Book Review! One Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘Jake Undone’ by Penelope Ward


Book Review! One Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘Jake Undone’ by Penelope Ward.

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Author: Penelope Ward
Publisher: Self-Published


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Jake Undone by Penelope Ward


The Plot Summary and My ‘Blogging Reader’s Review’ of ‘Jake Undone’ combined:

First off, “Whoa!” That is definitely one word that describes how I felt when I first saw the cover for ‘Jake Undone’ by author Penelope Ward. 🙂 It’s always a plus when a great cover precedes, followed by an absolutely great story who’s characters draw you into the storyline. The story follows Jake Green and Nina Kennedy who meet after becoming roommates in Brooklyn, begin to develop a friendship but secrets seem to lurk around every corner that could jeopardize their growing relations. This novel is a part of the New Adult Genre and as the reader, you get to enjoy the story told in the two P.O.V.’s(Point Of Views) of Nina and Jake.

Nina Kennedy just moved to Brooklyn to live with her older brother’s best friend Ryan from high-school and two other roommates that share a four-bedroom apartment. She has big blue eyes, her hair color is dirty blonde, and she was always compared to the Olsen Twins by her older brother and Ryan growing up. She get’s an interesting surprise on her first day at the new apartment when she arrives, but doesn’t let anyone know what she overheard right off. Brooklyn would become her home while she attends a nursing school nearby. Nina has a few fears that she has learned to live with instead of actually facing them, fears such as elevators, subways and anything else that could make her feel trapped. While talking to the old family friend and roommate Ryan, in walks the other male roommate, Jake.  Nina can’t seem to shake this instant attraction to him even though he is nothing like any guy she’s ever known or dated. Nina had no idea how much Jake would surprise her the more they get to know each other.

Jake Green has dark hair with green eyes, a well-sculpted body; his arms have tattoos and he has a few facial piercings that include his eyebrow and lip piercing. One look at him, and anyone who didn’t know better would automatically assume he was trouble. The only thing is, there is more to him than meets-the-eye.  Jake is a smart engineer who most assume is a womanizer, and who might not be up to any good because he’s such a secretive guy that no one really knows much about. His own roommates had no clue about why Jake would always travel back home to Boston every weekend and he liked keeping it that way. His love for bananas was adorable and the line ‘I love you to the moon’ just warms the heart when you read how that ties into Jake’s character. Behind his exterior and his sarcastic and flirtatious personality, there are reasons he chose to keep most of his private life a secret from others. This seems to work fine for him, until Nina walks into his life, changing everything completely.

I honestly have to admit, this story was truly entertaining and enjoyable.  I kid-you-not. I laughed at the sarcastic conversations the characters had, I teared up when times got tough, my heart warmed for the truly touching moments, and the song ‘Yesterday’ was so fitting for the scene it was a part of.  And I can’t forget to mention the sexy scenes, which were really hot and steamy! 🙂 I absolutely recommend this story because there is a high chance it will leave you, the reader, ‘undone’ and you’ll be happy it did.  It reminds you that you can’t always judge someone at first glance; things happen for a reason even if the the reasoning comes at a later time and reminds you that everyone has their own demons they may be struggling to battle with in life.


★★Other companion stand-alone novels with familiar ‘Jake Undone’ characters★★

GEMINI – the story of Allison(Jake’s sister) and Cedric (Published: May 24th, 2013)

MY SKYLAR  – the story of Skylar(Nina’s young friend) and Mitch (June 5th, 2014)

JAKE UNDERSTOOD  – the story of ‘Jake Undone’ in Jake’s P.O.V. (January 2015)



1 star rating 4.5


How I imagined Nina and Jake while reading ‘Jake Undone’! (Yes, the cover was sufficient enough for me) 🙂

1 jake and nina 2

The Song ‘Yesterday’- *tear*



Nina and Ryan:  “So we’re still not taking subways, not riding in elevators, not flying.  What else are we afraid of these days?  Our own shadow?”-Ryan.
“We are working on it, Ry… I told you.”-Nina

Nina meets Jake:  Come to think of it, Jake was like a black cat- gorgeous, but very likely bad luck if it crossed your path.  “Nice to meet you, Jake.”

Nina’s thoughts:  I had a lot on my mind, from anxiety about classes starting Monday to my unwanted attraction to my tattooed, pierced, smoking hot roommate, who based on first impressions, was quite likely a man-whore.

Nina to Jake:  “I never thanked you for my bat.”-Nina.   He said nothing, just smiled, winked and stuck out his tongue in jest.  For the first time I noticed it was pierced too.  Damn.

Nina’s thoughts:  I had yet to meet someone like Jake:  dark and dangerous on the outside but smart and clever on the inside; someone who owned a room the second he stepped into it.

Jake and Nina:  Jake’s eyes darkened and met mine.  “Sometimes if you are willing to withstand a little pain in life, Nina, you might discover a pleasure that you never would have otherwise known existed.”-Jake.

Tarrah to Nina:  “I’ve seen the way Jake looks at you when you don’t even realize it.  I don’t know what he did or said or didn’t say last night, but the dude does have feelings for you.”-Tarrah.   “I guess it’s just… complicated.”-Nina.

Nina’s thoughts:  He brought me back to life.  He brought me back to life, and he could very well be the death of me all over again.  It would be worth the risk.  But he’s holding all the cards. 

Nina’s thoughts:  Lesson learned.  People are not always what they seem on the surface.

Jake to Nina:  “I have tried so hard to stop these feelings.  I have put up so many barriers as I could stand to, but they are crumbling down.  I can’t do it anymore.”

Jake’s thoughts:  She made me feel alive after years of being emotionally dead.

Jake:  “My body belongs to you.”
“My heart belongs to you.”
“My soul belongs to you.”
“Only to you.”



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