Vampire Academy Cast: MTV NYE 2014 – New Clip and more!

Vampire Academy Cast members Zoey Deutch, Cameron Monaghan and Dominic Sherwood attended the MTV New Years Eve Event and brought a New #VAmovie Clip with them!

Here’s the journey via Twitter “Tweets” from the actress and actors Zoey Deutch, Dominic Sherwood and Cameron Monaghan, of the Vampire Academy film, leading up to their special guest appearance on MTV’s “Girl Code Presents: New Year’s Code” for 2014 in Time Square.  Also, there are a few tweets from @MTVNews about the @VAOfficialMovie cast and the #VampireAcademy exclusive clip.  The cast and the Girl Code/Guy Code MTV guest hosts rang the New Year Live on MTV!

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If you click the image below form Instagram, you can watch a short video uploaded on Zoey Deutch’s Official Instagram account of her having a giggle fun-fest with Dominic Sherwood and a short shot of Cameron Monaghan, pre-MTV New Year’s Eve event.

1 va movie pic 105o(Click image above to see the Instagram video)

Here are a few Instagram photos loaded by Zoey Deutch, Cameron Monaghan, Dominic Sherwood:

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The Exclusive Clip that was shared at the MTV New Year’s Eve 2014 Event with some of the Vampire Academy Cast!

Here is a fan-recorded UN-Official recording of the Vampire Academy cast on MTV New Year’s Eve LIVE on Time Square for 2014!

Sources Youtube users: DhampirLife VA & AquariusPrincess94
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Watch the Official Theatrical Trailer for the Vampire Academy Movie Here:


There are many Vampire Academy Movie Stills in circulation right now making the fandom (#VAfamily) very excited for the film’s release. Here are a few of our favorites’ from behind-the-scenes and some New movie stills! Shared thanks to one of our favorite Vampire Academy sources:!

1 va movie pic 105rrrrrrr

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You can see many more Vampire Academy Still in the Photos section of:!

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