A Blogging Reader’s ARC-Review: My First, My Last by Lacey Silks

ARC-Book Review! One Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘My First, My Last’ by Lacey Silks.


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Author: Lacey Silks
Publisher: MyLit Publishing
(Review based on ARC copy – early review)
Publishing date: July 21st, 2014


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Young couple kissiing

The Synopsis for ‘My First, My Last’:

Fate has kept them apart for twenty years.
Their roads hadn’t crossed and the stars didn’t align until now…

Matured, more experienced, pierced, tattooed and hot as hell, Adrian steps back into Mia’s life to reclaim his first love.

And the moment she sees him she can’t even remember her own name.

Adrian Reed had always remained in Mia’s heart. After all, he was her first boyfriend and the man she’d lost her virginity to, but that was twenty years ago. His sudden appearance at a bar, on a girls night out, has Mia acting like the fifteen year old girl she was when they parted.

But life now is not as simple as it was twenty years ago. With two kids, a hopeful ex-husband and new insecurities, Mia finds opening up to a new relationship more challenging.

Will she give her first love another chance, or will she push him away, this time for good?

Warning: Contains adult content suitable for mature audience only. 18+


My ‘Blogging Reader’s Review’ after reading  an ARC-Early Copy of ‘MY FIRST, MY LAST’:

I’m very glad I was offered an ARC early-copy to read and review of ‘My First, My Last’.  There is just something I really enjoy about a story where love is rekindled and second chances are given when it comes to matters of the heart.  That is what ‘My First, My Last’ by Author Lacey Silks is about.  The story follows Mia and Adrian, who found love as teenagers in Vienna one summer, when Mia went to visit family. This story is told through Mia’s P.O.V.(point of view).

Mia was a teenage girl when she flew from Canada to enjoy a fun summer in Vienna, Italy with her cousins that live there.  Life was simple and easy then.  She met a sweet boy in Vienna and fell madly in love with him.  He was her first love and the guy she shared a few firsts with, that would resonate with her through out the years. She had to eventually go back home to Canada. And, as life happened, they lost touch.

Adrian Reed, was a young skinny teenaged-boy when he first met Mia when she visited Vienna.  He adored her.  During that fun-loving and innocent time, they shared as much as they could with each other because of the feelings they shared.  When Mia had to leave, he told her he’d always love her.  They even said that maybe one day, when the time was right, the stars would realign for them again.  He held onto that and his love for a young girl named Mia from then on.

As always, life happened. Years pass. Now, with a family of her own, Mia must face tough decisions about life, love, and family. With a marriage in shambles, children who need most of her attention and responsibilities, she wasn’t ready to see him again. He is tall, handsome, muscular and hotter than she remembered and he was definitely going to flip her world upside down now that he was here, in Canada, just a few feet away, in the bar, twenty-years later.

Adrian is now a very handsome and established man now. Long gone was the skinny teenaged-boy he once was, with a business and a son in college. All he’s ever thought about and wanted through the years, was his Mia, the girl who stole his heart many years ago.  He is determined to make her his again but he knows that life has its challenges.  He’s waited twenty years, and he will do anything to let her know that he is here to stay and that she is all he needs.  But will it be enough?

There are moments when I wondered if Mia and Adrian would allow their hearts to lead them where they both really wanted to be.  The story is wonderful.  It’s about that one first live that you share so many firsts with. The one you don’t see for so many years, but when you see them again, it’s like nothing had truly changed when it came to the feelings shared.  Mia feels torn between the love she lost then and the life she lives now.  Is the love they share twenty-years ago strong enough to connect them so many years later?  Will Mia give Adrian a chance or will her recent issues with relationships make her push him away?  And, can Adrian stay in Canada or will he go back to Vienna forever? Towards the end, I’ll admit it, I teared up.  I didn’t expect the turn of events at the end but I did enjoy how this story was written well enough to tug at certain emotions at the right times. And let me mention, there were some hot and sexy moments as well. I recommend this one for anyone looking for a new contemporary romance to read and enjoy!

*Reader Warning: Contains  sexual and adult content. Only suitable  for mature readers age 18+.*


1 star rating 4


How I imagined Mia and Adrian while reading ‘My First, My Last’:

1 collage 2



Mia’s thoughts:  It had been twenty years, almost to the day, since I’d seen him on the other side of the world.  Literally.  He lived in Europe, I lived in Toronto.  So imagine my surprise when the man I’d lost my virginity to stood less than three feet away from me, in a bar, on my girls’ night out.

Mia’s thoughts:  We lived on two different continents.  Distance was an enemy neither of us had conquered, until now.  And now my first boyfriend, lover, and best friend was sitting in front of me, looking more gorgeous than I remember.

Adrian and Mia: Adrian drew his finger along my bottom lip. “I’ve been wanting to do that since…”
“…since you saw me?”
“No, since the moment I let you leave, twenty years ago.”
“And I’d wait another hundred if I had to,” he whispered against my mouth, swiping a stray drop from the corner of my eye.

Felix to Nell:  We’d loved each other hard and deep that first time, and twenty years was a long time to hold onto that feeling.  Yet here I was, experiencing the same euphoria in Adrian’s arms as if I were fifteen again, because he was my first.  The passion we’d shared so long ago had always been locked away somewhere deep inside us, only to be released again.

Adrian to Mia: “You and me, we’re the real deal.  With a ring or without.  Please don’t ever think I’ll leave you.  I understand how sensitive you are about it, and I will wait for you until the day I die, if I have to.  You’re mine.  You always have been.  No vow or promise can mean more to me than your everyday words and what I feel when You’re with me.


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