Book Review! One Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘DOMINO EFFECT’ by Jill Elaine Hughes

Book Review! One Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘DOMINO EFFECT’ by Jill Elaine Hughes.

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Author:  Jill Elaine Hughes
Series:  The Domino Trilogy Series
Published date:  December 13th, 2013


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Domino Effect by Jill Elaine Hughes

The Synopsis & My ‘Blogging Reader’s Review’ after reading ‘DOMINO EFFECT’:

This is the first novel of the Domino Trilogy Series by Jill Elaine Hughes.  It is of the New Adult genre as well as the erotica section because of it’s risque feel due to some BDSM situations by some of the characters in the story.  Don’t let that scare you away because it’s not solely what the story is about.  You’ll find that there is suspense and other layers to the story as well.  It’s written in the main female character’s P.O.V.(point of view), Nancy Delaney.

Nancy Delaney is a college student  in her final year, hoping to become a successful journalist one day.  She lives with her roommate and friend, Hannah Greeley, who never has a problem dating and having a good time.  The complete opposite of Nancy who has been put-off on the idea of dating and partying and prefers to study and work hard at everything she can, to reach her career goal. Nancy keeps her wardrobe simple and never splurges on fashion like her roommate.  Her parents live in Boston and are both college professors, while she resides in Ohio for school. She has a cocktail waitress job to make ends meet on her own. Unlike her roommate, who also has a job but lives above her means due to the fact that she comes from a wealthy family.

One day, Hannah asks Nancy to cover an art gallery exhibit for her Art News Now job, to which she agrees and borrows some nice professional dress clothes from her.  Nancy had no clue that this would not be your run-of-the-mill art exhibit and the artist, Peter Rostovich, was more than she could ever imagine.  Nancy has a naive innocence and a tough-edge to her too. As soon as she becomes more intrigued by Peter Rostovich’s art and lifestyle, she begins to wonder if she is just curious about his art of if she is actually discovering more about herself and her own taste.

Peter Rostovich is known to most as an enigma because he chooses to be a recluse. His art isn’t widely known in the commercial-art world but his work has been in circulation in the art world for a long time in certain circles. He’s originally from the Ukraine but moved to New York as a teenage-boy, to live with his mother.  There are many secrets when it comes to Peter and the life he leads in the open and the life he lives in secret. There are rumors that he has ties to the Russian mob being that he’s so secretive about his life, many consider it as the truth. When he meets Nancy, he grows an interest in her and begins to pursue her.

As the story continues, Nancy becomes curious about Peter as she begins to unravel secrets about him while getting him to open up to her little by little.  Peter introduces Nancy in more ways than one, to the world of BDSM.  But as quickly as they grow closer,  some of the darker secrets of Peter’s life threaten them in a dark string of events.  Some people tied to Peter’s secret life, become a threat to the woman he is just beginning to know, Nancy. As the reader you are wondering, can Nancy be saved?  Is Peter invested into the new relationship he was building with Nancy, enough to do anything for her before she is gone forever?  You’ll find that this story has a feel of “Fifty Shades Of Grey” in it’s slight similarities that make us enjoy the story, but it has it’s own story twists and takes you in a darker direction, making it it’s own story completely.  Check out this story of erotica, twists-and-turns, suspense and intrigue because it’s not afraid to take it’s readers down some dark paths.  I like a story with great detail about what’s going on, but my only small issue with this story is a couple of sections where it details too much about things that weren’t majorly pertinent to the story but other than that, I enjoyed this story. I will be looking forward to reading about what will become of Nancy and Peter in the follow-up novel of this thrilling series.  Please Note: It ends with a cliffhanger. Looking forward to the next novel more so because of the ending.



1 star rating 3.5


How I imagined the characters while reading ‘DOMINO EFFECT’:

1 collage 2



Nancy’s thoughts about your roommate Hannah:  The only daughter of a wealthy family, she’d never wanted for anything and never would.  I on the other hand had to worry about things like paying rent and utilities and studying hard enough to keep my scholarship.

Peter to Nancy:  “Honesty is a good quality in a writer.  Or any creative artist, for that matter.  You should be very proud of that trait, Miss Delaney.  You’ll go far with it.”

Nancy’s thoughts:  Meeting Peter Rostovich had been, shall we say, educational- if more than a little bizarre.  I’d seen and felt things that evening I’d never felt before, and was not sure I ever would again.

Hannah and Nancy:  “I’ve always wondered why you’d held out for so long and now I think I know.”
“What do you mean?”
“You were just waiting for the one nobody else could get.  The perfect score.
Seriously, getting someone like Peter Rostovich interested in you
after only one meeting- jeez, that’s like, the Holy Grail.”

Nancy’s thoughts:  His words didn’t match his actions.  He was like a spider attracting its prey with a web that sparkled with morning dew.  As he warned me away with his mouth, his body just dragged me in deeper and deeper.

Peter and Nancy:  “It’s been wonderful making your acquaintance. But-” -(Peter)
“But what?” -(Nancy)
“But I would hate to lose you before I’ve even gotten a chance to know you.
I’ll move heaven and earth to make sure that doesn’t happen.” -(Peter)

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