BOOK: COVER REVEAL and Author Q&A! ‘This Is Falling’ by Ginger Scott

New! Q&A with Author Ginger Scott and COVER REVEAL for the upcoming novel titled:
‘THIS IS FALLING’ by Author Ginger Scott.

This Is Falling by Ginger Scott


Synopsis for ‘THIS IS FALLING’:

First, I had to remember how to breathe. Then, I had to learn how to survive. Two years, three months and sixteen days had passed since I was the Rowe Stanton from before, since tragedy stole my youth and my heart went along with it.

When I left for college, I put a thousand miles between my future and my past. I’d made a choice—I was going to cross back to the other side, to live with the living. I just didn’t know how.

And then I met Nate Preeter.

An All-American baseball player, Nate wasn’t supposed to notice a ghost-of-a-girl like me. But he did. He shouldn’t want to know my name. But he did. And when he learned my secret and saw the scars it left behind, he was supposed to run. But he didn’t.

My heart was dead, and I was never supposed to belong to anyone. But Nate Preeter had me feeling, and he made me want to be his. He showed me everything I was missing.

And then he showed me how to fall.


Author Q&A with Ginger Scott

Thank you to Author Ginger Scott for taking a moment to do a 2nd Q&A with me in preparation for your upcoming novel release of ‘THIS IS FALLING.’

Q: What can you share with us about your upcoming novel ‘This Is Falling’, beyond what the synopsis offers?

Ginger Scott:  I really think ‘Waiting’ fans are going to love ‘This Is Falling.’ I was craving writing a college story, and I love all of the newness that comes with a freshman year. College is like boot camp for becoming an adult, but at first, you’re still so unsure of everything, like you’re caught in the middle. Rowe, my heroine, has a lot of extra things going on, too. I can’t give it all away, but she’s trying to grow up but terrified to at the same time. Nate, my hero, is such a good guy, and I really wanted to make him worthy. Maybe it’s because I love baseball so much, and Nate’s a baseball player, but he just had to be good for the soul. And as much as we get to see Rowe fall for Nate, we also get to see Nate make it all happen. And I think others are going to fall for him, too.

Q: Can you give us a little more of the back-story behind the main characters Rowe and Nate?

Ginger Scott:  Hmmmmm, I don’t want to give too much away, because getting to know them is a wonderful part of the ride. Let’s just say Rowe is smart but shell-shocked, and she’s just on the cusp of learning how to dare and challenge herself when we get to meet her. Nate, well he is my Captain America–all warm and fuzzy and chewy and pretty much perfection wrapped up in one hot body. He’s the kind of guy that loves his parents, loves his brother, and is loyal to a fault. I can also tell you that they are two of the funniest characters I’ve written. I laughed so hard at one conversation between the two that I actually teared up.

Q: Your ‘Waiting On The Sidelines Series’ had Reed who played football and ‘Blindness’ had a former motorcross star named Cody and this New upcoming novel ‘This Is Falling’ will have a main character who is a baseball player. I personally enjoy a great story where there is a hot athlete involved, anytime.  Are there ever real life athletes in your mind when you bring to life these wonderful athletic characters in your stories? If so, can you share with us who they are. 🙂

Ginger Scott:  I am an ESPN junkie. I love sports–all sports. And I grew up playing hard and playing with the boys. I think that’s why I love male athlete characters so much–I get them and feel like I can be authentic with them. As for real-life inspirations, absolutely. It’s sort of a mashing up of various athletes I watch and admire. With Reed in ‘Waiting on the Sidelines,’ I don’t think there was a specific person who inspired him, but more my love of high school football and that world. With Cody in ‘Blindness,’ I was able to know a lot about freestyle motocross thanks to a friend who’s son is one of the major X-gamers (Nate Adams). We watch a lot of Nate in our house. And baseball…ah, that’s my wheelhouse. When I wrote Nate Preeter in ‘Falling,’ I drew inspiration from the hundreds of ASU baseball games I’ve been to, and while there isn’t a specific player that is Nate, if you will, there is one that maybe sparked the idea for him in the beginning. And Nate’s a catcher–because Buster Posey is the bomb, and he’s a catcher, too!

Q: Future Novel question: Since sports seems to be a big influence to you, do you have an idea of what kind of athlete you may be writing about next?

Ginger Scott:  My next novel is a companion to ‘This Is Falling.’ It will feature Nate’s brother, Ty, who plays a big role in ‘Falling.’ The Falling Series will tell three stories when complete, each able to be read as a stand-alone, but with characters that connect.

Q: You have definitely succeeded multiple times in the Contemporary Romance, New Adult and Young Adult genres with your novels.  Would you ever consider trying your hand at a completely different genre such as Paranormal, Thriller, Fantasy or any other genre?

Ginger Scott:  I have thought about that many times, especially paranormal. My husband is a HUGE fantasy and paranormal fan, so I would have to come up with something truly unique or else I would never hear the end of it. I have an idea that I’ve made notes on, but it’s still very young. It needs to grow up a little more. Maybe, though…maybe one day.

Q: One more question about your upcoming novel before we end this Q&A.  Will ‘THIS IS FALLING’ be a standalone or will it be a part of a series?

Ginger Scott:  In a way, both. It will be a standalone that connects to other books on other characters, something I’ve always wanted to do. The follow up, featuring Nate’s brother Ty, will be out at the end of 2014.


NOTE: Once again, an immense thank you to Author Ginger Scott for participating in another Q&A with me and for sharing your delightful responses.  Next, comes the excitement of reading and posting my review for your upcoming-novel ‘This Is Falling’.  I’m certain this novel will be as engrossing and compelling as your past work! 🙂



‘This Is Falling’ Novel Release Date: August 29th, 2014


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