ARC-Blogging Reader’s Review: Ten Year Crush by Toshia Slade

ARC-Book Review! A Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘Ten Year Crush’ by Toshia Slade.


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Author: Toshia Slade
Publisher: Self-Published/Review is based on an ARC early-copy
Publishing date: August 18th, 2014


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Ten Year Crush by Toshia Slade

The Synopsis:

Sometimes a crush can break you.

When Gabby Murphy landed in her brother’s best friend’s lap her whole world shifted.

But after years of watching Cam go through women her heart can’t take anymore. Now in college, she’s finally ready to get on with her life. Her new boyfriend is the perfect man to squash her craving for Cam. But her boyfriend has an addiction, an obsession that Gabby soon finds out he can’t let go.

Some cravings last forever.

When Camron Taylor received a thump to the head, he couldn’t help but adore Gabby. When she grows from cute kid to desirable woman his imagination goes to places it shouldn’t. Afraid of ruining friendships he pushes her away. Until something seems off with her new boyfriend.

The past isn’t always left there.

Cam is the savior she’s always needed. Gabby is the woman he’s always coveted. When past mistakes come back with a vengeance will their love be strong enough to fight it? Or will the past keep them apart?

My ‘Blogging Reader’s Review’ after reading  an ARC-Early Copy of ‘TEN YEAR CRUSH’:

This is the debut novel for the new author Toshia Slade and the novel is titled: Ten Year Crush.  This novel is of the genres romance and New Adult.  The story is written in the two P.O.V.’s(point of views) of the main characters, Gabby Murphy and Camron Taylor.

The story is about college student Gabby Murphy and her long time crush on her older brother’s best friend, Camron Taylor.  She first became well aware of her crush on her eleventh birthday after literally falling into Camron’s arms(and lap).   From that day on, she has watched him date and flirt with many girls while wishing that she could be the one girl he would want instead of the rest. For now, Gabby and Cam share a great friendship and that’s all.  She now lives with her long time best friend Tiff who also is well aware of Gabby’s secret crush and she always tells Gabby she needs to do something about it. 

Camron Taylor never saw Gabby as more than his best friend Josh’s little sister until she became a teenager and he began to take notice of her in a different way.  Regardless, Cam never said anything or tried anything because of his loyalty to the friendship he has had with Josh.  He’s liked her for so long and tries his best to make sure to never let his feelings become anything more than friendship.   Now that he has a successful business with his partner and bestfriend Josh, he tries to focus on that instead of on the girl he can never have.  But on a night out, Gabby begins cutting loose and Cam can’t take keeping it all to himself.  And soon after, he begins to feel like something isn’t right about Gabby’s new boyfriend.

‘Ten Year Crush’ reminds us about carrying a long time crush on that one special person, that seems to only gets stronger with time.  Will Gabby and Cam ever share their true secret feelings for each other?  Is something going to detour them from getting a chance to ever be together?  Will Cam ever be able to admit his feelings to Gabby without ruining his friendship with his best friend Josh?  I definitely recommend this lovely novel for all readers, especially if you’ve ever experienced your own special crush.  There are so many feelings, references to great songs from this sensational story that will take you back to the exciting flutters of your own first crush.  🙂


1 star rating 4.5


How I imagined Gabby Murphy & Camron Taylor while reading ‘Ten Year Crush’.

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“Ten Year Crush” Teasers:

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Gabby’s thoughts:  Yeah, still haven’t kicked that crush.  Ten years and going strong.  He sees me as a little sister; his best friend’s little sister, the girl who snorts when she laughs too hard.  I look at him and see the dark hair, mesmerizing deep blue eyes, his sexy dimple, and all of this comes in a six-foot two, nothing but muscle package.  The normal pain grips my heart when thinking about Cam and the girls that get what I want, but I never do.  Him.

Cam’s thoughts:  Gabby is so sweet and innocent.  She doesn’t have a clue how sexy she is, even when she’s in a plain shirt and jeans.  How are you supposed to drink her out of your mind when she’s all you’re thinking about?  Dumbass.

Cam’s thoughts:  It could never work with us.  She and Josh are too important and nothing is worth coming in between that.  Even if it means my fucking heart hurts.  It’ll pass eventually.  I just need to stay drunk and find some willing woman to bury myself inside.

Cam and Gabby:  “Happy birthday, Thumper.” I hand her my gift.
“You’re never going to let me live that one down, are you?”
“Um, no. You hit me in the face the first time you met me; you will always be Thumper to me.”

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