Double Book Review! One Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘THE CURSE SERIES’ by Emily Bold

Double Book Review! Blogging Reader’s Reviews after reading ‘THE CURSE SERIES’ by Emily Bold.

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About the first installment of ‘The Curse Series’:


Author:  Emily Bold
Series:  The Curse Series
Published date:  April 16th, 2013


(Click image below to order your copy of ‘The Curse: Touch Of Eternity’ Now)

The Curse Touch Of Eternity by Emily Bold

The Synopsis & My ‘Blogging Reader’s Review’ after reading ‘THE CURSE: TOUCH OF ETERNITY’:

I originally read this novel when it was first published but now that The Curse Series released it’s second novel to the series, I felt compelled to share my honest review of this enjoyable series.  This was a wonderful story because it’s set in the present day, with a nice blend of the story’s history and the tragic events that changed the lives of Payton and those close to him.  As the reader, you will get to enjoy this great story through seven different P.O.V.’s(Point of views).  We get the two main-character’s Samantha and Payton’s P.O.V’s through most of the novel. We also get a few moments from Payton’s brother Sean, their older brother’s fiance Nathaira, and her old lover Alasdair’s P.O.V.’s in Scotland.  Then you have a few small snippets from Samantha’s best friend Kim and a classmate named Ryan’s P.O.V’s from her hometown in Delaware. It all works well and blends nicely through out the telling of the story.

Samantha Watts is a young teenage girl who just lost her grandmother.  As she sorts through her grandmother’s belongings, she discovers a beautiful antique amulet and an old diary of some kind that seems to date back many years before her grandmother.  She saves it and thinks nothing of her findings at first. She ends up agreeing to go on a school-exchange trip to Scotland especially after not wanting to deal with any of the teenage drama going on in her life over the summer break. Upon arriving, she settles in but not too long after that, she ends up meeting a tall attractive guy who seems mysterious in many ways but there seems to be some kind of unexplainable connection between them instantly.  There is so much mythical mystery from the lands but somehow the antique items Sam brought with her from her late-grandmother, seem to slowly unravel a historical story and the possibility that fate had a hand in her coming to Scotland to begin with.

Who is the handsome Scot who crosses paths with Samantha?  His name is Payton McLean and he is also known as a Highlander with a mysterious life and a past.  After certain feelings arise when he’s around Sam, he is torn between curiosity and pain, to unravel the truth about this mystery girl who’s come to town and made him feel things he hasn’t felt in so long.  His family and those in his clan that he is aligned with, soon try to find out more about why things are changing about them after so long.

When Samantha’s normal present-life and the life that she discovers in Scotland collide, can she handle what she slowly begins to discover about herself and her ancestors?  Can Payton and those in the same clan as him, figure out why the changes are happening? How will they deal with it all? Find out when you read this wonderful story.  I truly enjoy how the story has a mystery that you slowly unravel as the story draws closer to the end of the novel.  The blend in the story of the present day and the stories of long ago are brought together and told nicely. Can love even begin or will it be too painful to bare? And, is forgiveness even an option when the truth is told? For a YA, it’s still a great story that I feel any age can enjoy if they love a simple yet enjoyable read and love to read a story that blends history into it. Check this one out. The ending is perfect in leaving you ready for it’s follow-up novel of this series. 🙂



1 star rating 4


How I imagined some of the main characters while reading ‘THE CURSE SERIES’:

1 collage 1



Samantha: “Scotland? You want to send me to Scotland for the summer?”  I was stunned.

About Payton:  No one had seen him standing in front of the dark windows, and he wanted to stay.  But eventually, he could no longer bear the pain, and he had to go.

Samantha’s thoughts:  Every fiber of my body felt electrified.  I had only looked at him briefly, and yet his image had burned itself into my memory. 

Samantha and Payton:  “Beautiful, isn’t it?”  I asked with a weak voice.
He looked past me, took a deep breath, and answered with an equally  pressed voice.  “Yes, beautiful.”
His intense, unfathomable look held me tight in it’s grasp, and his voice almost physically touched me.
I wanted to ask whether he meant the view was beautiful- or something else.

Payton’s thoughts:  The desire to be close to someone,  and to be loved- he’d never known it before.  And damn it, if it meant pain, then bring on the pain.

Samantha and Payton:  “Ok. See you tomorrow,” I said.
“Yes, see you tomorrow, mo luaidh.”
Mo luaidh? What did that mean?  Payton had said it so tenderly before we hung up.

Vanora to Samantha (dream):  “Face your destiny.  Remember those you are a descendant of.  Fear not.  The pendant will protect you.”

Payton’s thoughts:  Could he tell her the truth?  He would ask her to forgive him.  Then he would leave her in peace, never see her again- and love her for the rest of his endless life.

Sean and Payton: “One thing’s for sure: you are clearly in love.”
“If you say so,”  Payton mumbled.
“You don’t know this? You almost freaked out just because I made a few joking remarks to her.”
“A few remarks!  You were hitting on her!”
“Well, she is quite lovely.”
“Yes, and she’s not for you!”

Payton to Samantha:  “I want your time in Scotland to be unforgettable.  I want you to think of me every single day of your life.  You have no idea how much I am dreading the day when you go back.  I want to show you all my favorite places and then, when you are no longer here with me, I will at least remember where you laughed.  Where you took my hand. Where your eyes lit up.”




About the second installment of ‘The Curse Series’:


Author:  Emily Bold
Series:  The Curse Series
Published date:  January 28th, 2014


(Click image below to order your copy of ‘The Curse: Breath Of Yesterday’ Now)

The Curse Breath Of Yesterday by Emily Bold


The Premise and My ‘Blogging Readers Review’ after reading  ‘The Curse: Breath Of Yesterday’:

***WARNING: Possible SPOILERS if you haven’t read ‘Touch Of Eternity yet.***

For this second novel of The Curse Series by Emily Bold, I have to say that this series just get’s better and better.  I enjoyed the first novel but something about this sequel novel, just seems to pull at the heart strings more so. I’m sure this had plenty to do with the already established relationship that you grow to love between the main characters, Samantha(Sam) and Payton, who now must face the next test of time.  Reader’s get to enjoy this story through multiple P.O.V.’s, which will be through Samantha “Sam” Watts, Payton McLean, and a few other small P.O.V’s from: Milord Fingal McLean, Sean McLean, Nathaira Stuart, Cathal Stuart, Vanora and Dr. Lippert.

The story continues soon after where the first novel ended: leaving one Stuart sibling dead, a curse broken but another one set by someone new.  Samantha ‘Sam’ Watts now has a relationship with her fated love, Payton McLean and they make sure to show each other how much that love means to them.  But soon after the bliss of being able to touch and kiss, without causing pain to Payton because of the previous curse, they discover that something is not right with Payton McLean.  Something is terribly wrong.

A curious doctor, Dr. Lippert, tries to get a hold of Payton to do more blood work but he is not available since he’s chosen to go back home to Scotland where it all began.  Payton decides to do something that Sam does not want to believe he means. She knows that the love they share is strong enough to overcome whatever may be troubling Payton, or at least that’s what she hopes.  Sam flies back to Scotland, only to find that Payton, the love of her life, is very ill and only getting worse.

With time working against them, Payton, Sam and Payton’s brother Sean, begin to research everything they can to try and find out what is going on with Payton and to see if there is a way to help him.  They must try every and any thing before time runs out and Payton is lost forever.

This second novel of the series, takes you on a journey from the present day back to a time long ago, when the McLean and Stuart families were in their present lives.  Can a solution be found before it’s too late for Payton?  Is the bond of love that Sam and Payton share, strong enough to withstand the true test of time? I highly recommend this novel, but make sure to read the first novel ‘The Curse: Touch Of Eternity’, because the story is a wonderful continuation from there.  Something about this story ‘The Curse: Breath Of Yesterday’, just goes deeper and will definitely please the reader. Also, if you’re a fan (or not) of stories that visit the past, this one has plenty of that.  I personally, have never been a huge fan of stories like that, which is why I recommend this one because it has made me a fan, completely! Make sure to check out The Curse Series by Emily Bold. The third and final installment of this series will be coming out in the near future. I’ll post the updates about the third novel of The Curse Series when more information becomes available.  I’ll definitely be looking forward to more from this series.

Note: Emily Bold is the fantastic German author of The Curse Series, which is translated into English by Katja Bell. Thank you ladies. 🙂



1 star rating 4.5



Samantha’s thoughts:  I had to come to terms with the fact that for centuries my own family’s history was inextricably linked to Payton’s.  Fate had brought us together to right a past wrong and to finally allow to claim victory over hatred.

Payton and Samantha:  “You don’t have to be scared. I don’t need to use force to find out what you know.” His face came closer.  “In fact, I don’t need to use force to get anything I want.”  His lips almost touched mine, and his breath caressed my skin.  I got lost in the depths of his eyes, which burned with desire.

Payton and Samantha:  “You’re a Cameron, I wouldn’t trust you as far as I could throw you.  But do you want to know what I’m planning to do to you? Let me show you.”  His hand slid to the back of my neck, and although I tried to resist, he pressed his lips passionately against mine.  He stole a kiss from me that made me forget where or when I was.

Payton’s thoughts:  He was glad whenever he could find some sleep, because that was when he saw Sam.  He saw her in his newly created memories.  He could feel her presence as if she were right beside him.

Sean’s thoughts:  There had to be a way of taking Sam out of harm’s way.  He was a warrior!  He had fought many battles and had always won.  And now he was feeling like a helpless child, unable to get this situation under control.  They had to save Sam, if only for his brother’s sake.

Samantha’s thoughts:  I closed my eyes and only heard the beating of his heart.  This heart was everything I ever wanted.  No matter the era.  I couldn’t allow it to stop.

Payton’s thoughts:  It had never occurred to him to treat her as his enemy.  Instead, his heart must have known right from that very first moment that she was the one he would love.

Samantha and Payton:  “I love the man you will become, Payton, but I wish I had the courage and strength to spare you this fate.”
“Sam.  I’m not afraid of my fate.  It has led you to me, and- whatever it may have in store for me- I accept it willingly as the price pay for your love.”

Payton and Kyle:  “Thank you, Kyle,” Payton mumbled. It was obviously important to him to know
that Sam was safe and protected.
“My life for you, my brother,” Kyle replied with the motto they had been using since they were children.

Samantha’s thoughts:  It hurt me to know how much the centuries would change him.  His eyes were still open and kind, and his laughter was sincere, but the curse would take all that away from him.  I savored the feeling… It was pretty simple, really:  Payton McLean held my heart in his hands- forever and across all time.

Payton’s thoughts:  He didn’t want to live in a world where her kiss meant nothing to him, only because he was damned to a life without feelings, emotions, love.  No, she needed to leave him and let him walk alone into the dark.

Payton and Samantha (“mo luaidh means: My darling):
“My life for you, mo luaidh!”- Payton.
“My love for you, mo luaidh!”- Samantha.


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