Book Review! A Blogging Reader’s Review: ‘Nomad Kind Of Love’ by Nicole Snow.

Book Review! One Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘Nomad Kind Of Love: Prairie Devils MC Romance’ (Outlaw Love Series-book #2) by Nicole Snow.


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Author: Nicole Snow
Series: Outlaw Love (book #2)
Publisher: Ice Lips Press
Published on: April 17th, 2014


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Nomad Kind Of Love by Nicole Snow

The Synopsis & My ‘Blogging Reader’s Review’ after reading ‘NOMAD KIND OF LOVE: PRAIRIE DEVILS MC ROMANCE (Outlaw Love Series book #2)’:

First off, I’ve yet to read book #1 of the Outlaw Love Series but thankfully the stories in this series are only slightly intertwined because the characters make cameos within the novels, but the stories are individuals.  What drew me to this novel was the cover and the synopsis for the story, so I had to check it out.  The story is written in the two P.O.V.’s(point of views) of June Daniels and Aaron ‘Maverick’ Sturm.

June Daniels is a teenage girl with a twin sister, who lives at home with their mother and a father who is a part of the Grizzlies Motorcycle Club. She is awaken one night by the sounds of the Grizzlies Motorcycle Club invading her home and shattering her home life forever.  The Grizzlies MC decide to take control of June from then on.  Everything becomes a real life nightmare, with no end in sight. 

The Prairie Devils MC are sent out West and arrive to town, looking to establish a new charter in the area.  The President of the Prairie Devils MC is a biker who lives as a Nomad and rides with his crew where ever the mother charter needs them.  Aaron ‘Maverick’ Sturm is handsome, tall, tattooed and dominant.  They ride over to check out a local business owned by the Grizzlies MC to get an idea of what they are about.  Also, to let their presence be known.  That’s when he first sees her.

Maverick is taken by June and her beauty and the sadness in her eyes.  June becomes collateral to a shaky agreement made between the Prairie Devils MC and the Grizzlies MC, and becomes collateral property of the Prairie Devils MC.  The President  of the Prairie Devils MC, Maverick, becomes protective and finds himself wanting to know, keep and claim this mysterious yet edgy collateral named June.  But all June has on her mind is revenge. 

Will Maverick be the one to help June get the vengeance she seeks?  Can her outlaw savior Maverick be the love June needs or will she only cause problems that will bring war to the door of the Prairie Devils MC?  This story is definitely a nice dose of rough bikers, a battle for control and a lot of erotic moments.  This is a gritty and hot read so be ready for that.  If that is your kind of novel, then I do recommend this because it brings you the biker world in full force. Check it out!

★★‘NOMAD KIND OF LOVE’ is the 2nd novel of the ‘Outlaw Love Series’. What else is in the series:★★

OUTLAW KIND OF LOVE: PRAIRIE DEVILS MC ROMANCE – Book #1 of the ‘Outlaw Love Series’ –  This novel follows the story of Rachel Hargrove and Jack ‘Throttle’ Shields, the V.P. of the mother charter of the Prairie Devils MC (To be released: March 24th, 2014)

NOMAD KIND OF LOVE: PRAIRIE DEVILS MC ROMANCEBook #2 of the ‘Outlaw Love Series’ –  This novel follows the story of June Daniels and Aaron ‘Maverick’ Sturm, the President of the Prairie Devils Nomads MC charter (To be released: March 24th, 2014)


1 star rating 4


How I imagined June and Aaron ‘Maverick'(the cover was perfect for ‘Maverick’) while reading ‘Nomad Kind Of Love’:

1 collage 2



June’s thoughts:  To find a knight, first you need a dragon.  My dragon came in columns of snorting engines and leather jackets emblazoned with a roaring bear.  It reeked motor oil, cheap tobacco, and hard violence from every nook and cranny.  It arrived on the morning of my eighteenth birthday, the day everything I knew and loved was burned to cinders, including my soul.  Rather than becoming a bright young woman, I became a dark shadow.

Maverick’s when he first see’s June:  What’s going on here?  She’s a nice strong cocktail on two sexy legs and one fine ass.  Spilling emotion out those sad pretty eyes like nothing I’ve ever seen.  Keep looking this way, baby.  Se the need in these eyes?  It’s not limp desire.  It’s a fucking promise that I’m gonna see a whole lot more of you soon.

Mavericks words:  “As I stand here, with God and my brothers as witnesses, I will kill them.  Every last member of the Missoula Grizzlies has a painful death on the way by these hands, and there’s no fucking stopping it.”

June’s thoughts on Aaron ‘Maverick’:  I had a lion between my legs, a man who loved as well as he killed.  I didn’t have a choice anymore.  My body decided for me, and so had my heart, throwing my worthless senses to the curb.  The pleasure he delivered in wave after knee trembling wave told me he was welcome there anytime he wanted.

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