Book Review! One ‘Blogging Reader’s Review’ after reading ‘Red Hill’ by Author Jamie McGuire.

Book Review! One Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘Red Hill’ by Jamie McGuire.

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Author: Jamie McGuire
Publisher: Atria Publishing


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Red Hill by Jamie McGuire 1

The Premise and
My ‘Blogging Reader’s Review’ all rolled into one:

‘Red Hill’ is a part of the New Adult genre and as the reader, you will find a great blend of dynamics in this story. The novel takes you almost immediately on a suspenseful journey that will pull at your emotions and leave you on the edge of your seat at different points from start to finish. Besides the fear of the walking dead people, somehow love finds a way to survive in the midst of the chaos and tragedies. You’ll see selfless heroism from people who never knew they had it in them until they had no choice.

The story is set with an apocalyptic backdrop where people lose their true selves once they are killed and reanimate into walking dead people who have one goal, to feed. You never know who or what is awaiting at each turn. And so the story begins by following three main characters named Scarlet, Nathan and Miranda. And as always, I’m happy to inform you that ‘us readers’ get to experience the story through three P.O.V.’s(Point of views), and see their individual stories’ of fighting to survive when the viral outbreak reaches their towns.

First off you have Scarlet, who is a nurse and the mother of thirteen year old Jenna and seven year old Halle. Scarlet’s ex-husband and the father of Jenna and Halle, Andrew,  planned to pick up the girls after school to stay with him for the weekend. On Scarlet’s drive to drop her daughters at school, the radio host announced news about the outbreak in Europe and using phrases such as ‘Cadavers’ and ‘herded’. Scarlet didn’t think much of it at the time. She had no idea that her life would change from that day forward and that there was a very high chance that she would never see her daughters again.

Her day at work begins normal as usual, working as a nurse in a busy hospital. Things in the story almost immediately begin to unravel as more and more people begin to pour into the hospital’s ER, suffering from some kind of extreme flu-like symptoms. Then there are a couple of patients brought in, one who was bitten by a drunk person and another who was bitten by her son. Soon after, things in the hospital go from zero to sixty from then on for Scarlet. Once the busy hospital becomes full-blown mayhem, the only thought in Scarlet’s mind is to get to her daughters and make sure they are safe.

Then you have Nathan, a husband and a father who basically lives his life for his daughter Zoe. His wife, Aubrey isn’t much of a mother or wife because of her obsession with the internet. Nathan did his best to make a life for his daughter even though deep down he wasn’t completely happy, except for the happiness his daughter brought him. His story begins when he hears the radio announcements about the outbreak in Europe, making it’s way onto American soil. He’s sitting in his car, waiting for his daughter to be let out of school and decides to run in with a few other parents to claim their children because of this news. After he picks up his daughter, they rush home to pick up his wife Aubrey only to find a sad surprise. Nathan now has one goal and that is to keep his daughter Zoe and himself alive in a world full of chaos and the fast growing number of walking dead people.

And lastly, you have Miranda who is taking a road trip with her sister Ashley, Ashley’s boyfriend Stanley Cooper and her longtime boyfriend Bryce up to her father’s place called Red Hill Ranch. It was going to be a weekend to unwind after college finals and a chance to work on the strained relationship with their doctor father who was now divorced from their mom. On their way up to Red Hill Ranch, they are worried by the frenzy of people running around and the announcements about the viral outbreak over the radio. Along the way they pick up a guy named Joey who was trying to survive just like the rest of them. They are determined to get to Red Hill Ranch a couple of towns away where Miranda and Ashley’s dad was going to meet them. Their drive to Red Hill Ranch becomes a scary adventure and they have no idea if they will make it there alive and together or become one of the walking dead people.

Miranda, Scarlet and Nathan’s lives will all be connected in one way or another on their journey of survival. Their lives cross paths leading them to one destination and the shared fact that they never really know if they will survive another day. I highly recommend this book because it makes you feel like you are there in the madness of ‘Red Hill.’ Author Jamie McGuire did a great job switching into a darker genre and I definitely look forward to more stories like this from her.


1 star rating 4.5


Scarlet’s thoughts: I know the world ended on a Friday. It was the last day I saw my children.

Nathan’s thoughts: More screams. Car horns honking. Gunfire. Jesus. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. It was here.

Miranda’s thoughts: A couple of times people screamed at me to stop, begged me to help them, but stopping always meant dying in the movies, and I was barely eighteen. I wasn’t sure how long we could survive, but I knew I wasn’t dying on day one of the fucking zombie apocalypse.

Scarlet’s thoughts: If it was the end of the world, I wanted to be holding my babies.

Nathan’s thoughts: I couldn’t shield her from this; hell was raining down all around us.

Nathan’s thoughts: I grabbed Zoe’s hand and shut the door behind us, hoping whatever was coming through the bedroom window would have trouble with doorknobs.

Miranda’s thoughts: We rode in silence for the next mile, but the second we were out of range Ashley began to sniff and whimper. We had left behind a massacre.

Nathan’s thoughts: The radio had been silent since we started our journey. I wondered if we would ever hear music again.

Scarlet’s thoughts: If the last year had taught me anything, it was that the end only led to one thing- a beginning.


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