ARC-Book Review! One Blogging Reader’s Review: ‘Fighting To Forget’ by J.B. Salsbury.

ARC-Book Review! One Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘Fighting To Forget’ (Fighting Series book #3) by J.B. Salsbury.


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Author: J. B. Salsbury
Series: Fighting #3
Publisher: JB Salsbury LLC (Review based on ARC copy – early review)
Publishing date: April 15th, 2014


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Fighting To Forget 3 by J.B. Salsbury


The Synopsis & My ‘Blogging Reader’s Review’ after reading  an ARC-Early Copy of ‘FIGHTING TO FORGET (Fighting series book #3)’:

I was very excited to be invited to review an ARC-copy of ‘Fighting To Forget’ which is the third novel of the ‘Fighting Series’.  The story follows Rex Carter and Georgia McIntyre in Las Vegas.  You will be reading the story through the two main characters P.O.V.’s (point of views).  Fighting To Forget is about forgiveness, healing from a dark past and finding you’re inner peace after experiencing real life nightmares.

A young girl named Gia, visits a young boy every chance she can at night once her parents are asleep.  She worries about him and wonders why he’s always so sad and broken.  She shares books, a teddy bear and her time with him, singing Christmas songs that seem to sooth him. This goes on for a time until one day, he she calls to get him help and he’s taken away.  Gia never sees the sad boy again.

MMA fighter by day, and talented music-odyssey by night, Rex Carter, is always in great shape thanks to his constant training and his short black hair and blue eyes.  Only difference between him and many of his fellow MMA fighter friends, who he views as family, he chooses to cover much of his body with tattoos and piercings because the pain is almost like an addiction. He finds that physical pain of fighting, tattoos and piercings calms the storm that brews inside him.  Rex gets nightmares that seem to always haunt him that he can’t tell if there is any truth to the small glimpses of horrible images he sees.  The worst part is that he can’t seem to remember much from his childhood.  He numbs himself to any kind of emotional connections with anyone and his friends who are the closest thing he has to family, don’t even know how deeply damaged Rex is.  This was his life until one day when his life crosses paths with a young waitress named ‘Mac’, who works at a bar that his band ‘Ataxia’ performs at on Sunday nights.  Music has been another way Rex has been able to find a release from the secrets that haunt him.  From the point of their meeting, his life goes sent through a tailspin of events and will never be the same.

Georgia ‘Mac’ McIntyre is a black haired, pale skinned, light brown-eyed beautiful waitress who’s been working several months at a local bar in Las Vegas.  She didn’t just happen to fall into this job or this part of Las Vegas by coincidence. ‘Mac’ came here on a mission to set things right, confess to Rex what she knows about his past and find her own peace along the way if she can.  She has been waiting to find the right time to make contact with Rex, but seeing him now, has stirred some strong feelings inside of her that have made her hesitant.  She’s afraid that all of the information she needs to share with Rex may only destroy the man he’s become.  ‘Mac’ looks nothing like she use to and she knows that once she reaches out to Rex, he may end up hating her. That would just tear her world apart. Her past should’ve broken her but with only the hopes of finding revenge, some kind of peace and Rex, has kept her going.

The Fighting Series has yet to disappoint and this story ‘Fighting To Forget’, is so compelling with its tumultuous story, the depth of the characters and the battles they must face and fight to overcome.  Can Rex handle the truth about his past or will it destroy him completely?  Can ‘Mac’ find the peace she seeks? Will they both be able to survive the past demons that haunt them both? And find out what ever happened to the young girl named ‘Gia’.  I highly recommend this novel and this series, it will not disappoint readers who appreciate a great story with imperfect characters that you can’t help but hope to see them get some kind of happy ending. I love this story and these characters and look forward to the next novel of this series.

Small warning: The story is of the New Adult genre and discusses child abuse and has some strong sexual content.  I’d recommend only for readers ages 18+.


★★‘Fighting To Forget’ is the 3rd novel of the ‘Fighting Series’. What else is in the series:★★

FIGHTING FOR FLIGHT – Book #1 of the ‘Fighting Series’ – Follows Raven and MMA Professional Fighter Jonah “The Assassin” Slade’s story (Released On: February 25th, 2013)

FIGHTING TO FORGIVE – Book #2 of the ‘Fighting Series’ – Follows Blake Daniels, Jonah “The Assassin” Slade’s Best Friend and fellow professional fighter (Released On: November 19th, 2013)

FIGHTING TO FORGET – Book #3 of the ‘Fighting Series’ –  Follows Rex Carter, Jonah “The Assassin” Slade’s Friend and fellow fighter who loves piercings and tattoos (Expected release date: 2014) – *ARC Review Posted Above!*

FIGHTING THE FALL – Book #4 of the ‘Fighting Series’ –  Follows Raven’s best friend who’s – Eve Dawson and the new CEO of the UFL and former fighter Cameron Kyle (Expected release date: October 2014)


1 star rating 4.5


How I imagined Rex, Gia and Mac while reading ‘Fighting To Forget’. 🙂

1 collage 3



Fighting To Forget 3 by J.B. Salsbury b(Click Image Above)



Lyrics by Rex: Because inside my shell I’m that boy
Who was never given a say
The real me I’ll cover and destroy
To keep the worst of the pain away.–Ataxia.

Rex’s thoughts:  Groupies are notorious for blabbing about their sexual conquests. I prefer to keep my encounters private, but not for the reasons most would think. It’s not the media I care about or the fear of getting a playboy rep; it’s that I hate doing it. Nothing turns my stomach more than my body’s primal needs.

Mac’s thoughts:  I lie in bed half the night, fighting sleep for fear the dreams will come: memories of the life I lived before I got free, locked up and alone with revenge as my only company.

Mac’s thoughts:  From what I can tell he’s managed to keep his past a secret.  I don’t blame him.  But Rex doesn’t know everything, not the most important thing.  If I can just get close enough to him to form a friendship, then I can fill him in on the part of his past he doesn’t know.  The one thing that could change everything.

Rex and Mac: “And you call me stubborn. That’s three times tonight I’ve had to beg you to let me help you.”-(Rex)
I study my lap to avoid his probing glare.
“I’m not used to people wanting to help me.”-(Mac)
Especially the one person whom I promised to help.

Rex’s thoughts:  I don’t know a thing about this girl, but something about her feels familiar.  Maybe it’s her easy-going attitude.  She acts more like a guy than a chick.  Not what I’m used to at all.  Most of the girls that I’ve hung out with whine when the waitress forgets the lime in their cocktail… Funny I haven’t noticed her before.  I mean it’s not as if she blends in. Shit.

Mac’s thoughts: My intention has always been revenge first, absolution second.  Here I am, sitting a foot away, holding information that I thought would bring Rex the peace he deserves, but watching him over these last few months, it seems he’s doing much better than I am.  This is a mistake.

Rex and Mac: “I really like kissing you.”-(Rex)
His voice is so quiet that if I weren’t paying close enough attention I would’ve missed it.
“Is that bad?”-(Mac) All I want to do is fix it, make whatever he’s going through better. Take his pain away.
“It is for me.”-(Rex) Finally he turns toward me, and I fight the urge to recoil at the war raging behind his eyes.

Mac’s thoughts:  Rex is my addiction.  On some level he always has been.  But not like this.  I’d beg, get on my knees and plead for him to take me, control me, and have me for no other reason than his pleasure.  I scrub my hands over my face.  That sounds insane.  But it’s true.

Rex’s thoughts:  The urgent need to protect her, keep her safe from any and every thing is there, but there’s something else too:  an egotistical drive to posses and claim her, willing to fuck-up anyone who tries to take her away.

Georgia McIntyre:  They can lock me up, but they can’t keep me in here forever.  I’ll find my way back to him.  Always. –(Georgia McIntyre, age 10)

Rex’s thoughts:  Life lies within the chain link of the octagon:  the sweat, blood… the pain.  It’s the only thing that reminds me I’m alive.  When most of the time I wish I were dead.

Rex’s thoughts:  Gia, my savior in the dark.  I wanted to remember so badly.  I felt lost without the knowledge of my past.  And now that I have it all back, I’d give it away tomorrow for the chance for one more night with Gia.

Georgia McIntyre’s thoughts:  The girl who set eyes on a young boy and knew he’d own her heart forever sings from the dark part of my soul, reminding me that there’s hope.  And maybe with time our love could raise her from the dead.


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