A Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review: Misbehavior by Kathryn Kelly

ARC-Book Review! A Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘Misbehavior’ (Death Dwellers MC Series-book #3) by Kathryn Kelly.


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Author: Kathryn Kelly
Series:  Death Dwellers MC Series (Book #3)
Published date: September 17th, 2014 – (Review based on ARC copy – early review)


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Death Dwellers MC Series book 3 - Misbehavior by Kathryn Kelly

The Synopsis and My ‘Blogging Readers Review’ after reading ‘Misbehavior’ (Book #3):

***WARNING: Possible SPOILERS if you haven’t read the previous Novels/Novellas of the Death Dwellers MC Series.***

‘Misbehavior’ is #3 of the ‘Death Dwellers MC Series’ and technically the fifth book of the entire series, including novellas.  Author Kathryn Kelly has not lost her touch and brings to life the biker club that has become a dark and entertaining series that is hard to put down or stop reading.  I have to say, I LOVE the cover on this one! It is absolutely perfect.  This novel is written in the P.O.V.’s(point of views) of Zoann “Puff/Chester/Bitsy”, Matthew “Valentine”, Kendall “Red”, Megan “Meggie”, Christopher “Outlaw” and Lucas “Mortician”.

The story mainly follows the main characters of this novel, Zoann and Matthew “Val” and takes the readers back to when they first met, when Zoann’s life was horribly changed, how Matthew first joined the Death Dwellers MC and brings us to the present day with all of the characters.  Zoann is always moody, mean and angry towards most of the bikers in her big brother’s MC.  There is one guy she can’t seem to hate even though she loathes the lifestyle he leads and that is Matthew “Val” who she first was attracted to before a life changing event in her life.

Matthew “Valentine” was raised to love sex and to never know much else.  He struggled to survive but eventually found his place with the Death Dwellers MC and has been with them since.  His addictions are a hazard and a downfall but they come to a head in this novel.  Val has a difficult time dealing with his addictions, his feelings towards Zoann and the club problems that seem to get harder to deal with.  Can Matthew “Valentine” become more of the man that he needs to be to try to win Zoann over or will he always just simply be the “baby daddy” and nothing more?

This novel also helps readers who’ve been reading this series up to date on the other character’s story-lines, too.  After Meggie lost what would’ve been hers and Christopher “Outlaw’s” second son, after the terrible ordeal with Spoon, she struggles to cope with the loss.  Christopher “Outlaw” also struggles to get a grip on his club and the most important person to him, Meggie and her heartache.  Past secrets surface and the wedge that has kept the distance between Christopher “Outlaw” and his sister Zoann “Bitsy” may finally be put front and center.  Also, we find out about Johnnie “John-Boy’s” relationship with the problematic Kendal “Red” is going.  Let me just add Kendall is the most annoying character in this series and I hope she changes soon. lol!  Then, there is Lucas “Mortician” and Bailey, who was the daughter of fellow biker K.P. who died.  Bailey is expecting a baby with Lucas “Mortician” and Mortician is set on keeping her at a distance.  He can’t seem to shake his feelings towards her no matter how hard he fights them but when another man starts moving in closer to her, will that be his wake up call?

  So this is the latest in the Death Dwellers MC novel and all of the answers to those questions can pretty much be answered in the latest novel “Misbehavior”.  I highly recommend this novel and this series because it is truly dark, enticing, emotionally charged and will keep the reader’s attention non-stop.  This series is not for the easily disturbed readers but what can you expect from a biker series.  This is gritty and raw in every way you can expect.  I recommend you check this one out.  I truly enjoyed it and can not wait for the next novel in the “Death Dwellers MC Series.”


Reader Warning: This is a tale of rape, murders, deception, heartache, lies, and infidelity. The road to redemption is a tumultuous struggle where only the strong survive and justice is served…Outlaw-style.  For mature readers only.


1 star rating 4.5


How I imagined the characters while reading ‘Misbehavior’ of the Death Dwellers MC Series:

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Big Joe “Boss” Foy to Matthew:  “If Outlaw tell you to kiss his fucking ass for the rest of your fucking life, you fucking do it.  He’s being a merciful motherfucker.  I don’t know what he sees in you and I don’t give a fuck.  You touch our merchandise, you’re dead, so I suggest you fuck off the drugs.”

Zoann’s thoughts on Matthew:  She was a girl and a virgin to boot and Christopher’s little sister.  To capture his interest, she’d need experience and the ability to have a brief affair with him.  He was a biker and, even though Granddaddy thought most bikers- except Johnnie- were garbage, they fascinated Zoann.  She wanted a man like her brother, badass, beautiful, protective and loyal.

Zoann and Matthew “Val”:  “I want you, but I’m not taking you. Your brother’s my best fucking friend.
He wants more for his little sister than a fucking biker.”
“H-he’s a biker. And any girl who got him would be so lucky.”
“This is too fucking much,” he growled, shoving away from her. “I have to go.”
“Thank you.”
His brows snapped together. “For?”
“For being so loyal to my big brother and respecting him enough to respect me.”
A smile touched his lips and an unreadable gleam lit his eyes.
He brushed a thumb over her bottom lip. “You tempt the fuck out of me.”

Matthew “Val’s” thoughts:  Despite it all, she refused to destroy his baby.  Somewhere, deep down, she saw something good enough in him that she wanted the life he’d helped to create.  He might not have thought himself worthy to pass on his fucked up genes, but, she did.  Somehow, in that moment, with his heart hurting and his head so screwed up, nothing else but Zoann’s decision mattered.

Matthew “Val’s: thoughts:  He loved his prickly, bitchy Puff, but he’d known the sweet, soft girl hidden within her first.  He’d loved that Zoann first.  It didn’t matter, though.  Both the girl she’d been then and the woman she’d become now wanted him. HIM.

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