ARC-Blogging Reader’s Review: Dying Commitment by S. M. Butler

ARC-Book Review! A Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘Dying Commitment’ (Lucky Thirteen Series-book #3) by S.M. Butler.


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Author: S.M. Butler
Series: Lucky Thirteen Series (books #3)
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group – Ballantine (Review based on ARC copy – early review)
Publishing date: August 12th, 2014


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Dying Commitment by S.M. Butler

The Synopsis & My ‘Blogging Reader’s Review’ after reading  an ARC-Early Copy of ‘DYING COMMITMENT (Lucky Thirteen series book #3)’:

I have been reading and reviewing ARC early-copies of The Lucky Thirteen Series novels’ and I have to say, each story is great and entertaining. This review is for the third novel of the series titled “Dying Commitment” and it follows the story of Former NSA Agent Cadence Long and Navy SEAL Dylan Urban. The story is written from both of their P.O.V.’s(point of views).

The former NSA Agent Cadence Long had a young promising career in the NSA, up until she was betrayed by a person she thought she could trust. Now, years later she is working with SEAL Team Thirteen as their tech-savvy go-to person and comes in handy to the team. Unfortunately, she has vengeance on her mind and she is determined to get the man that left her for dead. She now prefers to trust no one and pushes sexy SEAL member Urban’s advances away every chance she can but it becomes hard to do sometimes.

The fun, outgoing and flirtatious Navy SEAL Dylan Urban, is one of the youngest of the team and he has his eyes on Cadence Long. Ever since SEAL Team Thirteen rescued her and they both shared a passionate-steamy night together, he wants her still. He must always do his mission and put duty first but he has a sense of loyalty to Cadence, even if she is set to do everything and anything to hunt her shooter down. Urban is put on a mission to escort Cadence to track down the man who betrayed her and left her to die, who also happens to be working for the Giroux family.

Cadence Long and Dylan Urban share a strong attraction but Cadence’s hunger for revenge constantly takes precedence to her. How far will Cadence go, to find her revenge on the man who betrayed her? Will Urban break past Cadence’s wall of revenge or will it be too much for him? This exciting story takes us on a journey with one of the hot SEAL men of the Lucky Thirteen team as we go on a mission of suspense, action and romance. I do recommend this wonderful book and the entire series. Definitely worth checking out if you haven’t yet! I’m truly ready to see what’s to come next in this appealing series.

★★‘DYING COMMITMENT’ is the 3rd novel of the ‘Lucky Thirteen Series’. What else is in the series:★★

KILLING HONOR – Book #1 of the ‘Lucky Thirteen Series’ –  This Contemporary Romance novel follows the story of Navy SEAL Brody Battles upon his return home to his wife Devyn and twin daughters, while enemies lurk in the shadows, seeking revenge(To be released: March 24th, 2014) – *ARC Review Posted Above!*

WOUNDED COURAGE – Book #2 of the ‘Lucky Thirteen Series’ –  This Contemporary Romance novel follows the story of Navy SEAL Eamon Murphy and his long time best friend’s twin sister, Addison Hardy.  With the results of what occurred in ‘Killing Honor’, Addison needs protection from her ex-boyfriend’s vengeful family. (Expected release date: June 2014)

DYING COMMITMENT – Book #3 of the ‘Lucky Thirteen Series’ –  This Contemporary Romance novel follows the story of Navy SEAL Dylan Urban and Cadence Long of the NSA.  They are sent to work together on a dangerous mission, while trying not act on a growing attraction between them. (Expected release date: August 12th, 2014)

UNKNOWN – Book #4 of the ‘Lucky Thirteen Series’ –   (Expected release date: TBA)


1 star rating 4


How I imagined Cadence Long and Navy SEAL Dylan Urban while reading ‘Dying Commitment’.

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Cadence Long’s thoughts:  Sex stayed shallow and meaningless.  It was safer that way, you know?  That way no one go hurt.  I didn’t get shot.  Life went on.  At least, that was how it was supposed to be.  Then I meet the Lucky Thirteen crew and now I had this Bambi-eyed kid following me around like a puppy.  He was cute, really good in bed.  But he didn’t understand, and I didn’t have the patience to teach him why relationships couldn’t happen.  Because feelings get you killed in our line of work.

 Dylan Urban and Cadence Long:  “Then what can I do?”
“Be a friend.” The answer was surprising. She’d never even considered calling me a friend before.
“I’m always your friend, Cady.”
“But anything more than that will cause problems.”

Dylan Urban’s thoughts:  That mission that I met Cadence on, I’d been one cocky asshole. And she’d put me in my place, though I’d never have let her know it. I knew then that she was going to be mine, somehow. I just hadn’t known how incredibly difficult she’d make it for me.

Dylan Urban and Cadence Long: “I want to make you feel so good that you’ll forget everything else in the world.”
“You already do that,” I whispered, my voice a soft croak. My world was spinning out of control, not my sight but my emotions, and my senses.
“I haven’t even begun,” came the answer.

Cadence Long’s thoughts:  In the end, it was about protecting him, keeping him safe from being hurt, even if it was me from whom he had to be protected.

Dylan Urban’s thoughts:  She couldn’t really think she was going to leave without… Was that what she was trying to tell me?  Was she trying to tell me goodbye?  And I hadn’t listened?  I couldn’t let her leave like that.  We had to fix things before that.  Because if I knew anything about Cadence Long, it was that if she left, she might not come back.

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