Book Review! One Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘Fighting To Forgive’ by J.B. Salsbury.

Book Review! One Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘Fighting To Forgive’ (Fighting Series book #2) by J.B. Salsbury.

NOTE: Posted the latest ARC Review of the ‘Fighting Series-book #3’ – ‘FIGHTING TO FORGET’ in the ‘Related Articles section at the bottom’

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Author: J. B. Salsbury
Series: Fighting #2
Publisher: JB Salsbury LLC


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Fighting To Forgive 2 by J.B. Salsbury


The Synopsis & My ‘Blogging Reader’s Review’ after reading ‘FIGHTING TO FORGIVE (Fighting series book #2)’:

This is the second novel of the ‘Fighting Series’ by J.B. Salsbury titled ‘Fighting To Forgive’.  In this story we get to know Jonah’s friend and fellow MMA professional fighter, Blake Daniels who made memorable appearances in book one of the series.  We also get introduced to a new female main character, Layla Moorehead, who moves to Las Vegas from Seattle, with her teenage daughter.  Readers get a chance to enjoy the story from the two P.O.V.’s(point of views) from both Blake and Layla.

Blake Daniels is a great Mixed-Martial Arts Professional fighter who is also great at pulling female companionship for fun temporary satisfaction from any of the willing and waiting. But he is also skilled at never getting emotionally invested with any of them and that’s just how he plans to keep it.  He’s tall, attractive, well-built, confident and has no problem making jokes that drip with sexual innuendo.  Underneath all of this strength and confidence, he hides secrets that have scarred him and made him the the illusive person he has been thus far.  With family that he really keeps his distance from because of a father who is all about control, his friends have become his chosen family, aside from his younger brother.

Then there’s Layla Moorehead and her teenage daughter, Axelle who are new to Las Vegas from Seattle.  Layla is a petite early-thirties blonde female who is looking for a fresh start after getting a new job as an assistant.  The new city, new job, new home is all the start of a new life that she has been wanting for so long.  She has her own secrets and insecurities that threaten to creep up constantly because of the years she spent married to a monster.  Layla has decided that her focus will only be her daughter and and making a good independent life for them.  The furthest thing in her mind was meeting any kind of love interest.

When Blake and Layla meet, it’s not sparks and fireworks but annoyance and humor.  These two people who carry the weight and scars of their past lives,  try their best to steer clear of love or anything near it. But regardless of what they want, what they need seems to be the driving force behind them both.  This is a great story that brings to light the harsh reality that does sometimes occur inside some relationships, while bringing a story of two imperfect characters to life.  Will Blake give up his lifestyle, to accept what he feels? Will he be able to forgive his past and become a stronger person?  Will Layla be able to become whole again after the nightmare she’s endured for so long? And will she be able to ever truly escape the past? I recommend this sequel novel of the Fighting Series because we follow these characters as they try to face their past, forgive what they can and move forward to better things that life has to offer. I have to add, the author did a terrific job at bringing a real life issue to light and giving reader’s the awareness about it through a fictional story but also offering helpful contact information. 

NOTE:  I will be posting the ARC- Review for the third novel of the Fighting Series very soon! Let me just say this… it’s another great story!!! 🙂  I will post the link below once I’ve posted it.


★★‘Fighting To Forgive’ is the 2nd novel of the ‘Fighting Series’. What else is in the series:★★

FIGHTING FOR FLIGHT – Book #1 of the ‘Fighting Series’ – Follows Raven and MMA Professional Fighter Jonah “The Assassin” Slade’s story (Released On: February 25th, 2013)

FIGHTING TO FORGIVE – Book #2 of the ‘Fighting Series’ – Follows Blake Daniels, Jonah “The Assassin” Slade’s Best Friend and fellow professional fighter (Released On: November 19th, 2013)

FIGHTING TO FORGET – Book #3 of the ‘Fighting Series’ –  Follows Rex Carter, Jonah “The Assassin” Slade’s Friend and fellow fighter who loves piercings and tattoos (Expected release date: 2014) – *ARC Review will be Posted Soon!*


1 star rating 4.5


How I imagined Layla and Blake while reading ‘Fighting To Forgive’ 🙂

1 collage 3



Blake’s thoughts:  Only twelve hours into the new year and I’ve got a no-strings playmate at the ready, and the fight of my career to train for that will put me up for title contention.  Yep, this year’s promising big things.

Layla’s thoughts:  Who knew raising a teenager would be so much fun?  I don’t remember sassing my parents this badly at sixteen.  Coming home pregnant, yes.  Sass, not so much.

Blake and Layla:  “What’s your name?”
“Layla. Moorehead.”
He throws his head back with a laugh so loud and deep it resonates off the walls.  “Fuckin’ A, Mouse. That’s the best name for a chick I’ve ever heard.”
Oh here we go. I should have known a man like this would have the sense of humor of an eighth grader.

Layla dark flashback and thoughts:
‘Everything about you screams easy.’-(flashback)
The voice in my head slashes through the spell. Blinking to clear the haze,
I curse the debilitating abuse that haunts me still.

Layla’s thoughts:  I’m determined to make this new life of ours beautiful.  I can’t accept anything less.  Not again.

Blake and his younger brother Braeden: “How’s mom?”-(Blake)
He blows out a long breath. “Same.”
“Yeah, I figured.”-(Blake)
“She misses you. Maybe you could give her a call sometime.”
My stomach drops at the mere mention of talking to my mom.
I went from being a protective kid to a resentful adult.

Blake’s thoughts:  I can tell by the way her carefree smile disappears the second a man walks into the room. The way shadows move over her features when I flirt. She’s been hurt by someone- my guess is badly. And the last thing I need is to be picking up pieces of some other guy’s mess.

Blake’s thoughts:  My body roars to take her.  To bury in deep and lose myself forever.  But I promised her one taste.  As much as I’d love to spend the next few days ravishing her body, showing her what it’s capable of feeling, I won’t take advantage.

Blake’s thoughts:  She’s got an ugly past, a teenage kid who’s working through some crap, and a serious case of the emotional yo-yos.  The whole situation screams trouble.  Annoyance.  Waste of time.  But all I hear is, ‘Don’t Let Her Go’.

Blake’s thoughts:  It doesn’t have to be slow and sensual, on a bed or surrounded by candlelight.  Making love isn’t about the where or how, it’s about the feeling.

Layla to Blake:  “I know it sounds silly. But, everyone needs someone fighting in their corner, Blake.  I’ve never had that, and neither have you.  You own my heart and everything that comes with it.”

Layla and Blake: “I thought I told you, Snake. I don’t take orders.”
“Yeah, you told me. But I thought I told you, I’m a man who’s used to getting
what he wants. I won’t give up until I have you… all of you. Forever. I won’t settle for less.”


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