestyle and abuse.  Recommended only for readers- ages 18+.


★★‘HEART RECAPTURED’ is the 2nd novel of the ‘Hades Hangmen Series’. What else is in the series:★★

IT AIN’T ME, BABE– Book #1 of the ‘Hades Hangmen Series’ –  The first novel of the series follows the story of Styx and Mae (Available Now – 2014)

HEART RECAPTURED– Book #2 of the ‘Hades Hangmen Series’ – The second novel of the series follows the story of Ky and Lilah (Expected release date: December 14th, 2014) *ARC Review Posted Above!*

SOULS UNFRACTURED– Book #3 of the ‘Hades Hangmen Series’ – The third novel of the series follows the story of Flame and Maddie (Expected release date: Early 2015)

DEEP REDEMPTION– Book #4 of the ‘Hades Hangmen Series’ – The forth novel of the series follows the story Rider (Expected release date: 2015)


1 star rating 4.5


How I imagined the characters while reading ‘Heart Recaptured’. 🙂

1 collage 3 best 2


HR Tour Banner HR Teaser2 HR Teaser8 HR Teaser9 HR Teaser10 Ky & Lilah Teaser 4(Teasers provided by:



Lilah’s thoughts:  The man with long blond hair who had killed Brother Noah, my redeemer, shouted behind Mae, his blue eyes harsh in his command. He kept watching me, his blue eyes intense. From the minute I had left the cell, he had stared at me, continued to stare at me still.

Lilah’s thoughts on Flame and Maddie:  I followed the track of his attention, which led me to Maddie, who was equally focused on Flame. She was now sitting on the edge of her bed, green eyes rapt. As calm as could be, her glance angled down to the pooling blood; she swallowed hard.

Prophet Cain “formerly Rider’s” thoughts:  The woman who must be my wife. The woman who nightly tormented my dreams, but all the while lay promiscuously with him, Styx. The man I hated most. She was mine. Mae should be with me, by my side.

Kyler “Ky” to Lilah: “I get you think we’re all sinners, but we’re sinners that will protect y’all. You’re Mae’s sister, she’s Styx’s old lady, and that means you got club protection. And we ain’t that bad to people we let in, Li. So fuckin’ just try to make this situation you’re in better.”

Ky’s thoughts: And that look of fuckin’ happiness when she saw that church, tears in her eyes as she heard the gospel choir sing. Fuck, I wanted her. More than I’d ever wanted a bitch before. She never knew what she was doing to me all damn day, but minute by minute, she was crawling under my skin, making my fucking chest hurt outta crazy need to protect her.

Prophet Cain “formerly Rider’s” thoughts:  Rider, the man who was lost, hurt and spurned by the woman he loved, burned by the brothers he held dear drifted away on the breeze, and Cain, the man I had been groomed to be since birth stepped forth.

Lilah’s thoughts:  He protected me, shunned other women to stay with me. Insatiable need to join with him drove me at this very moment. It was singular and completely against all I held ideal, but I wanted him…I was going to give in.

Kyler “Ky” to River “Styx”: “For the first time in my sorry twenty-seven years on this godforsaken Earth, I care about something more than the club, the freedom of the road, and my brothers. Now some fucker may have ripped it all apart…”


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