Book Review! One ‘Blogging Reader’s Review’ after reading ‘Carter Reed’ by Author Tijan.

Book Review! One Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘Carter Reed’ by Tijan.

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Author: Tijan
Publisher: Tijan Meyer (Sept.28th, 2013)


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Carter Reed by Tijan

The Premise and
My ‘Blogging Reader’s Review’ all rolled into one:

First I have to say that the cover of ‘Carter Reed’ may have had a bit of an influence on choosing to review this book. A great cover is always appreciated! 🙂  I occasionally enjoy reading and reviewing a book that isn’t solely a romance novel. It’s good to mix it up sometimes. This review is about a book titled ‘Carter Reed’ by Tijan. It usually tells me how entertaining a book is to read when I find myself finishing the story in less than two days. That was the case as I read about the dark and suspense filled world that surrounds Carter Reed. This story will definitely blur the lines between good and bad. The story of Emma and Carter will lead you down a dangerous path where you find yourself wanting to root for a ‘cold killer’. And fellow readers, before I go further into the review I wanted to let you all know that you will get two P.O.V’s(Point of views) to the story which always gives you the chance to get more in touch with the characters and the story itself.

The story of ‘Carter Reed’ begins when Emma Martins comes home early from work instead of going to the gym, which was her usual routine. Upon her arrival she witnesses her roommate, Mallory getting raped by her boyfriend. After the initial shock, Emma decides to make a quick decision to help save her roommate from the rapist boyfriend Jeremy. As a few seconds pass, the choice Emma makes would change her life forever. Emma shoots Jeremy dead. Unfortunately Jeremy Dunvan happens to be the son of Franco Dunvan, a highly-ranked mobster from the Bartel family. He would be out for revenge against the person responsible for taking the life of his son.

The book’s namesake, Carter Reed is a high-ranking and greatly feared man from the Mauricio family, the rival family of the Bartel family. Carter’s reputation of being a ‘cold killer’ has followed him for the ten years he’s been a part of the mob world. He is feared because he’s deadly but with his handsome good looks, all eyes are always on him when he’s around.

Emma knew they would come for her, soon. She decides to go on the word of her older brother AJ, who was killed ten years earlier. He always told her that if she ever needed anything, to go to Carter. Carter Reed was AJ’s best friend and someone they both grew up with until AJ’s death.  Feeling like she had no other options, she seeks his help knowing that he has ties with the mob and is a powerful man now. Emma has no idea if Carter would even remember her or offer to help her. But desperate times call for desperate measures and her desperation takes her deeper into this dark world not knowing who she can trust.

The story ‘Carter Reed’ gives you a great blend of gritty dynamics and alluring moments. This book definitely had me hooked because of the suspense filled storyline and the reunion of Emma and Carter. There are twists and turns that will pull you in and keep you trying to figure out if Carter Reed is only a cold-killer or if there is more to him? Who can Emma really trust? The ‘ups’ in the story will keep the reader entertained while giving you some heartbreaking moments too. Yes, I do recommend ‘Carter Reed’ because it gives book lovers four of their favorite things: love, action, great characters and a gripping story.


1 star rating 4.5


How I imagined Carter Reed and Emma Martins while reading ‘CARTER REED’:

1 collage 2



Emma’s thoughts:  “Go to Carter.”-AJ.   AJ’s words floated back to me, but I couldn’t. I probably should’ve, but there was no way. He had been my brother’s best friend over ten years ago.

Emma’s thoughts:  He gazed back at me, but this time it was the old Carter. The killer from before was gone. He gave me a small grin.   “I’ll take care of you.”-Carter.

Emma’s thoughts: Carter rose among their ranks when we were kids. He did it to avenge my brother. If he could do that, I could keep us alive. I had to.

Emma’s thoughts: My insides tightened. I couldn’t say it. It’d be real, but I already had said it out loud. Still, Carter was different. Once he knew, I couldn’t undo whatever would happen next.

Emma’s thoughts: This wasn’t the stranger anymore. This was Carter, the boy I had grown up with. I flung my arms around him and pulled him down. Instead of fighting, I clung to him now.

Carter: “They’re going to come for you, Emma. It’s only a matter of time, but when they do, they’ll learn who is protecting you and it should stop them.”

Carter:  “I’ve been protecting you since I joined the Mauricio family. You were why I joined them in the first place.”

Emma and Carter:  “You did all of that for me?”-Emma.  “I would declare war for you.”-Carter.

Emma’s thoughts:  I readied myself. I stared at him, dead in the eyes, and waited. I was going to die. I knew it in that moment, and I couldn’t do anything to stop it.

Carter:  “I have been protecting you since you were a child, Emma. I’m not going to stop now.”

Emma and Carter: “You thought I was beautiful?”-Emma.   “If AJ wouldn’t have killed me, I would’ve kissed you a long time ago.”-Carter.

Carter: “Franco Dunvan is a monster, but I can’t pretend that I’m not like him. I became like him.”


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