ARC-Book Review! One Blogging Reader’s Review: ‘Killing Honor’ by S.M. Butler.

ARC-Book Review! One Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘Killing Honor’ (Lucky Thirteen Series-book #1) by S.M. Butler.


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Author: S.M. Butler
Series: Lucky Thirteen Series (books #1)
Publisher: Soaring Phoenix Press (Review based on ARC copy – early review)
Publishing date: March 24th, 2014


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Killing Honor by S.M. Butler

The Synopsis & My ‘Blogging Reader’s Review’ after reading  an ARC-Early Copy of ‘KILLING HONOR (Lucky Thirteen series book #1)’:

‘Killing Honor’ is the first novel of the ‘Lucky Thirteen Series’ by S.M. Butler. I was provided with an ARC copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review of this contemporary romance novel. It offers not only the romance but a great blend of action and suspense as well. The story is offered up from two main-character P.O.V.’s(point of views). The main characters of this story are Navy SEAL Brody Battles and his wife, Devyn.

Brody Battles is a Navy SEAL who is a part of SEAL Team Thirteen, which goes on secret missions that not even his family knows much about. He married his childhood sweetheart just about a year before heading out on a secret mission, leaving her behind to raise their young twin daughters. His job is secretive for safety reasons, his missions are dangerous but his team is deadly and determined to always get their top secret missions completed.

Devyn Battles has loved Brody since she was a young girl and has never wanted anyone else. When her husband left for a mission, their twin daughters were just a couple of weeks old, leaving her to raise their daughters alone till his return. She knows what her husband does is important but she really has no idea of what he goes through on a mission. She’s managed to keep everything taken care of at home and has grown up a lot, since she last saw her husband Brody.

Upon Brody’s return back home, after being gone on a mission that lasted two years, things have changed. Brody must re-adapt into the life of being father and husband again after living as a member of SEAL Team Thirteen for the last couple of years. There will always be an adjustment period for someone who lives a life like he does and who has been gone so long. Brody and Devyn still love each other but can they reconnect after being apart so long? Can they revive that close bond again or is their relationship headed for heartbreak?

Those may not be the only problems that emerge once Brody returns because there may be some unsettled business with the enemies that SEAL Team Thirteen has made while on their last mission. And those enemies may be closer than they think and dead set on revenge. I definitely recommend this captivating story because you get a great blend of romance, a look into the dynamics that a military family goes through at times with a homecoming, and you get plenty of suspenseful-action. ‘Killing Honor’ is a story about realizing what matters most and doing what you need to do in order to protect it at all costs. Check it out!

★★‘KILLING HONOR’ is the 1st novel of the ‘Lucky Thirteen Series’. What else is in the series:★★

KILLING HONOR – Book #1 of the ‘Lucky Thirteen Series’ –  This Contemporary Romance novel follows the story of Navy SEAL Brody Battles upon his return home to his wife Devyn and twin daughters, while enemies lurk in the shadows, seeking revenge(To be released: March 24th, 2014) – *ARC Review Posted Above!*

WOUNDED COURAGE – Book #2 of the ‘Lucky Thirteen Series’ –  This Contemporary Romance novel follows the story of Navy SEAL Eamon Murphy and his long time best friend’s twin sister, Addison Hardy.  With the results of what occurred in ‘Killing Honor’, Addison needs protection from her ex-boyfriend’s vengeful family. (Expected release date: June 2014)

DYING COMMITMENT – Book #3 of the ‘Lucky Thirteen Series’ –  This Contemporary Romance novel follows the story of Navy SEAL Dylan Urban and Cadence Long of the NSA.  They are sent to work together on a dangerous mission, while trying not act on a growing attraction between them. (Expected release date: October 28th, 2014)


1 star rating 4


How I imagined Brody and Devyn while reading ‘Killing Honor’.

Studio shot of a muscular dark-haired man



Brody and Hardy: “She’s my wife and I lie to her face about everything.”-(Brody)
“She would be in danger if you told her. You can’t tell her anything, especially where it relates to Simon Giroux.”-(Hardy)
“I know.” God, did I know that much. If any of Giroux’s men found out who SEAL Team Thirteen’s members were, all of our families would be in danger.

Brody’s thoughts: Devyn Rose. That’s who she had been when I met her at thirteen years old. She’d tricked me into being her boyfriend. But the truth was, I hadn’t really minded being her boyfriend. I’d loved her since I met her.

Devyn’s thoughts: I couldn’t stop staring at him. He was both at once familiar and strange. I knew him, yet I didn’t. But the one thing I did know? My husband. My lover. My best friend. He was home.

Brody to Devyn: “I feel human with you.” His voice was barely audible, but after the silence, it was deafening. “I’ve had to be an unfeeling machine for two years, but you make me human again. I have this need to touch you, to be with you. I crave you. I need you.”

Devyn to Brody: “My life was never in danger. I wasn’t ever fighting for the freedom of our world. But that doesn’t make it easier for me. Because I was here, fighting for us. For our family.”

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