Book Review: One Blogging Reader’s Review: This Time Around by Chantal Fernando.

Book Review! One Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘This Time Around’ by Chantal Fernando

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About the first installment of the ‘Maybe Series’:

Title: THIS TIME AROUND – Book #2
Indie-Author: Chantal Fernando
Series: Maybe Series (three books as of this post…maybe more to come)
Publisher: Self-Published


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Maybe Series - This Time Around by Chantal Fernando  book 2


The Synopsis for ‘Maybe This Time’ via

I loved her.
I lost her.
But I’m not willing to let her go.

This time, I’m playing for keeps.


My ‘Blogging Reader’s Review’ of ‘MAYBE THIS TIME’ by author Chantal Fernando:

This is the second novel of the Maybe Series by Chantal Fernando and it follows twin-brother, Ryan Knox and Taiya Knox. As the reader, you will get to enjoy the story in both of their P.O.V’s(point of view), which is always great.

Ryan Knox is Reid’s(from Maybe Series-book #1) twin brother. He has the same blonde hair, handsome face and super hot-fit body. His differences are that he has a less broody personality and seems to be more upbeat and flirty. Underneath the flirty-womanizing side of him, is the pain caused from one mistake made a year prior, causing his wife to leave him. He tried to hide the pain he felt after finding a note from his wife Taiya basically telling him ‘goodbye’. After she left, he tried to cover his broken heart and regret by sleeping with women that were down for a good-time. It seems none of them would ever compare to the woman he still craved for deep inside.

Taiya Knox is married to her childhood sweetheart, Ryan Knox. They were both each others first everything and had planned to be together forever. That was until something happened causing her to want to pack up and move as far away from Ryan as she could get. After returning a year later, she is ready to pick up her life and start over again on her own. Only problems are, Ryan wants her back and will do what he has to, to try and win her over and she can’t deny that she still loves him even after every thing.

In this novel, we get to see if they can work out their problems and find that love again. Can forgiveness happen when the truth is revealed? I’m happy to say that we also get a glimpse into the other possible relationships that may be developing between other characters for hopefully, future novels to this series. Xander will be next! Check this novel out. If you love this series, expect another great story. If you aren’t familiar with it, I recommend you check out this series and these stories that aren’t your average love-stories. Looking forward to the next in this series! 🙂


★★More about the ‘Maybe Series’★★

Maybe This Time – Book #1 of Maybe Series (Published: October 14th, 2013)
This Time Around – Book #2 of Maybe Series (January 21st, 2014)
Time Will Tell – Book #3 of Maybe Series  (September 2014)



1 star rating 4


How I imagined Taiya, Ryan, Summer, Reid, Persephone, Xander, Jack, Dash and Tag from ‘This Time Around’:

1 collage 3



Taiya’s thoughts on Ryan:  Knox Tavern.  The place looks different since the last time I saw it.  I walk in and my eyes immediately zoom in on him.  I don’t see anyone else in that room except him.

Ryan’s thoughts on Taiya:  She is the only woman in the world with the power to hurt me, and that’s exactly what she did.

Summer and Ryan: “Listen to me. You are Ryan Knox. Local heartthrob and all-around amazing guy.
Whatever you messed up, you can fix it. The question is how much work are you willing
to put in to win her back? Just how important is she to you?”-(Summer)
I puff out a breath. “She’s everything.”-(Ryan)

Ryan’s thoughts:  Friends is better than her jumping down my throat with her harsh words and throwing the past in my face, like she did the last time I saw her.  I would say anything right now to get a second chance with her, and I’m not above playing dirty to get what I want.  I’d do anything to go back in time, to be how we were.

Taiya’s thoughts:  He’s trying to insert himself back into my life, and while I feel the pull towards him more than ever, I can’t let myself be vulnerable around him again.  Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice… Ryan and I are over.


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