Book Review! One Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘Scarred Love’ by M.S. Brannon.

Book Review! One Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘Scarred Love’ by M.S. Brannon.

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Author: M. S. Brannon
Series: Sulfur Heights #1
Publisher: CreateSpace (Self-Publishing)


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Synopsis for ‘Scarred Love’ via Goodreads:

Darcie Claiborne spent several years of her young life living with a monster, always fearing what he would do next. Clasping onto her last ounce of hope, Darcie releases a scream. It’s her final attempt to live; to survive the villain of her reality. Sweeping her up in his arms, Darcie’s knight in shining armor rescues her from the hell she’s been living; from the stepfather she’s feared for all those years.

Reggie Evans has been forced to grow up before he’s ready when his mother dies of an overdose, leaving him responsible to raise his younger brothers. One fateful night, Reggie jogs by an old, run down house and discovers a young girl clinging to life as she screams for help.

Three years later, Darcie is healing and always protected by the man who saved her, but now she’s fighting with something she isn’t prepared to face. The growing love for the man who saved her life three years ago, the same man who’s nine years older. All the while, Reggie fights to protect Darcie from the demons of her past and new ones of her present.


My ‘Blogging Reader’s Review’ of the Novel ‘Scarred Love’:

Where do I begin with the review for ‘Scarred Love’?  The story was a great story, very dark and yet captivating in it’s own way.  You can’t help but sympathize for ‘Margaret’ Darcie Claiborne-Stein in the story as the main character who is both heroine and victim, depending what chapter you are reading.  The main character Darcie aka Margaret is raised by her mother, who marries a very wealthy man who adores her but truly mistreats her daughter, Darcie ‘Margaret’ in horrid ways.  Darcie seems like a very silent child, sheltering her feelings because of the evil ways her step-father punishes her even when she’s done nothing wrong.  This story will pull you in and makes you hope to see a happy ending for the girl who never knew love for most her life. You will get two P.O.V.’s(Point of views) in this story from both Darcie ‘Margaret’ Claiborne and the main male character, Reggie Evans.

The main female character is seventeen year old Darcie Claiborne, who’s first name  is ‘Margaret’, which she hates for a few main reasons and never uses anymore.  She’s a beautiful young teenager who’s scarred both inside and out because of the years of torment she suffered under the hands of her step-father, Robert Stein.  She is thin, with dark hair and fights a lot to channel the anger she’s carried for so long.  She was rescued from her nightmare life by a stranger who was jogging by one day and since that day, she’s become a part of his unusual but loving and protective family.

Reggie Evans rescued Darcie and took her under his wing and into his home after he found her.  He is the guardian and older brother to twins Jake and Jeremy Evans and Drake Evans, who all live together.  Darcie has become a part of their family. Each character has their own personality which helps to keep the story entertaining.  The new family that Darcie lives with has their own secrets and past that may be hard to keep a lid on forever.  Reggie is strong, tall and fit with blondish hair and a former MMA fighter who retired early to raise his brothers.  He’s a definite heroine in the story because he gives up so much for his family.

In every story where there are heroines, you will also find villains. Robert Stein is the true epitome of an evil villain.  How he treated a young child like ‘Margaret’ Darcie through the years makes you loathe his disgusting existence.  No matter how much negative and terrible things come Darcie’s way, she seems like such a strong character and you know her heart is big because she will risk anything for those she cares for.  Reggie is the same way.  He gives up so much and takes chances to protect and help those he loves in his life.  This truly is a great story with a lot of dark moments but there are also many triumphant moments that make it all better.  I do recommend this story and I will definitely continue with this series.


★★‘Scarred Love’ is the 1st novel of the ‘Sulfur Heights Series’. What else is in the series:★★

TRAGIC LOVE – Book #2 of the ‘Sulfur Heights Series’ – (Released On: November 6th, 2013)

BLIND LOVE – Book #3 of the ‘Sulfur Heights Series’ – (Expected release date: 2014)

REDEEMED LOVE – Book #4 of the ‘Sulfur Heights Series’ – (Expected release date: 2014)


1 star rating 4


How I imagined Darcie and Reggie while reading ‘Scarred Love’. 🙂

Darcie 'Margaret' Clairborne and Reggie EvansAnd how I imagined Reggie’s brothers/Darcie’s adopted brothers & her new friend Presley
(left to right) Presley Quinn, her new boyfriend Drake Evans, twins Jeremy and Jake Evans.

the brothers and presley

One of Darcie song choices – “Creep”:

A song that fits Darcie and Reggie:



Darcie Claiborne’s thoughts:  Once he returns, I will no longer be the fourteen-year-old girl he blames for her death, but a fourteen-year old replacement for his dead wife.

Darcie Claiborne and Reggie Evans:
“Are you… my knight in shining armor?”-Darcie.
“Always.  You’re safe now.”-Reggie.
For the first time in my fourteen years of life, I feel what I’ve craved all along…hope.

Darcie Claiborne’s thoughts:  There is nothing I wouldn’t do for these guys, and even though we are not related by blood, they’re my family.

Reggie Evan’s thoughts:  …I did the only thing I could to save her, save my family.  I made a deal with the devil and it’s been costing me ever since.

Darcie Claiborne’s thoughts on new friend Presley:  We all look at Presley for her toast and she says,”To new beginnings, new friendships and survival.”  Momentarily, I wonder what she means by survival.  This girl is deeper than expected and may have a past like the rest of us…

Presley Quinn to Darcie Claiborne:  “When he glances up and smiles at you, it’s different from the smiles he gives her.” Presley motions to Natasha.  “It’s like he’s saving his true smiles for only you.”

Darcie Claiborne’s thoughts:  I want him.  I want him so bad it’s excruciating.  I want him in all the ways a woman can have a man.  The feeling is torturous.

Darcie Claiborne’s thoughts:  I know I will never love anyone as much as I do Reggie.  He is and will always be my salvation;  the face of peace, happiness and survival.  I will love him forever… always.

Reggie Evan’s thoughts:  She is the one who I will do anything for, regardless of what it is.  She could lie, steal or cheat and it wouldn’t matter.  I would save her.

Reggie Evan’s thoughts:  I’m pissed I’ve acted like a jerk to her over the last month.  All because I love her, I tried to push her away, but the only thing I’ve done is handed her over to a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Darcie Claiborne’s thoughts:  From this moment on, when I look at my body, I won’t be reminded of the pain I suffered, I will be reminded of the trauma I have survived.


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