ARC-Book Review! A Blogging Reader’s Review: ‘Cop Town’ by Karin Slaughter

ARC-Book Review! A Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘COP TOWN’ by Karin Slaughter.


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Author: Karin Slaughter
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group – Bantam Dell (Review based on ARC copy – early review)
Publishing date: June 24th, 2014


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Cop Town by Karin Slaughter


The Synopsis & My ‘Blogging Reader’s Review’ after reading  an ARC-Early Copy of ‘COP TOWN’:

I was given an ARC early-copy of the novel: ‘COP TOWN’ by author Karin Slaughter in exchange for my honest review. This story was brilliantly executed with great descriptions  of the characters living in the busy city of Atlanta back in 1974, during a time when changes were happening, different people were blending and many were hesitant and some even angry about the mixture of people entering into ‘their’ societies as they had known it.  The story is written in four P.O.V.’s(point of views) which are Jimmy Lawson, Maggie Lawson, Kate Murphy and ‘Fox.’

The story begins in the middle of a desperate search for a cop killer that is on the loose in the huge city of Atlanta, Georgia.  From case to case, the motive is still unknown, the suspect list is pretty much non-existent and evidence has been minimal at best.  This killer is good at what he’s doing and the police force is determined to catch ‘The Atlanta Shooter’ despite the slim chance.  They have to, before any more of their brothers in blue are executed in their city.

Jimmy Lawson rushed to save his partner Don Wesley, with no concern about being covered in the blood and body of his partner on his uniform and skin.  Jimmy has survived the possible ambush.  It was another attack from what he assumes must have been ‘The Atlanta Shooter’, who had already left a trail of dead cops in his city.  All the while, Jimmy has a secret that he’s kept from his family and his fellow police buddies that could be discovered if he’s not careful about what he discloses about that night.

Jimmy’s younger sister Maggie Lawson, who is also on the police force, can not believe her brother came face to face with ‘The Atlanta Shooter’.  Maggie joined the police force despite the times.  In 1974, few women cops existed but not without some harassment and the snickers and stares that would make anyone feel less than worthy to wear the uniform.  As the saying goes ‘Only the strong survive’, and Maggie is determined to survive the sometimes hostile environment to prove to her family and herself that she belongs.   Changes were happening but not without some struggle and resentment in this cop town. 

Kate Murphy is a rookie and on her first day on the job. She’s pushed and tested by every officer, male and female.  But she’s like Maggie, determined to prove herself.  Even though she comes from a family with money, she is dead set on proving that she can pull off what is expected from her or any other cop on the job.  She is thrust into the world that surrounds the city of Atlanta’s rougher streets and the questionable seedy world inside of the police force as well.

Many of the older generation of officers on the force don’t hold back from sharing their dislike for people different from them as far as religion, sex, race, sexual preference, etc. goes.  But all of that isn’t their biggest concern.  Catching this illusive cop killer is.  The least expected uniformed officers take it into their own hands to try and solve this case and catch ‘The Atlanta Shooter’.   ‘Cop Town’ is very entertaining. It blends some real-life details with a thrilling fictional story that will keep readers trying to play detective and figure out who ‘The Atlanta Shooter’ really is.  There are definitely gritty and emotionally dark moments in ‘Cop Town’ that bring a depth to the story and take it beyond the level of just a simple cop’s tale. Looking for something interesting to read, I do recommend ‘Cop Town.’


Reader Warning: The story is of the Mystery, Crime-Adult Thriller genres. Contains strong language, some sexual and  mature situations, violence and offensive phrases.  Recommended only for mature readers- ages 18+.


1 star rating 4


How I imagined Jimmy, Maggie and Kate while reading ‘Cop Town’:

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Jimmy’s thoughts:  The classic Saturday night special.  Twenty-five bucks on any ghetto corner.  That’s what his partner’s life had come down to.  Twenty-five bucks.

Jimmy’s thoughts on his sister Maggie:  Where was she now?  Safe in bed, he hoped.  Fast asleep, he prayed.  She was on the job, too.  His little sister.  It wasn’t safe.

Maggie’s thoughts:  Never mind that Jimmy was her brother and Don Wesley was his friend.  She was a cop, too.  You went to the hospital when another cop was there.  You gave blood.  You waited for news.  You comforted the family.  All of this was part of the job.

Maggie’s thoughts:  Same modus operandi.  Same lack of leads.  No witnesses.  No bullet casings.  No fingerprints.  No suspects.  Around the station, they’d started calling the killer the Atlanta Shooter.

Maggie’s thoughts:  The Shooter cases were different.  Each time, the entire force had mobilized to shut down the city, and each time, the momentum had drained away, the snitches had stopped showing up and eventually, the streets had gone back to business as usual as they all waited for the next cop to be murdered.

Kate’s thoughts:  Never in the history of civilization had so many pens been dropped so repeatedly.  She ignored them all, even as she prayed that she would get partnered with one of them.  The bigger and stupider, the better.  Kate knew how to handle men.  It was the women she worried about.

Kate’s thoughts:  She’d never in her life been so roughly treated.  Something about putting on the uniform had turned her from good girl to bad.  It was as if they were telling her:  come into our territory, play by our rules.

Kate’s thoughts about the cop victims:  To be forced onto your knees.  To look at a gun pointing at your head.  To see the finger pull the trigger.  To watch the explosion of the bullet coming out of the chamber.  She could not imagine the terror.

Fox’s thoughts:  Nobody gave a shit when Fox was killing drug dealers and street scum.  Put down a couple of cops, and that got their attention, even if they were the kind of cops who deserved to die.


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