DOUBLE ‘Blogging Reader’s Reviews’ after reading the Disastrous Series by Author E.L. Montes.

DOUBLE ‘Blogging Reader’s Reviews’ after reading the ‘Disastrous Series’ by Author E.L. Montes.

This is a Special Double Book Review!
First up: Disastrous -Book #1 (Available Now!)
Second: Cautious -Book #2 (Available Now!)

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About the first installment of the ‘Disastrous Series’:

Title: Disastrous – Book #1
Author: E. L. Montes
Series: Disastrous Series (two books)
Publisher: Self-Published.


(Click image below to order your copy of ‘Disastrous’ Now)

Disastrous Series sequel - Disastrous by E. L. Montes


The Premise and My ‘Blogging Readers Review’ after reading Disastrous:

I have to say, I was lucky when I came across the ‘Disastrous Series’ by author E.L. Montes. I’ll admit, I’m very intrigued and fascinated by stories that involve love stories and mysterious men (bad-boys). This series definitely satisfies the need for both. The series falls under one of my new favorite genres, the ‘New Adult’ category. This will be my second ‘Double-whammy’ Blogging Reader’s Review for a two-book series.

The story follows two successful strangers who are both attractive and driven. When I say successful, it doesn’t specifically mean because one is a successful lawyer and the other a law student. What makes them successful is the fact that they’ve both suffered loss and have lived through dark times in their lives and still choose to not give up in life even though it feels like a struggle at times.

Mia Sullivan seems somewhat of a strong-minded woman who has plans and goals that she tries to keep her focus on which also help keep her mind off of past heartache. Her roommate Jeremy is her bestfriend who tries his best to be there for her during the dark times of her past and present. Call it fate or chance but Mia get’s the chance at a highly sought-after summer extern position at one of the best Law Firms around which is owned by a young successful lawyer named Marcus DeLuca. Ironically, her friend Jeremy knows Marcus because of their fathers’. One night Jeremy talks Mia into going out without giving her much warning that he had also invited Marcus, her soon to be boss. Marcus is quickly intrigued by Mia because of a certain kind of innocence and humbleness that she exudes. As for Mia, she is instantly attracted to the successful and handsome attorney but she hesitates to instantly fall for him because of her problem with trusting people and the fear of caring for people, just to have them leave her life. They seem to connect because their attraction is hard to ignore and they both have a haunted past and a few dark secrets.

Marcus DeLuca owns his own successful Law firm and could have any woman he wants. To the outside world, he is simply a successful young lawyer who has no worries in life. The problem is, he’s been leading a double life since he was only a teenager. The second life he leads is a path that leads towards darkness, danger and is slowly killing the good in him. Marcus doesn’t come across as a broody-bad-boy but more of a man with a dark side. There are reasons he must continue leading a double life because of certain ties that he simply can not easily break away from. At times you will feel sorry for Marcus and you’ll hope that he isn’t as bad as his secrets lead Mia to assume he might be. As Marcus falls more for Mia, he worries that when she finds out his dark secrets and what he’s done, she will want nothing to do with him. Will Marcus and Mia survive the lies, heartache, betrayal and a love that is too strong to simply walk away from.  Will all of the secrets and lies be too much for them to get passed?

‘DISASTROUS’ has a few things I want to mention that I truly enjoy in a great story. Firstly, get the tissues ready because if the sadness of one’s life can make you tear up, then all I can say is ‘beware’. Next up, there are hot-n-heavy scenes in the story that keep things seductively entertaining. And lastly, you get a couple of great bonus’ at the end of Disastrous. The reader get’s an Epilogue in the P.O.V(Point of view) of Lou Sorrento who happens to be an important person in Marcus DeLuca’s second life, and let me say, it sets the story up for the sequel titled ‘Cautious.’ You also get a look at Marcus DeLuca’s P.O.V(Point of view) when he first meets Mia. I do recommend this book and the ‘Disastrous’ Series. Love, mystery and suspense all tied together. It was well worth the read.


1 star rating 4.5



Mia’s thoughts:  The man standing before me was definitely God’s gift to women. He was tall, tanned, and had the most gorgeous big brown eyes I’d ever seen.

Marcus’ thoughts:  My mind was racing wanting to know who Mia Sullivan was.  And for the first time in my life, I was happy to wake up tomorrow to find out everything about her.

Mia and Marcus:  “You’ve never been in a relationship before?”-Mia.   “I never had time for a serious relationship.”-Marcus.  “But you have time to date me?”-Mia.  “I’ll make the time for you, to get to know you better.”-Marcus.

Marcus: “You see, Mia, for a long time I haven’t had anything like that: honesty, innocence, and pureness.   After seeing it through your eyes, I never wanted or needed it more in my life.”

Mia and Marcus:  “My heart is telling me to give you a chance, but my head is telling me that you’re dangerous and I’ll end up hurt.”-Mia.   He momentarily looked down as if there were some truth to what I said.  “I wouldn’t hurt you, Mia.”-Marcus.

Mia’s thoughts:  Marcus DeLuca had to be a dangerous man because I was caving in too soon; it was just too soon to feel this attachment, to feel and want him so desperately.  When something seems too good to be true, it’s exactly that.

Mia’s thoughts:  After losing two important men in my life, I built a wall, not allowing anyone in.  Once Marcus stepped into my life, that wall slowly crumbled.

Mia’s thoughts:  The love we had may not have been perfect, but it was love and no less. I had a beautiful, strong man, who was more damaged than I was…

Mia’s thoughts:  This whole time he was warning me, but I was blind and didn’t care.  I wanted the good and bad- all of him.  Knowing at that moment what he truly was, I realized that everything was just lies.


As far as how I imagined Mia and Marcus while reading the ‘Disastrous Series’, the covers were PERFECT:

Disastrous Series - Books by E. L. Montes




About the second installment of the ‘Disastrous Series’:

Title: Cautious – Book #2
Author: E. L. Montes
Series: Disastrous Series (two books)
Publisher: Self-Published.


(Click image below to order your copy of ‘Cautious’ Now)

Disastrous Series sequel - Cautious by E. L. Montes


The Premise and My ‘Blogging Readers Review’ after reading ‘Cautious’- Book #2:

Now onto my review for the sequel to ‘Disastrous’ titled ‘Cautious’ by E.L. Montes. It did not lose any of the gripping story dialogue that the first book offered. ‘Cautious’ definitely brought the action, suspense and continues the heart-clenching love story between Mia and Marcus. In this book you get 2 P.O.V’s (Point of views), meaning you get to see not only Mia’s perspective but also Marcus’ this time around, making the story completely fulfilling.

The story picks up with Mia and Marcus as a couple who have no question about the strong love and connection they share. Unfortunately they are still trying to work through certain problems and issues that still seem to affect their relationship because of the danger that lurks because of of the life Marcus still leads in secret. Mia and Marcus have begun to open up to each other, though not completely. Since this move into the right direction in their relationship, she has chosen to stick by Marcus but certain secrets still linger.

Marcus becomes set on trying to find a way to get out of the 2nd life he lives because he wants to protect those he loves, including the woman he loves so much. I must add, there is one hot and steamy scene involving a movie theater during a ‘chick-flick’ and that is all I’m going to say about that. 🙂 When the thin line that separates Marcus’ personal life from his dark life, begins to disappear he knows it is beyond time to find a way out. Certain secrets from the past emerge that change the way his brother Jimmie as well as Marcus himself, see things from their past. Marcus knows he needs to make choices that could be a huge risk and cause him the woman he loves and even his life.

Someone from Mia’s long lost past returns one night, making Mia face her own past filled with questions. She never really felt like she missed out on anything in her life but this new visitor may be able to help Mia answer questions that she’s had about why things happened the way that did long ago. With her father and brother both gone, she has reservations about trusting this unexpected visitor and allowing them to be a part of her life.

The thrilling sequel ‘Cautious’ definitely meets all expectations and concludes this wonderful ‘Disastrous Series’ perfectly. There is so much I’d love to mention but I don’t want to accidentally ‘Spoil’ the story. I highly recommend this series because you get it all. What is ‘all’ you ask? You get a love story that is difficult but completely passionate; you get mystery, action, suspense and just simply a great story. 🙂 There is also a great Epilogue at the end. Make sure to check this series out!


1 star rating 4.5



This is a spin off from the Disastrous Series—following Marcus DeLuca’s older brother Jimmie DeLuca’s story. Should be interesting. Especially if you were intrigued by Jimmie and wanted to get to know his character more.👍

To be released: JUNE 2014
Stay tuned for more information on this. 🙂



Marcus’ thoughts:  It was a fucking headache one minute, and the next it was perfect in this odd, fucked-up way.  Mia had a hold on me that couldn’t be broken, even if I fucking tried.

Mia’s thoughts:  Although I had accepted him with all of his flaws, this was one I wanted so desperately to take away.  I hated his lifestyle, but I loved him.

Marcus’ thoughts:  I was fucking hardheaded and couldn’t simply walk away.  Deep down, I knew she deserved better. You could call me a selfish man, I guess. I couldn’t see her with anyone else.  She was meant for me in so many ways.

Marcus’ thoughts:  When you finally find a person who makes you feel alive, how could you possibly breathe if she were gone?  I knew I couldn’t.

Marcus and Mia:  “What would I do without you, Mia?”-Marcus.   “You’ll never have to find out because I’ll always be here, Marcus. I’ll always be yours.”-Mia.

Marcus’ thoughts:  I was intoxicated by her beauty, her scent, and, most of all, the love in those eyes for me.  Right there was where I wanted to be always.  I’d never felt so much peace in my life than when I was with her.

Mia’s thoughts:  I took a chance with Marcus, and I believed it was the best choice I’d ever made.  I wanted to take more risks, to find more chances for happiness, and most of all, to build a family.

Marcus to Mia:  “We’re in this together, always, and no matter how many times it feels like a struggle, we’ll fight through it together because we deserve to be happy.  You deserve all the happiness life can bring.”



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