MOVIES: Stephen King’s ‘IT’ [Film] Adaptation Remake!

STEPHEN KING’S ‘IT’ REMAKE-Coming Soon To a Theater Near You…

(Check back for Updates on this post about ‘IT’ – the film)Stephen Kings IT 8

IT remake 6 good

(Latest Update on the film can be found just below this) – The rumors have been floating around (no pun intended) for a few years that there would be a remake. In case you haven’t heard, “IT” OFFICIALLY has been! Stephen King’s ‘IT’ has become a big screen novel-to-film adaptation and remake. Part 1 was released in September of 2017. Part 2 of the adaptation is set to hit the big-screen in September of 2019! The film has been slated as 2 films: Part 1 is the characters’ story as children, and the 2nd will pick up 27 years later as adults when the “IT” terrors return. Director Andy Muschietti(previous work includes 2013’s horror flick ‘Mama’) will return to helm the film. The children stars of the Part 1 will return as well to reprise their roles in flashback scenes and Bill Skarsgard will return as the demented star of the film “Pennywise” the Dancing Clown. (View below for updates including who has been cast for the adult versions of the characters!) 

IT by Stephen King 9




BREAKING: All of the characters(young and adult) for Part 2 of the “IT” movie have been officially cast! This is a group of talented actors and many were fan favorite choices. HERE’S THE OFFICIAL FIRST LOOK OF THE CAST!


Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise, Jaeden Lieberher(young) and James McAvoy(adult) as Bill Denbrough, Sophia Lillis(young) and Jessica Chastain(adult) as Beverly Marsh, Jeremy Ray Taylor(young) and Jay Ryan(adult) as Ben Hanscom, Jack Dylan Grazer(young) and James Ransone(adult) as Eddie Kaspbrak, Chosen Jacobs(young) and Isaiah Mustafa(adult) as Mike Hanlon, Finn Wolfhard(young) and Bill Hader(adult) as Richie Tozier, Wyatt Oleff(young) and Andy Bean(adult) as Stanley Uris.


What do you think of the cast?



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1st OFFICIAL TRAILER for “IT” Part 1 (JULY 27th, 2017):













BREAKING: FIRST IMAGE OF PENNYWISE THE CLOWN FOR  THE “IT” REMAKE(July 13th, 2016 & August 16th, 2016):  Here is the first image of Actor Bill Skarsgard(Hemlock Grove) as “Pennywise The Clown” for the New Line and Warner Bros. remake of Stephen King’s “It” Remake. Way darker and creepier. What do you think? OFFICIAL FIRST FULL LOOK AT OUR PENNYWISE!!!!
Bill Skarsgard in full costume!!

Stephen Kings IT 10b

Stephen Kings IT 10aStephen Kings IT 9



FILMING NEWS(As of July 2016): Here are some photos of the cast together: “The Losers Club”, “The Bowers Gang”, and the cast with the director at Captain Fantastic’s movie premiere!

Stephen Kings IT 7g Stephen Kings IT 7j Stephen Kings IT 7k Stephen Kings IT 7l Stephen Kings IT 7i



“They all float.”- Pennywise. Yikes… Check out some eerie stills from the film.

Stephen Kings IT 7f


BREAKING CASTING NEWS(As of June 2016): First candid photo of “The Losers Club.”

* Jaeden Lieberher as Bill Denbrough
* Finn Wolfhard as Richie Tozier
* Chosen Jacobs as Mike Hanlon
* Jeremy Ray Taylor as Ben Hanscom
* Jack Dylan Grazer as Eddie Kaspbrak
* Wyatt Oleff as Stanley Uris
* Sofia Lillas as Beverly Marsh

Stephen Kings IT 6(via FB: Finn Wolfhard cast to play Richie Tozier)


BREAKING CASTING NEWS(As of June 2016): The latest casting news have been announced and here they are! First up is the casting of the final young member of “The Losers Club’s,” Beverly “Bev” Marsh has been cast and the young actress is Sofia Lillis. Next, you have the casting of the villain and lead bully Henry Bowers who will be played by Australian actor Nicholas Hamilton. Also cast is Henry Bowers’ bully friend Patrick Hockstetter who will be played by actor Owen Teague. And last but definitely not least, we have Actor Javier Botet has been cast as the “Homeless Man, Lepper, Pennywise” that is seen in the Stephen King “IT” novel but was not portrayed in the T.V. film adaptation in 1990.  Who is getting very excited about the casting news

Stephen Kings IT 6d(via FB: Stephen King’s It Remake)


UPDATE: “IT” REMAKE HAS A RELEASE DATE ANNOUNCEMENT! As of April 22, 2016:  New Line and Warner Bros. have announced the official release date for Stephen King’s “It” Remake adaptation. It’s been set for: September 18th, 2017! Who’s ready to be scared out of their mind? No clownin’ around! Sources have stated that Actor Will Poulter has dropped out of the film due to filming schedule conflicts. We are ready for the long-awaited casting news for the evil tormenting clown Pennywise and for The Losers Club. Who is ready for IT? More news to come. Check back for more updates!

Stephen Kings IT 2b


UPDATE as of June 2nd, 2016 *CASTING NEWS*:  Tim Curry brought the evil Pennywise clown character to life in the T.V. adaptation of Stephen King’s IT novel. Now sources have stated that Stephen King’s It – 2-part big screen Remake, to be directed by Andy Muschietti, may have found it’s new “Pennywise dancing clown.” Actor Bill Skarsgard(Hemlock Grove) is said to be in final negotiations to play Pennywise, the evil monster disguised as a clown set out to lure children to a possibly horrible demise. New Line wanted to take the dark character in a slightly different direction while keeping true to the novel storyline itself. The different route they wanted to take is to make the Pennywise character a little younger. I absolutely am on board and excited! Thoughts, fans?

Stephen Kings IT 4

ALSO BREAKING CASTING NEWS: More cast members have been announced for the remake! They include this cast of kids for Pennywise to scare: Jaeden Lieberher, Finn Wolfhard, Jack Dylan Grazer, Wyatt Oleff, Chosen Jacobs and Jeremy Ray Taylor. Who is getting very excited about the casting news and seeing that this is actually happening?

Stephen Kings IT 5(Image of the children being tormented by Pennywise in the television film in 1990.)


UPDATE as of April 12, 2016:  The latest information regarding the long awaited remake of the Stephen King adaptation “IT” is that director Andy Muschietti is still on board with the film but no casting news has been announced as of yet. The “IT” remake is expected to be filmed in two-parts as a theatrical release from both the children’s point of view followed by the adult’s point of view. Filming is said to begin this summer in and around the city of Toronto. As more updates come up, check back here for the latest news! 

Stephen Kings IT 1 (via: Stephen Kings It Remake-FB)


UPDATE as of JULY 16th, 2015:  Don’t count “IT” out completely yet. When Cary Fukunaga parted from the film remake, the project was shelved. Now it seems that the studio is on the hunt for a replacement director and has their sights currently on director Andy Muschietti who directed the horror film “Mama.”  If he signs on as the new director, a new writer and script will be the next goal. Actor Will Poulter is no longer officially tied to the film but could possibly return if all factors align and if he’s available. The “IT” remake is expected to be filmed in two-parts as a theatrical release. As more updates come up, check back here for the latest news! 


UPDATE as of JUNE 2nd, 2015:  What a way to deflate the fans excitement. I’m completely disappointed to share this update on the “IT” remake. The latest news shared by sources is that the film has been officially shelved a.k.a cancelled! It looks like we won’t be seeing an updated version of the gruesome and evil monster that disguised himself as a clown known as “Pennywise the dancing clown” in order to lure children to their demise. The story is based on the novel “IT” by horror writer favorite Stephen King and has been one of the scariest stories out there that continues to horrify readers. If any new updates emerge (fingers crossed for them to change their minds) check back here. I’ll definitely keep you updated on anything changes! Till then, here is a glimpse of “what could/should have been”: (Artwork ideas that were pitched for Pennywise – from Director and screenwriter Vincenzo Natali )

IT by Stephen King 8a IT by Stephen King 8 IT by Stephen King 8d


UPDATE as of May 8th, 2015:  Now that Will Poulter is said to be in final negotiations to play “Pennywise” the dancing clown in the upcoming “IT” remake, here’s an awesome (Photoshopped) image to give you an idea of how he may look in the role. This was made by “Mike from Last Exit To Nowhere.


Can Will Poulter pull off the look? IT by Stephen King 7 will-poulter-


UPDATE as of May 2015 *CASTING NEWS*:  The script is said to be complete and filming will begin this summer more than likely. They may have found it’s new “Pennywise dancing clown.” Actor Will Poulter(We’re The Millers, The Revenant) is said to be in final negotiations to play Pennywise, the evil monster disguised as a clown set out to lure children to a possibly horrible demise. Thoughts, fans?IT by Stephen King 6 will-poulter-

UPDATE as of April 2015:  According to a few sources, Stephen King’s It – Remake will possibly begin filming this summer. Right now everything is in pre-production mode. More updates to come! Who is excited?

UPDATE as of May 21st, 2014:  The theatrical-adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘IT’ has had a recent change of studio today.  ‘IT’ has moved from Warner Bros. to New Line Cinema. Cary Fukunaga is still on board as the director according to sources despite claims that stated otherwise. We will continue to bring any updates as they are received.


The novel ‘IT’ by Stephen King and it’s 1,100 pages, is full of dark, scary and horrifying moments that dark nightmares are made of.  The questions remain:  Will the remake be made closer to the novel?  Will there be a huge, scary contrast between the television miniseries adaptation and the upcoming theatrical-film adaptation?  ‘IT’ is an awesomely-creepy story and most fans may feel that, if done correctly, it could have the potential to revive and breath new life to the world of horror films.  Only time will tell…

Stephen King’s ‘IT’ was made into a two-part television movie that aired in November of 1990.  The television miniseries had high ratings and has since become a fan-favorite in the horror-movie world, thanks to an evil ‘clown’ by the name of Pennywise.  Tim Curry received critical acclaim on his performance as Pennywise, the evil being disguised as a clown, causing horror, nightmares and death to his victims in a small town called Derry.  The ABC miniseries also starred Jonathan Brandis, Brandon Crane, Emily Perkins, Adam Faraizl, Seth Green, Marlon Taylor, Ben Heller and Jarred Blancard as the young characters. Also, John Ritter, Harry Anderson, Tim Reid, Annette O’Toole, Richard Thomas, Dennis Christopher, Richard Masur as the adult-version of the characters.

The Million-Dollar Question: Who would you like to see Cast for the film?

IT remake 4aDIRECTOR: Cary Fukunaga (pictured above) no longer due to disagreements on the project like wanting it to be 2 films, etc.  DIRECTOR UPDATE: Andy Muschietti is set as the new director!

Story is based on the 1986 Novel ‘IT’ by: Stephen King

Screenplay writers: (New Screenwriter to come) Formerly was: Cary Fukunaga, Chase Palmer, David Kajganich


IT remake 2

The Plot for ‘IT’:

In the Town of Derry, Maine the local children are disappearing one by one, leaving behind discarded, mutilated body parts/remains.  Soon afterwards, in a place known as ‘The Barrens’, a group of seven kids, known as ‘The Losers Club’, are united by their horrifying and strange encounters with a sadistic, wisecracking clown called Pennywise. They all seem to share the same kind of eerie experiences with this evil clown. One of the kids, Bill Denborough, has a more personal vendetta with Pennywise the clown.  Thirty years after their last encounter together with Pennywise, ‘The Losers Club’ has regrouped, leaving behind their adult lives they’ve lived successfully, after being contacted by the only member of ‘The Losers Club’ who stayed in Derry, Mike Hanlon.  He has let them all know that IT has returned, and kids are disappearing again.  The only problem is that they have all forgotten what occurred that summer.  But through a blood oath, they return.  It’s up to The Lucky Seven(formerly The Losers Club) to regain their memories, to think of the key to killing Pennywise, and end his tyranny but to also realize what brought them together in the first place.


IT remake 7b

Stephen King’s: ‘IT’ T.V. miniseries 1990 Trailer (HD):

IT remake 3b


Some memorable Quotes/Lines From ‘IT’ – T.V. miniseries:

T.V. miniseries Quote:  “They float, they all float… and when you’re down here with me, fat boy, you’ll float too.”-(Pennywise)

T.V. miniseries Quote:  “BEEP! BEEP! Richie.”

T.V. miniseries Quote:  “Swear to me. Swear to me that if IT isn’t dead, we’ll all come back.”-(Bill)

T.V. miniseries Quote:  “I am eternal my child. I am the eater of worlds, and of children. And you are next!-(Pennywise)

T.V. miniseries Quote:  “Kiss me fat boy.”-(Pennywise)

T.V. miniseries Quote:  I believe in Santa Claus. I believe in the Easter Bunny. I believe in the Tooth Fairy. But I don’t believe in you. This is battery acid. Now you disappear!-(Eddie)

T.V. miniseries Quote:  “I’ll drive you crazy and then I’ll kill you all! I’m every nightmare you ever had! I am your worst dream come true! I’m everything you ever were afraid of!”-(Pennywise)


IT remake 1b


💥‘IT’ Part 1 (film) RELEASE DATE: September 8th, 2017💥


💥‘IT’ Part 2 (film) RELEASE DATE: September 6th, 2019💥




Check back for Updates on this post about ‘IT’ [film]


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